Court Orders Late Hage’s Assets Audited

first_imgThe Supreme Court has ordered the lower court to conduct an immediate audit of the late Milard Hage’s Estate assets.Delivering the High Court’s opinion on January 24, Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor declared that “the Court order for a comprehensive audit to be conducted for both the period the executor administered the Hage estate and the period Ecobank collected proceeds of the Estate to cover loans given by the bank to the late Hage, to ensure that no legal or irregular acts were perpetrated on the Estate.”He said, “This case has been in court for a long time without final determination; the Monthly Probate Court is mandated to give first priority handling.”The late Hage was one of the leading Lebanese businessmen in the country, leaving behind extensive properties.After his death another Lebanese citizen, Bassam H. Jawhary, became the executor of his estate.However, one of the late Hage’s wives, Madam Oumou Sirleaf  Hage, a Liberian, filed a motion to the Monthly and Probate Court praying the court to exclude certain properties said to be owned by her, from the testate estate of the late Milard Hage.She also requested the court to have Bassam H. Jawhary audited in respect of the administration of said estate.But, Judge Vinton J. Holder denied Mrs. Sirleaf Hage’s request asking for what she claims are her properties to be excluded from the estate of her late husband.He agreed for Bassam to undertake an audit of his stewardship of the estate and make a report to the court.That ruling did not go down well with Bassam who later announced an appeal to the High Court.Chief Justice Korkpor later declared “the audit shall include recommendations of steps and actions to be taken in the event of any findings of improper collectors or use of all estate’s funds by any of the fiduciaries.”He continued: “The foregoing acts shall be without prejudice to any actions commenced or pending in any courts of the Republic by or between any of the parties named herein.”He instructed Judge Holder: “You are to order Jawhary to furnish a detailed statement of the status of the loan facility the Hage Estate has with Ecobank.”“Ensure that he establishes an account, if such account is not already established, into which all monies belonging to the Hage Estate are deposited,” the Chief Justice declared.“Operation of the account shall be with the approval of the Monthly and Probate Court for Montserrado County.”He further instructed the lower court, “Investigate the allegations of malpractices alleged to have been committed by Jawhary in his handling of the Hage Estate’s properties including the Estate loans.” “Revoke his letters of testament in the event that the investigation conducted reveals that he has engaged in misconduct or mismanagement of the affairs of the Hage Estate,” the head of the Supreme Court further insisted.“Determine whether or not the lease agreement executed by and between Oumou Sirleaf-Hage and Milard Hage has expired, in accordance with its terms and conditions,” ordered Justice Korkpor.He continued “In the event that said lease agreement is determined to have expired rent all properties covered by the agreement with Oumou Sirleaf Hage.”He again instructed the court to “determine whether or not the property or properties covered by the lease agreement include properties owned by the children of Milard Hage and Oumou Sirleaf Hage.And, if so, render void the lease agreement by and between Oumou and Milard Hage, in so far as it covers and relates to the properties owned by said children,” the Chief Justice concluded.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Africa pushes for true independence

