No personalized licence plate for Saskatchewan driver named Assman

first_imgREGINA — It may be his last name, but it doesn’t mean he can have it on his licence plate.Saskatchewan Government Insurance recently rejected David Assman’s request to get his last name on a personalized licence plate because people may find it offensive.Assman pronounces his name differently than it’s spelled. But a Crown insurance spokesman says it doesn’t matter because that’s not what people see.Tyler McMurchy says some people have names that when seen out of context could be considered offensive.McMurchy says the government insurer tends to err on the side of caution.Assman shares a last name with the late Regina gas jockey Dick Assman, who rose to fame after appearing on David Letterman’s late-night show in the 1995.McMurchy noted licence plates are the property of the government agency.“There is a need for some standards.”Racial slurs, political connotations or words that hint at sex, drugs, crime or impaired driving are all banned.(CJME)The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Winnipeg police probe starlight tour claim

first_imgAPTN National NewsOTTAWA—Winnipeg police are now investigating allegations officers took a 20 year-old First Nations man on a starlight tour.APTN National News reporter Tiar Wilson continues to follow this story.EDITOR’S NOTE: Evan Maud’s allegations have been proven false and he has publicly apologized to the Winnipeg police service.last_img

MMF pledges reward money for MMIWG information and cuts a big cheque

first_imgJolene BanningAPTN NewsNearly 3,000 delegates were in Winnipeg over the weekend for the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) annual general assembly.The AGA was used as a time to gather and make plans for the future but to make some big announcements.“We’re putting up a ten thousand dollar reward immediately for anyone that goes missing, anyone murdered,” announced MMF President David Chartrande.“And if we can find a way to help solve that , find them, bring them home, we are going to give that reward to help the police get their job done.”He also pledged his organization’s help for members who suffer in other ways.“You know cancer hurts so many of us. I bet there’s not a person in this room, not one, that can say cancer has not affected your family, your friend or someone you know” said Chartrand.Chartrand said thanks to numerous fundraising efforts over the years, the MMF was able to donate $1-million to Cancer Care Manitoba, an organization trying to cure this often fatal disease.In attendance for opening remarks for the 51st edition of the annual general meeting were a who’s who of electoral delegates from all levels of government from Metis Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman, Metis Liberal MP Dan Vandel and provincial opposition leader Wab Kinew.jbanning@aptn.calast_img read more

Tensions with China ‘do not play out in our project at all’: LNG Canada CEO

OTTAWA — The head of LNG Canada says Ottawa’s trade and diplomatic frictions with Beijing have had no impact on the massive project that will one day ship liquefied natural gas from British Columbia to major Asian economies — including China.In an interview today, Andy Calitz says the tensions between Canada and China have never been raised at any of LNG Canada’s executive committee meetings.The state-controlled Chinese energy firm, PetroChina, owns a 15-per-cent stake in the $40-billion project — which Calitz says is on track to start transporting gas in late 2023.Calitz says China is actually quite proud that it plans to bring in Canadian gas to help it replace its coal power plants, improve air quality and lower greenhouse-gas emissions.In recent weeks, China has blocked Canadian canola-seed shipments — which is widely seen as a response to Canada’s move in December to arrest senior Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver at the behest of the United States.Since Meng’s arrest, China has detained two Canadian citizens on allegations of endangering Chinese national security and has sentenced two Canadians to death for drug-related convictions.The Canadian Press read more

UNESCO restores landmark headquarters complex in Paris

26 September 2009Officials have unveiled the landmark Paris headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which have just been restored in a €100 million project that aims to slash the complex’s energy consumption, improve security and introduce more modern technology. Officials have unveiled the landmark Paris headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which have just been restored in a €100 million project that aims to slash the complex’s energy consumption, improve security and introduce more modern technology. At a ceremony yesterday UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura and other officials inaugurated the renovated building on Place de Fontenoy with the help of French architect Jean-Loup Roubert, who oversaw the restoration process. Mr. Roubert said that “the main challenge in the restoration project consisted in finding the truth of this building in the modern context, revealing its original characteristics while catering for changes in technology and lifestyle over the past half century.” Encompassing 1,200 offices and 75,000 square metres of surface area, the glass and concrete design has been renovated to include more stringent security features, particularly at the entrances, while the heating and air-conditioning systems have also been overhauled to reduce energy consumption. Many offices now enjoy better insulation, soundproofing and wiring, and the restaurant, cafeteria and kitchens have been re-modelled, according to a press release issued by UNESCO. Wireless Internet access has also been established. Designed by Marcel Breuer (United States), Pier Luigi Nervi (Italy) and Bernard Zehrfuss (France), the complex was originally inaugurated in 1958 and the main building – there are four in the complex – became known as the “three-pointed star” for its shape. While some critics considered the complex to be a concrete monstrosity in central Paris, others regarded it as a modernist masterpiece and its reputation has grown in the years since it opened. The buildings are home to numerous masterpieces of art, including works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies and Le Corbusier. read more

