Baha Men is the Black Smash Mouth and Its Time to Admit

first_imgStay on target ‘Cannon Busters’ Is The Black Anime We’ve Been Waiting…‘Dolemite Is My Name’ Trailer Shows Bawdy Blaxploitation Biopic Somebody (my colleague Will Greenwald) once told me that “All Star” by Smash Mouth is “the leitmotif of the internet.” And when I heard that perfect description of this modern musical masterpiece I remembered how grateful I am to work with great writers. “All Star” has become this Ur-meme that countless other jokes revolve around. From Neil Cicierega’s body of work to newfound appreciation of Shrek and Guy Fieri to one of our favorite Steamed Hams remixes. They all owe a debt to this Top 40 hit turned ironic Holy Grail.We as a people have arguably gotten more joy out of this clean pop ska punk song from its internet ubiquity today than we ever got from its radio and movie soundtrack ubiquity in the late 1990s/early 2000s. And thankfully the endless parade of hilarious “All Star” jokes doesn’t seem like it’ll be stopping anytime soon.But the internet is a big place with room for lots of memes. Something like “Walk the Dinosaur” is arguably an innately funnier song with funnier resultant memes (and an email I got from the band Was Not Was suggest they agree). “All Star” shouldn’t be the only meme song in town.So what should be the next music meme miracle? Let me suggest something many of you out there may have felt but could never quite articulate. The Baha Men, the singers of “Who Let the Dogs Out?” are the Black Smash Mouth and should be celebrated as such.That may sound insulting, and that’s not a totally inaccurate reading, but I don’t mean any malice. I also don’t mean to imply that the modern version of traditional Bahamian junkanoo music the Baha Men perform has the same artistic merit as whatever comes out of Steve Harwell’s mouth. I’m not even trying to say the history of the musicians between the respective bands line up in any way. The Baha Men have been around since 1980 while Smash Mouth didn’t form until 1994.But the parallels are just too powerful. Both “All Star” and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” reached the height of their powers around the same time around the turn of the new millennium. Both could be heard constantly in pop soundtracks for popular movies and kids shows. Both are absurd in underappreciated ways in their lyrics and general sound. Both were basically the first and last big hits for their respective bands since no one cares about “Walking on the Sun” or “Move It Like This.”Maybe the reason “All Star” gets all the meme love is because it’s a worse song sung by more goonish-looking people. Or maybe the Shrek bump is just that strong. But as an online humor enthusiast, I just want to see more variety in my meme music needle drops. And “Who Let the Dogs Out?” by the Baha Men seems like a safe start. Imagine a mash-up between that and M’Baku’s barking from Black Panther? I just came up with that right now and I already want to see and laugh at it for real. It’s like Ugandan Knuckles but way, way, way less racist.Buy Baha Men – Greatest Movie HitsBuy All Star: The Smash HitsLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more