first_img28 May 2013The leaders of the African Union’s (AU’s) 54 member states wrapped up their 21st summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Monday with a set of landmark decisions that they say will lead to a self-reliant continent that is at peace with itself.It was a historic summit for the continental body, as it coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Organisation of African Unity, the forerunner of the AU, established in 1963.The leaders accepted a report recommending that the AU explore rigorous alternative sources of funding in Africa, in addition to using South Africa’s membership of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) grouping is used to attract funding for infrastructure in Africa.They also agreed to made peace and security the continent’s top priority over the next 50 years.Own funding optionsThe idea of exploring alternative sources of funding for the AU has been under discussion for years among African leaders.The fact that the biggest chunk of the AU’s budget is sourced from donor partners, with some African members failing to pay their annual subscriptions, is seen as resulting in unjustified external influence over how the continent is governed.Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo is spearheading the drive for financial independence from outside donors. The report of the High-Level Panel on Alternative Sources of Funding the African Union, which he chairs, has been approved by the heads of state and will be sent to the continent’s finance ministers to study and report back on at the next summit in January.Previously, the panel recommended a number of proposals for more sustainable funding, including a $2 tax on hotel rooms on the continent and a $5 levy on flights to and from African countries.“It can’t be business as usual,” said AU Commission chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. “We can’t continue to depend on outside help … Yes, outside help is crucial and greatly appreciated, but we must also look at ways of making ourselves independent, and therefore it is very important that we also fund ourselves and our programmes.”Speaking at the conclusion of the summit, Dlamini Zuma said the summit had also come up with a plan to take advantage of South Africa’s membership of the economically powerful BRICS grouping to attract much-needed infrastructure funding for the continent.In March, South African President Jacob Zuma hosted various African leaders and members of regional bloc at a BRICS Leaders’ Africa Dialogue Forum on the sidelines of the BRICS summit in Durban.Peace and securityOn peace and security on the continent, Dlamini Zuma said the summit conceded that while the AU’s Peace and Security Council had made inroads in neutralising conflicts in some parts of the continent, more work needed to be done to avert crisis situations and humanitarian problems arising from such conflicts.Several countries, including Mali, Madagascar, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Sudan remain in constant conflict, and the AU has had to deploy peace-keeping troops to contain violence in these areas.“We believe sooner rather than later the guns should be silenced on our continent,” said Dlamini Zuma. “We need more dialogue with those who feel different; we need to find a way of having a discussion about our differences instead of resorting to conflicts and violence.”‘No tolerance for coups’AU chairperson and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said conflict was standing in the way of Africa’s development.Expressing concern over the dangers posed by the unconstitutional seizure of power, something which is common in some African states, Desalegn said the days were gone when generals who took power by force and governed with the gun would be tolerated.“The summit called on all member states to activate rapid response mechanisms to deal with any threats of coups and other forceful means of governing. The summit agreed that unconstitutional change of governments should be averted and condemned where it happens. This is serious,” Desalegn said.“The situation in Madagascar and the recent development in Central African Republic are reflections of this worrying trend.“While noting the importance of looking for political solutions to these problems, I have no doubt that the non-acceptance of unconstitutional change in governance, will remain our firm position.”Source: read more

Brand South Africa joins the Obama, Mandela Washington Fellowship for further Centenary Celebrations

first_imgThe Obama, Mandela Washington Fellowship this week alongside the YALI Alumni hosted a Leadership Dialogue in Celebration of the Centenary of the late Tata Nelson Mandela as well as a Tree Planting Community Service Day.The Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Alumni Leadership Dialogue took place at the Apartheid Museum on Wednesday and saw a series of panel discussions that included topics: The Power of Place: Tour of the museum, The Power of Our Journey, The Power of ideas: How the Mandela Washington Foundation is changing the narrative and The Power of Leadership.Brand South Africa’s Play Your Part Ambassadors Ella Bella, (founder of Gen Earth and the Director of Miss Earth SA) and Catherine Constantinides (Humanitarian and Environmental Activist) on Thursday joined the Fellowship for the Tree Planting Community Service Day at Solwazi Primary School, Orange Farm. Learners at Solwazi Primary School were taught how to plant seeds, something that would not only benefit them, but also the environment in future. Miss Earth SA finalist, Margo Fargo is excited to also have witnessed and made out part of the love, joy and prosperity of the day.Brand South Africa is proud to have partnered in the series of events that will save the environment and carry on the legacy of Tata Madiba.last_img read more

Wetoku: Record on a Webcam & Embed, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

first_imgThis evening, we’ve been testing a groovy new startup site called Wetoku. It allows you to almost instantly record and embed video in blog posts such as this one.Although the sound and video quality are not yet stellar, we’re very impressed with the concept. This is the kind of thing that would make remote, instant video journalism possible. Click a link, speak your peace with another webcam user, end the recording, and you are presented with an embed code the second the recording is over. Read, watch, and get registration code info at the end of the post!Here’s one of the first tests with affiliate marketer Robert Sterling of Richmond, Virginia:And here’s a chat with New York IBMer Mauricio Godoy:No review of a new Internet video service would be complete without commentary from the godfather of video blogging, Steve Garfield:As mentioned, we’d like to see better sound and audio quality, and there are a few site bugs. But we’d also love to get a simple, in-browser video editor to clip the ends of recordings or even merge two separate recordings together. Better yet, we’d also like to see a downloadable format so the chats can be pulled into a desktop video editor and remixed with other media, as well.As for the embedding part, we’d like to see more customization options, especially for colors and sizes. We’d pay for that, and also to see a version without the Wetoku watermark in the top right corner. Other features we’d pay for include preroll and postroll, for branding and recommendation of other videos, respectively.The folks we tested the site with pointed out the similarity to TinyChat. In terms of ease of use – this, too, is the ultimate one-click webcam experience – the two services are quite similar. However, TinyChat videos disappear second by second, never to be seen again unless the user in question has a pro account. Will Wetoku recordable, embeddable video chat be a free service? What do you think of the concept so far?We have a limited number of registration codes for the private beta. If you’re interested in testing the site, please email and include a link to your blog. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… jolie odellcenter_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#start#startups Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