Theres more than oil and gas Wind blowing workers in new direction

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. — The winds of change are pushing Mark Kokas in a new career direction.Nearly two years after being laid off as an electrician in Alberta’s flailing oil and gas sector, the 42-year-old is training to become a wind turbine technician.“It is tough to find work right now. It’s not like it was before,” said Kokas in a class at Lethbridge College, one of two institutions in Western Canada that offers training and the only one with a one-year certificate program.“Oil and gas used to be our bread and butter, but it isn’t any more. There’s going to be a really hard push now to get people trained where the industry wants them to be,” he said.“It’s been an eye-opener going into a different industry. There’s more than oil and gas. It’s pretty cool.”The one-year course to become a wind turbine technician comes with a warning label on the college website: “Those afraid of heights need not apply.”“Most don’t have a warning label. We do. Our students end up working in an office 300 feet in the air, so obviously safety is a big priority,” said instructor Chris DeLisle.“We need to make sure you’re not scared of heights.”DeLisle said that with the downturn in the oil and gas sector, alternative energy sources such as wind are a natural fit for many who are laid off. About four out of the 16 people in his class have worked in the oil sector in some capacity, he said.“With Alberta looking to kind of lead the rest of the country now into renewable energy, wind is … at the forefront, so it’s going to be around for a while.”Wind power is eliciting optimism at a time when Canada is trying to reduce its carbon footprint.With their giant 80-metre-high turbines stretching as far as the eye can see and 45-metre-long blades turning gracefully in the breeze, wind farms in areas including southern Alberta are becoming more common.The Canadian Wind Energy Association estimates that if Alberta were to use wind energy to fulfil a commitment to add 5,000 megawatts of renewable energy by 2030, it would generate $8.3 billion in investment along with employment.“I only wish I was laid off earlier, so I could have started earlier and I could already be working,” said Kokas. “There shouldn’t be an issue of getting a job at the end of this class.”DeLisle said the course includes a lot of electrical training, as well as how to repair fibreglass windmill blades and learning the inner workings of the turbine itself.It also involves plenty of safety work using a life-sized dummy that DeLisle calls Rescue Randy.“Yeah, that’s one of our former students that didn’t make it through the program,” he said with a laugh.“We use him for all the different rescue scenarios. If somebody was to get hurt inside the hub, they need to bring them out and bring them to the ground. It’s a mock-up for rescues.”Oscar Diaz-Kennedy has spent the last few years landscaping and working on construction projects. At 24, he said he can see which way the wind is blowing.“I’ve just seen how the world is going and how Alberta is changing from oilfields going to renewable energy,” Diaz-Kennedy said.“I decided I wanted to be ahead of the loop a little bit.”— Follow @BillGraveland on Twitter read more

UN envoy calls for immediate halt to fighting in Somali port city

The top United Nations envoy in Somalia on Saturday called for an immediate halt to armed clashes that have flared up again in the southern port city of Kismayo among groups claiming leadership over the “Jubaland” regional administration. Reports suggest serious clashes over the last days have led to a number of casualties, including civilian deaths, according to a statement issued by the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). “At the same time as this new fighting has broken out, contacts are underway to put together an inclusive process to defuse tensions. The details are being worked out,” said Nicholas Kay, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of UNSOM. “This is not the time to engage in violence which will entrench positions and make it all the harder to achieve a settlement and begin reconciliation,” he added. “I call on all parties to refrain from any action which could be seen as a provocation, and call for an immediate cessation of hostilities.” Following clashes earlier this month in Kismayo, the Security Council called on all parties to refrain from any action which may threaten peace and stability in the Juba regions and to engage with the Somali Government in a constructive manner to achieve a peaceful resolution to the current crisis. Council members also welcomed the Government’s commitment to lead reconciliation efforts in the Juba regions, and underlined the availability of the Secretary-General’s Special Representative to assist in peacefully resolving the situation. UNSOM, which began operations at the beginning of this month, is tasked by the Council with supporting the Horn of Africa nation as it seeks to build on hard-won gains achieved last year and emerge from over two decades of strife. read more

Ohio State womens volleyball falls short against No 1 Penn State

In what might stand as one the biggest games of the year, the No. 20 Ohio State women’s volleyball team came out swinging in front of its home crowd Wednesday evening at St. John arena against the No. 1 team in the country, Penn State. It wasn’t good enough to topple the Nittany Lions, though, as the Buckeyes fell to their conference rival, 3-0. While the game went back and forth, PSU’s play in the contest’s most critical moments dropped the Buckeyes to 14-7 overall record. Early in the second set of the game, the Nittany Lions roared out to a commanding 7-0 lead. Ensuing pressure forced coach OSU Geoff Carlston to call a timeout. “After that timeout, we just brought it in on the court and decided that we know what we need to do,” said senior setter Amanda Peterson. “It’s us on the court, we know exactly what to do; let’s just do it. We made a collective decision that we’re not going to go down like this, we’re going to go down swinging.” With a new rekindled energy, the Buckeyes started their comeback with a 6-0 run and evaporated PSU’s lead to one. Although the Buckeyes stepped up as a team, senior outside hitter Emily Danks lauded one particular teammate. “Davionna (DiSalvatore), our libero, she played lights out,” Danks said. “She covered so many balls, dug so many balls up and when things looked hopeless, here she comes out of nowhere. She played awesome, and I’m so proud of her. I think everyone just had enough and stepped up at that point.” The Buckeyes eventually lost the second and third set 25-19 and 25-22, respectively. “I think the toughest thing about really close matches just all the time is that you were so close,” Peterson said. “It was just those couple of mistakes that you can think of that you’re like, ‘If I didn’t do this, we could’ve won.’ It’s those few couple of points that are just weighing on your brain. If you can fix those things, we could’ve won.” Inconsistency and making better defensive plays, specifically second reads and balls, were things Carlston said his team needs to get better at. The most frustrating thing to him, however, was the fact that his team hung tough with the top team in the country before falling in the end. “Well, I think we were right there,” Carlston said. “We talk about it a lot, practice it a lot and, you know, after the 18, 19, 20 points, that’s when … if you’re going to win, if you’re going to beat the No. 1 team in the country, that’s when you need to be at your best and we weren’t tonight, we made too many mistakes. Hats off to Penn State, they did what they do a lot, they played best at the end, and you know, it’s frustrating because I think we were right there.” Consistency, as in staying aggressive, is something Carlston has emphasized throughout the year, and once again he pointed out this is something his team needs to continue to get better at. “You can’t make so many mistakes, and we got to play aggressive all the time,” Carlston said. “We can’t play aggressive 80 percent of the time; we can’t play great at 80 percent of the time because that gets you losing by three or four points. You know, you got to put your foot on the gas and keep doing it … We just didn’t do it tonight at all.” Danks said she understands what separates mediocre teams from the good teams, and knows the things that her team needs to work on to become one of the elite teams. “We have the talent, we have the manpower, it’s just a matter about being mentally tough and being aggressive.” Even though the tough loss resonated with the players, Peterson stayed positive and reflected on what this game showed her about the team. “I think something that’s important for us to take away from this match is that they’re the No. 1 team in the nation right now, and we were right with them the whole time,” Peterson said. “That just tells us that we can hang with them. We can do some pretty cool things this year.” Regardless of the outcome, Danks said she was proud of her team. “A lot of teams, especially against such a talented team like Penn State, once you get to game three and you lost two, they kind of give up hope,” Danks said. “I was really proud of our team for coming out just totally believing, swinging away, making big plays and we were just right there.” The Buckeyes travel to East Lansing, Mich., to play against Michigan State on Saturday, and Danks said this loss did not put a damper on their confidence. “We’ve shown that we can hang with some very talented teams, so I think our confidence is up,” she said, “and it’s just a matter of making those plays at the end of the games and we will be fine.” read more