Energy and Construction Photos from Greece

first_imgYou can put away your building science notebooks; this blog is simply a collection of photos from my recent vacation in Greece.While the purpose of my trip was relaxation, I still managed to point my camera at a few construction sites and examples of renewable-energy equipment.Scroll to the bottom of the page if you want to see the thumbnails.Last week’s blog: “When Sunshine Drives Moisture Into Walls.”Population of Greece: 11,237,000 (2008)Population of Crete: 630,000 (2005)Area of Greece: 50,949 square milesArea of Crete: 3,300 square milesAnnual precipitation (Heraklion, Crete); 17.8 inchesAverage maximum July temperature (Heraklion, Crete): 84°FAverage minimum July temperature (Heraklion, Crete): 71°FAverage maximum January temperature (Heraklion, Crete): 60°FAverage minimum January temperature (Heraklion, Crete): 48°FHours of sunshine (Heraklion, Crete): 2,916 hours per year (7.99 hours per day) This article is only available to GBA Prime Members Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and construction details.center_img Start Free Trial Already a member? Log inlast_img read more

With NZE as an Option, a Modular Series Launches in Maine

first_imgIn the summer of 2008, Kaplan Thompson Architects, based in Portland, Maine, unveiled a 640 sq. ft. detached studio called BrightBuilt Barn. The building’s principal components were prefabricated and designed to be relatively easy to replicate and adapt to other larger configurations.One of the highlights of BrightBuilt Barn was its energy efficient performance. Its walls, floor, and roof were insulated to R-40. The structure was assembled to a high degree of airtightness and equipped with solar power and solar hot water. Kaplan Thompson had worked with Bensonwood Homes, a fabricator and installer in New Hampshire, and several green-construction specialists to build the studio as a prototype for a line of modular homes that would, with a little help from renewable-energy sources, operate at net zero energy.Another home designed by Kaplan Thompson – a 1,680-sq.-ft. site-built house with three bedrooms and two and a half baths – incorporated the same level of energy efficient construction and helped put Keiser Homes, a modular specialist based in Oxford, Maine, on the path to a partnership with the architecture firm.The evolution of a modular lineThat alliance has led to what Kaplan Thompson now calls the Modular Zero Collection, which, once it is in full production, will incorporate many of the features of BrightBuilt Barn but with a size range that begins 940 sq. ft., roof assemblies that are insulated to R-60 rather than R-40, and a cost structure intended to make the buildings affordable. The alliance seemed like a good fit for Keiser in part because the company had been building some of its homes to Energy Star standards but also was looking to develop a product line even more firmly rooted in green construction.“We think this is the direction of the future,” Josh Saunders, Keiser’s sales manager, said in a story published this week by Ecohome magazine. “Even more than sustainable, energy efficient is what people are going to gravitate to. That’s where the payback is.”The Modular Zero Collection will feature three models: Chebeague (940 sq. ft., two bedrooms, two baths, with prices starting at $205,000); Peak (1,200 sq. ft., two bedrooms, two baths, with prices starting at $205,000); and Great Diamond (1,680 to 2,200 sq. ft., three bedrooms, two and a half baths, starting at $235,000). Prices exclude land, renewable-energy systems, and utility installation. All of the models feature standing-seam metal roofs, 50-year siding, low-flow water fixtures, and FSC-certified wood products.Kaplan Thompson principal Phil Kaplan told Ecohome he expects the attraction for buyers will be a bit less about price, though, and more about wanting a home that is durable, comfortable to live in, and inexpensive to operate.last_img read more