Keaveney Fianna Fáil is a party that has learned from the mistakes

first_imgUpdated 11.21pmNEWLY-ORDAINED FIANNA Fáil TD Colm Keaveney has been described as “a serious politician” by his new party leader Micheál Martin today.The Galway East deputy was formally accepted into Fianna Fáil parliamentary party after a unanimous vote this afternoon and will take responsibility for issues related to special needs and mental health.Keaveney said “it’s a great honour” to be a member of Fianna Fáil and said he was “encouraged by the determination and enthusiasm for the party”.“Fianna Fáil is a party that has learned from the mistakes of the past,” he insisted on the plinth at Leinster House and said he believes his “value system will be welcome” in the party.“I was lonely in independence, I don’t believe independence works in politics,” he said.Martin confirmed that it was Keaveney who approached him about joining the party and said that the former Labour chairman will be charged with “producing a blueprint for the whole special needs area”.Keaveney and Martin respond to Labour’s “desperate” claim: Keaveney said: “It’s very clear to me that the only political party in this country that wants to highlight and protect people in society who simply cannot protect themselves is Fianna Fáil.”Keaveney confirmed that he will not be standing in next year’s European elections and said that he would run to represent the people of Galway East in 2016, but noted that the general election is “many, many, many years away”.He said there is a “humility that is attractive in the party that can identify with people who are out there hurting” and dismissed the notion that his move to Fianna Fáil is controversial.“This controversy of me moving to Fianna Fáil pales into insignificance relative to the broken promises that have been made by this government to the people of my constituency,” he said.Asked if he still believed his new party had “run the country into the ground” as he said in 2010, he said: “What I believe is it is a changed party, I think that I was elected for tomorrow.I am the father of three children, I want a future for my family and my children that they dont have to emigrate from this country. It’s about tomorrow I’ve been elected for. I can’t undo what’s happened in the past, but I know that I can influence tomorrow by my membership of Fianna Fáil.”Originally posted at 2.57pm‘It must be a sign of his own desperation’: Here’s what Labour thinks of Keaveney’s FF switch‘He tickled Bertie’s belly’: Here’s what Colm Keaveney used to say about Fianna FáilConfirmed: Former Labour chairman Colm Keaveney joining Fianna Fáillast_img read more

All of James Bonds cars in one awesome infographic

first_imgIf you’re like me, in addition to the edge-of-your seat stunts and witty dialogue, the best part of a James Bond movie is the scenes where Q, the head of the R&D branch of the British Secret Service, is explaining all the new gadgets to Bond before he heads out on his next mission. Each gadget is then seen used at some point in the movie to get Bond out of a sticky situation. But, the best demonstration that Q gives in each movie is not the tear gas cartridge disguised as talcum powered, nor is it the grappling cord built into Bond’s suspenders. No, it’s the car.Yes, Bond is most known for driving, and often destroying, a beautiful Aston Martin full of all sorts of neat tricks and gadgets. And though the Aston Martin is the first car we’d think of associated with Bond, the character has actually driven quite a few other models in the past 45 years.CarBuzz decided to honor Bond’s various automobiles with an awesome infographic that any 007 fan will love. The infographic doesn’t just cover the cars Bond has driven, but also the slew of other vehicles, like boats and submarines, tanks, helicopters, planes, buses, and motorcycles.The first car driven by Bond, played by Sean Connery, was a Bentley Mark IV in 1963’s “From Russia with Love.” After a Chevy Impala convertible in ‘63’s “Live and Let Die,” we see Bond’s first Aston Martin in 1964’s “Goldfinger.” The Aston Martin DB5 was sold in 2010 for $4.1 million, and gadgets like pop-out gun barrels behind the front indicators, and the bullet shield in the rear window, were included.The infographic definitely takes you on a trip down memory lane. It’s also neat to see how the car designs changed over the decades. The cars from the Eighties definitely look like they’re from the ‘80s. Check out the Lotus Esprit Turbo from ‘81’s “For Your Eyes Only” driven by Roger Moore, for example.What has been your favorite car driven by James Bond over the past 45 years?CarBuzz, via AutoBloglast_img read more

Larsenal de détection du poissonspatule

first_imgL’arsenal de détection du poisson-spatulePubliant leurs travaux dans la revue Chaos de l’American Institute of Physics, des chercheurs américains ont mené une étude high-tech des électro-récepteurs qui tapissent le museau du poisson-spatule et lui permettent de détecter ses minuscules proies.Les scientifiques du Centre de neurodynamique de l’Université du Missouri (Saint-Louis) se sont penchés sur les capteurs couvrant le museau allongé des Polyodontidés ou poissons-spatules. Des capteurs qu’ils avaient déjà, dès 1997, caractérisés comme électro-sensibles, et permettant à ces poissons d’eau douce de localiser le zooplancton. Comme tout être vivant, ce dernier génère en effet en nageant un micro-champ électrique dans l’eau dont se sert donc le poisson pour le repérer.À lire aussiL’impressionnant repas d’un héron surpris en pleine naturePour étudier ces capteurs, les chercheurs ont donc émis dans un bassin de faibles champs électriques et ce, de deux manières différentes : soit artificiellement générés par ordinateur, soit émis par du zooplancton en mouvement, puis captés et restitués en laboratoire. Ensuite, ils ont enregistré les réponses de poissons-spatules à ces stimuli. Ceci leur a permis de découvrir que les électro-récepteurs contiennent des oscillateurs qui stimulent de façon rythmique les neurones électro-sensoriels du cerveau de ces poissons, entraînant un effet d’amplification qui permet au prédateur de localiser avec précision la source du stimulus.Le 14 janvier 2012 à 15:36 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Latrvia Grant Award Created at Brighton University to Honour Late Past Student

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurkss and Caicos, June 12, 2017 – Providenciales – Latrivia Grant, Former Turks and Caicos Islands student of Brighton University has been honoured with a prestigious award, in her name, at the University.The late daughter of Tracey Ewing-Hurddle and Albert Grant Jr. was a student of Event Planning and Hospitality studies at Brighton.The Student Union created the Latrivia Grant Award, which is aimed at commemorating the hard work and commitment Latrivia executed to the union and fellow students, and the charisma she radiated. The awardee of the Latrivia Grant Award must reflect a similar level of dedication, diligence and conscientiousness that Latrivia put at the heart of everything she did. This year’s award ceremony was held earlier this week.Latrivia passed away at 22 years of age on December 23, 2016.#magneticmedianews#latriviagrantaward Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#latriviagrantaward, #magneticmedianewslast_img read more

ASA Cheers Bipartisan Senate Letter Urging Action on Farm Bill

first_imgIn response to a letter to Senate leadership today encouraging “timely and open debate” on the recently introduced Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012, the American Soybean Association (ASA) voices its support of the overwhelmingly bipartisan effort to consider the legislation that will reauthorize the nation’s farm programs. Earlier today, Sens. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.), Max Baucus (D-Mont.), Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), and Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) joined 40 of their colleagues in urging Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to bring the Farm Bill to the floor.”The bill takes steps to reduce the deficit and decrease government spending by $23 billion. It passed the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry on April 26 with a bipartisan vote of 16 to 5,” wrote the senators in the letter. “This sets an example of how senators can come together in a bipartisan way to craft meaningful, yet fiscally responsible, policy. We believe there is strong support in the full Senate to consider the bill in a fair and open manner that allows senators the opportunity to offer amendments.””We are particularly encouraged by the broad and diverse coalition of senators that have lent their support to this letter, and we echo their call to bring the legislation quickly to the floor in the interest of America’s soybean farmers,” said ASA President Steve Wellman, a soybean farmer from Syracuse, Neb. “The nation depends on a vibrant agriculture sector, and agriculture depends on a practical and workable Farm Bill. The ramifications of this legislation are indeed huge, and it remains our goal to see a Farm Bill in 2012.””The risk management, conservation, research, trade promotion and nutrition programs in the legislation impacts nearly every American,” stated Johanns, Baucus, Blunt and Cantwell in a statement. “Many of these programs will expire at the end of the year if no action is taken to reauthorize the farm bill.”ASA represents all U.S. soybean farmers on domestic and international issues of importance to the soybean industry. ASA’s advocacy efforts are made possible through the voluntary membership in ASA by more than 21,000 farmers in 31 states where soybeans are grown.###For more information contact:Steve Wellman, ASA President, 402-269-7024, Patrick Delaney, ASA Communications Director, 202-969-7040, pdelaney@soy.orglast_img read more

California man died of heart attack at Rainbow gathering

first_imgA 50-year-old California man who died last month on the eve of the Rainbow Family Gathering suffered a fatal heart attack, according to an autopsy performed by the Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office.Stephen Pierce of Fort Bragg, Calif., died June 24 while helping set up for the festival in Gifford Pinchot National Forest.Pierce’s autopsy results came back this week, said Adam Kick, Skamania County prosecuting attorney.Around 20,000 people participated in the annual Rainbow Family Gathering, July 1-8. The event, which convenes at a different national forest each year, attracted camping enthusiasts, peace activists and spiritual seekers from across America and Canada.Kick said authorities have not yet received toxicology results for Amber Kellar, a 28-year-old California woman who died July 6 during the Rainbow Family Gathering. Kellar’s family and friends said they believed a heart condition led to her death. Authorities said their investigation did not yield evidence of drug use.last_img read more