Video: ESPN Aired An Incredibly Emotional Tribute To Chris Fowler

first_imgThe College GameDay crew in Columbus Ohio.ESPN College GameDayAfter serving as the host of ESPN’s College GameDay for 25 years, Chris Fowler has moved on to focus on his duties as play-by-play announcer for ABC/ESPN’s prime time Saturday night games. While Rece Davis should fill in admirably, GameDay definitely won’t be the same. To pay tribute to Fowler, GameDay put together an amazing feature piece, narrated by Tom Rinaldi. After the piece, Fowler joined his old GameDay crew, and Davis, on stage. Things got pretty emotional when Fowler discussed his relationship with Lee Corso, who he spent all 25 years with on the show. He even gave Corso a kiss on the cheek.It is getting a bit dusty in here this morning. We’ll miss you, Chris.last_img read more

Ohio State remains at No 6 in College Football Playoff rankings

The Ohio State football team remained at No. 6 in the College Football Playoff rankings which were announced Tuesday evening.Staying at No. 6 marked the first time the Buckeyes did not jump in the rankings since they opened up the inaugural CFP rankings at No. 16 after a 31-24 double overtime win against Penn State Oct. 25.OSU remains the highest ranked team in the Big Ten as Wisconsin fell in at No. 14 after escaping Iowa 26-24 while the Michigan State Spartans came in at No. 10 after routing Rutgers 45-3. The Minnesota Golden Gophers rounded out the Big Ten teams in the rankings coming in at No. 18.The Badgers and Golden Gophers are set to play each other Saturday to determine who will take on the Buckeyes in the 2014 Big Ten Championship Game.Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Mississippi State rounded out the top four for the second straight week.The College Football Playoff rankings were decided by a panel of 12 members, including Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez, Lt. Gen. Mike Gould and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. In total, the panel is set to consist of 13 members, but former Mississippi and NFL quarterback Archie Manning is taking a leave of absence because of health concerns.OSU is scheduled to return to action Saturday against Michigan at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is set for noon.Complete rankings:1. Alabama2. Oregon3. Florida State4. Mississippi State5. Texas Christian University6. Ohio State7. Baylor8. UCLA9. Georgia10. Michigan State11. Arizona12. Kansas State13. Arizona State14. Wisconsin15. Auburn16. Georgia Tech17. Missouri18. Minnesota19. Mississippi20. Oklahoma21. Clemson22. Louisville23. Boise State24. Marshall25. Utah read more

Confident Pellegrini hoping to turn things around

first_imgWest Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini believes that his managerial experience has equipped him for adversity as he prepares to face Everton after a four-game losing streak.West Ham sit bottom of the Premier League table after losing all their four matches this season, but Pellegrini insists that he’s no stranger to difficult spells and wants to use that experience to steer West Ham out of danger this season.“Of course I have been in this position before,” Pellegrini told journalists at his press conference ahead of Sunday’s trip to Everton.“I started with Villarreal and we had three points from the first 15 and we finished third in the table.Report: Rice is committed to West Ham not a United moveReport: Rice is committed to West Ham not a United move George Patchias – September 4, 2019 Declan Rice is committed to his West Ham contract and not a move to Manchester United.In an interview reported by, Rice opens up…“After that with Malaga when I arrived in the first season, the team was in the relegation zone. We lost five or six games in a row but we continued in the same way. We were improving every day a little bit more until the results arrived.“We recovered by believing more than ever in what we were doing. We kept talking in the same way with the players. We followed the way we believed was correct and we had no doubt in the bad moments.“I am more confident than ever. In the five years, I was at Villarreal, every time I had the same problem. We finished second, we finished third, we finished fifth and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. At every club, you have a bad moment in the season.”last_img read more

Troopers Stay informed With Department Of Public Safety Info Via Nixle

first_imgTo receive emergency alerts from the city, text your zip code to 888-777 to be enrolled in SMS messaging alerts. You can also go to www.Nixle.comto sign up for email alerts and create a free resident account. The Alaska State Troopers: “I highly encourage all Kenai Peninsula City residents to sign up for Nixle notifications so that we can keep you informed in the event of an emergency or important advisory. Nixle notifications have saved lives in other communities, but we can only reach you if you sign up.” Recently Nixle alerts have been utilized to alert residents of closures along the Sterling Highway due to the heavy smoke from the  Swan Lake Fire. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Residents can sign up for Nixle to receive notices of emergency situations and other community advisories throughout the Kenai Peninsula. For more details you can contact the troopers at 262-4453.last_img read more