ReImagined Series Is Back With More Unexpected Covers

first_img Twitter ReImagined Is Back With More Covers reimagined-series-back-more-unexpected-covers NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Sep 17, 2018 – 6:01 pm GRAMMY ReImagined Returns With More Covers ReImagined Series Is Back With More Unexpected Covers News Facebook A new group of artists breathe fresh life into their favorite GRAMMY-winning or GRAMMY-nominated songsAna YglesiasGRAMMYs Sep 17, 2018 – 6:05 pm The Recording Academy is coming back with another season of ReImagined, a video series where artists bring a fresh take on classic GRAMMY-winning/nominated songs by their favorite artists – from the Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Best Rock Song, Best R&B Song and Best Rap Song categories. NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Sep 18, 2018 – 2:47 pm Shawn James Covers “I Try”: GRAMMY ReImagined The relaunch of the series features six new unexpected covers to be released monthly, kicking off Tues. Sept. 17 with Shawn James. The blues/folk artist brings a passionate folksy cover of Macy Gray’s “I Try,” which won Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 43rd GRAMMY Awards.”I chose to cover ‘I Try’ by Macy Gray because of the emotional heaviness of the lyrics,” James shared. “I think that it can relate to most people on some level or another regarding love, loss, addiction and the reaction to dealing with those things. I wanted to reimagine the song with adding a depth of sorrow and darkness to not just the lyrics but also the ambience and delivery of the performance.” Email In the past, singer/songwriter Devon Terrell has soulfully delivered The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face,” and alt-rock band Our Last Night has jammed out to Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” among others.The upcoming list of performances will surely pack another emotive punch and run the gamut of sound. Victory Boyd, the young Central Park singer discovered by Jay-Z, takes on Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” and Damien Escobar, the “hip-hop violinist,” gives his spin on Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun,” to name a few.Subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit our video page to watch each ReImagined episode, along with other exclusive content, as it’s released.ReImagined Schedule:Sept. 18: Shawn James, “I Try” by Macy GrayOct. 16: Donna Missal, “Iris” by Goo Goo DollsNov. 13: Kimberly Nichole, “Black Hole Sun” by SoundgardenDec. 11: RuthAnne, “Waterfalls” by TLCJan. 8: Victory Boyd, “Kiss From A Rose” by SealFeb. 5: Damien Escobar, “Ain’t It Fun” by ParamoreRead morelast_img read more

Recent Wilmington Real Estate Transactions

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are the real estate transactions in Wilmington that occurred from March 20, 2019 to March 26, 2019:Address: 27 Boutwell StreetPrice: $735,000Buyer: Michael Farragher & Andrea MalanakarotSeller: Asset Redevelopment Corp.Date: 3/22/19Use: 1 Family ResidenceLot Size: 142,441sfAddress: 65 Chestnut StreetPrice: $453,000Buyer: Earl & Rhonda CraigSeller: Quinn FT LLCDate: 3/22/19Use: 1 Family ResidenceLot Size: 44,431sfAddress: 14 Concord StreetPrice: $499,500Buyer: Lauren Kerbie & Justin NortonSeller: Michael & Erica LuongoDate: 3/13/19Use: 1 Family ResidenceLot Size: 29,621sfAddress: 27 King StreetPrice: $735,000Buyer: John & Valerie TrevisoneSeller: 10 Patterson Street LLCDate: 3/22/19Use: 1 Family ResidenceLot Size: 9,583sfAddress: 232 Lowell StreetPrice: $485,000Buyer: Fiona RandallSeller: Matthew & Jenna CeratDate: 3/22/19Use: 1 Family ResidenceLot Size: 20,909sfAddress: 4 Rhode Island RoadPrice: $550,000Buyer: Matthew & Jenna CeratSeller: Daniel & Patricia BlanchDate: 3/22/19Use: 1 Family ResidenceLot Size: 10,019sfLike Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedRecent Wilmington Real Estate TransactionsIn “Business”Recent Wilmington Real Estate TransactionsIn “Business”Wilmington Real Estate Transactions (Week of August 20, 2019)In “Business”last_img read more

Skagway offers Borough Manager position to former state legislator

first_imgRep. Sam Kito III addresses the Alaska House of Representatives on April 7, 2014. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)The Skagway Borough Assembly voted to offer the city’s Borough Manager position to former state legislator Sam Kito III at a meeting Thursday. Skagway has been without a Borough Manager since July.Kito was one of three candidates for the position. He represented the Upper Lynn Canal in the Alaska House of Representatives from 2014 to January of 2019. He has also worked with the state’s department of education and the City and Borough of Juneau.Vice Mayor Tim Cochran and finance committee chair Steve Burnham Jr. will negotiate the terms of the contract.Meanwhile, Skagway is holding a special election for mayor in March. The current mayorship was held by the late Monica Carlson, who passed away in December. Skagway residents Andrew Cremata and David Hunz have filed as candidates in the mayoral race. It is still possible to file as a write in candidate.last_img read more

Google CEO Sundar Pichai poses with cricket idol Sachin Tendulkar

first_imgGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai speaks during the presentation of new Google hardware in San Francisco, California, US October 4, 2016Reuters fileGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai posed to click a picture with cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar at the Edgbaston cricket ground during the India vs England ICC Cricket World Cup clash on June 30. The picture of the two was tweeted by BCCI on their official Twitter page which was appreciated by netizens.Google CEO @sundarpichai along with the Master Blaster @sachin_rt at the game today— BCCI (@BCCI) June 30, 2019Sundar Pichai was one of the eminent personalities present at the Edgbaston ground to see the match on Sunday. He claims to be a huge cricket fan and at an event organised by the US-India Business Council, he mentioned that he is backing both England and India to reach the finals. He also mentioned his dream of becoming a cricketer and how he idolised Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar during his growing up phase.On Sunday, one of his wishes got ticked but India lost to England in the much-anticipated fixture of the World Cup by 31 runs. The hosts won the toss and decided to bat first. They put up a formidable total of 337 for the loss of seven wickets with Jonny Bairstow scoring a magnificent century leading the attack and Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler chipping in with quickfire half-centuries. File photo of Sachin Tendulkar at Lord’s.Ben Hoskins/Getty ImagesThe pick of the Indian bowlers was Mohammed Shami as he picked up five wickets though he was a bit expensive, continuing his brilliant run in the World Cup. Chasing a mammoth target of 338, India lost KL Rahul early for a duck. The Men in Blue were in the chase with Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli playing magnificently. Rohit scored yet another century in the tournament, but with his dismissal, the Indian innings started to crumble as the English bowlers tightened the screws in the death overs.The Indian middle-order lost their grip of the game with the likes of Dhoni and Kedhar Jadhav not connecting the ball and Rohit’s century went in vain. India will next face Bangladesh on July 2 at the same ground and are one win away from confirming a semi-final berth.last_img read more

How to Take Advantage of Online Training Tools

first_img How Success Happens Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Listen Now Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. As options for learning online continue to expand, a growing number of entrepreneurs are using them to keep their staff on the cutting edge. Using tools for online training, including videos, apps, and webinars, rather than sending employees to expensive training seminars or bringing in pricey consultants to train on site, can save startups and growing businesses both money and time.Companies with fewer than 500 employees represent one of the fastest-growing markets for, an online learning library with more than 1,450 video courses. “Small businesses are turning to online training for cost, quality, and access reasons,” says Nate Kimmons, vice president of enterprise marketing at “Gone are the days of sending employees off to a two-day, in-person class. Online training serves as a 24/7 resource that the learner can access anytime, anywhere at their own pace from any device. It’s simple to use.”If you are thinking of trying online training, here are five things to consider and examples of tools to get you started.  1. Get specific. One of the advantages of online education is the sheer volume of possibilities. There’s no need to attend a general seminar about Internet marketing if you really just need a specific course about how to create daily deals that people will buy.”Online, we can find training options for very specific and sometimes obscure topics,” says John Walsh, president of Total Mortgage Services in Milford, Conn. “We’ve found that if we can think of it, then someone has put together a video, slides, or a podcast covering it.”Related: Olympic Training Tips for Coaching Employees to GreatnessFor instance, Dave Handmaker, CEO of online printing company Next Day Flyers, says his business has benefited from online training in online marketing from Market Motive. The company offers courses in Internet marketing fundamentals, search engine optimization, analytics, and conversion. Self-paced courses start at $299 and courses with a personalized coach are $3,500 for 12 weeks.2. Allow for flexibility. With face-to-face training, you usually get one chance to soak it all in. But many online programs are on-demand, meaning learners can move at their own pace and watch presentations again and again if needed.”The added flexibility allows everyone to work at his or her own pace and better fit the training into a busy schedule,” Walsh says. “For instance, the technology training that we buy for our developers consists of a series of videos covering a topic. During the videos, the instructor works on a project and our developers follow along, recreating that same project. They’re constantly pausing, rewinding, or replaying the videos. The developers prefer this style of training, and it’s not possible offline.”For a monthly subscription fee of about $50, Treehouse offers unlimited access to more than 650 training videos, including quizzes and challenges, to keep employees updated on everything related to designing and developing programs for the web and mobile devices.3. Go mobile. Online education also allows for flexibility across technology formats. Employees can learn at home, on the job, or anywhere they use their smartphone.Related: How to Build and Manage a Website With Your iPhoneDuring the past year, mobile apps have become more popular, according to Kimmons. For instance, AppSumo offers hundreds of training apps and e-books selected specifically for entrepreneurs, on topics including design, analytics, marketing, advertising and productivity, ranging in price from $10 to about $500.4. Learn from top dogs. The Internet allows for opportunities to learn from those who are true experts in their chosen fields. For example, Walsh says online training allows his technology team to learn from programmers and software engineers who have experience working at Google, Facebook and other cutting-edge companies.For instance, Digital Royalty University (DRU) offers courses in utilizing social media for small business, created and taught by social media experts who have run social media campaigns for major brands like Shaquille O’Neal, the Chicago White Sox and DoubleTree by Hilton. DRU offers a free introductory class on shaping a social media strategy. Other classes on topics such as Facebook, Twitter, and creating an online brand, start at around $40.5. Do your research. Not every online course is worth the money. Chad Grills, co-founder of educational software company Applet Studios, learned that the hard way, when he purchased a large marketing training package and realized it contained very little actionable content.Related: How to Create an E-Mail Marketing Campaign That People Will NoticeTo avoid that disappointment, once you’ve decided which online training works for your company, research your choice. “If I think a training program is really valuable, and comes from a person who I respect, I’ll often contact them with questions to test their customer service, says Grills. “Then, I can make an informed decision. If you can’t get a hold of them or a support associate, that’s a red flag.”You can also try a Google or Twitter search for reviews of the learning program you’re considering, and look for courses that have courses that have some sort of follow up questions or quiz. October 31, 2012 5 min readlast_img read more

Yeaaah Waymos selfdriving taxis dont seem like theyll be ready for

first_imgWaymo is dealing with road troubles for its self-driving cars.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesBy Sasha Lekach2018-08-29 03:30:25 UTC It appears that Waymo’s “fully self-driving” taxi service was a bit too aggressive with its 2018 launch date.A report from The Information Tuesday paints a bleak picture out of Phoenix, Arizona, where Waymo is headquartered and seems to be experiencing glitches with its autonomous vehicles.Merging into highway traffic, navigating around groups of people, turning left — these are just a few of the hurdles facing Waymo’s fleet of Chrysler Pacifica minivans that the company is hoping to turn into a fully autonomous taxi service. The minivans often drive in the center of wide roads and stop for a full three seconds at stop signs, habits that aren’t popular among some local residents. At least a dozen people told The Information, “I hate them.” Although Waymo claims that its fleet has self-driven more than 8 million miles, people familiar with the Waymo testing program say that the minivans still rely on remote operators to step in and help the cars in tough situations.This is in contrast with recent messaging from Waymo and other outlets: Ellice Perez, Waymo’s head of operations, posted a brief, behind-the-scenes glance of Waymo’s process on Medium showing a factory “buzzing with teams,” and Bloomberg took a ride with a teenager who commutes to school in a Waymo van.Yet, in an exclusive report about Waymo’s plans, The Verge reported that a “chaperone” would be in vans on initial self-driven runs.These problems are what’s kept other startups and self-driving programs from pushing such ambitious launch dates. GM’s Cruise project is set for 2019, and Ford’s is way out in 2021.For full autonomy, known as Level 5, researchers and experts expect that it will take tech and car firms more time to test and improve their self-driving technology. That’s why companies such as Tesla have focused on more semi-autonomous features — Level 2 self-driving skills are more attainable with an alert human ready to take over.And within the next step of autonomy — Level 3 — there’s this murky question of whether a human driver needs to pay attention or not. That’s why “Waymo wants to bypass Level 3,” Cody Fleming, an engineering professor at the University of Virginia, told me earlier this year. But if Waymo’s vans still can’t merge into traffic, it might be too soon to let go of its human drivers.last_img read more