Past the finishing post

first_imgPast the finishing postTrack Condition : Dirt : GoodRace 1 1700 M (Purse $560,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE IV(NW3)*1. BALLON D’OR LSteadman3 52.52. SHINE HPottinger4 56.0 11 1/2L3. CAPTAIN GRANVILLE ZMeikle 54.0 11 1/2L4. SEQUOYAH OnBeckford4 54.0 7LLate scratch : #4 LITTLEMISSEMMYWIN: $72.00Final Time : 1:47.4 Splits : 24.4, 47.4, 1:13.3,Winner : 4yo ch colt – FOREST DANGER – WAPTrainer : ANTHONY NUNES Owner : CHRISTOPHER M. BOORMAN & E. HALOUTE & S.NARINESINGH & M. ROBERTSBred by EVERGLADES FARMS LTD.Qu: $90.00 Ex: $108.00Trifecta: $80.00Race 2 1100 M (Purse $500,000) NB4-Y-O & UP MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT*1. MAMETA OFoster 53.52. IAMALLABOUTTHEBEST DDawkins3 50.0 2 1/4L3. BRAVE HEART CBudhai 55.0 2 3/4L4. CONNOR JPatterson4 51.0 1 1/4LWIN: $102.00PLACE: $63.00, $1483.00, $131.00Final Time : 1:11.1 Splits : 24.1, 48.4Winner : 4yo b filly – STORM CRAFT – BISCAYNE STARRTrainer: PATRICK LYNCH Owner : JUNEIL RACING STABLESBred by ONEIL PHILLIPSQu: $439.00 Ex: $693.00D/E: $126.00Superfecta: $6,165.00Race 3 1500 M (Purse $530,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($250,0-$210,0)NB5YO(NW2) & 6YO&UP(NW4)1. LEGENDARY PLEASURE SEllis 57.0*2. CAMOUFLAGE BebHarvey3 53.0 10 1/2L3. BATIDOR DE MUNDO JErwin 54.0 1 1/2L4. MISS DOROTHY JInnis4 48.0 NeckWIN: $185.00Final Time : 1:36.1 Splits : 24.2, 47.4, 1:14.2Winner : 6yo ch horse – WAR MARSHALL – FIGHT FOR PLEASURETrainer : DONOVAN PLUMMER Owner : GERAINT E PARCHMENTBred by HAM STABLES LTD.Qu: $304.00 Ex: $894.00D/E: $744.00Trifecta: $344.00Rolling Triple: $1,074.00Race 4 1100 M (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT -FILLIES(DIV.I)1. LADY CARMEN WHenry 53.0*2. LOTTERY TICKET OWalker 55.0 5 1/2L3. COLLEEN JInnis4 49.0 7 1/2L4. IGNITION OMullings 53.0 1/2LLate scratch : #7 A VESSEL OF LOVEWIN: $147.00PLACE: $63.00, $55.00, $94.00Final Time : 1:08.4 Splits : 23.3, 47.2Winner : 3yo b filly – BLUE PEPSI LODGE – PRINCESS TALIATrainer : WINSTON MORRIS Owner : S.A.S. SYNDICATEBred by STAFFORD A. SUBRATIEQu: $137.00 Ex: $366.00D/E: $1,184.00Superfecta: $5,114.00Rolling Triple: $2,340.00Race 5 1100 M (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT -FILLIES(DIV.II)*1. LIKE A LADY SEllis 53.02. MONTEGONIAN CBudhai 53.0 7L3. PHOTOGENIC HPottinger4 50.0 2 3/4 L4. RUNNING STAR BebHarvey3 53.0 Head5. RUNAWAY GAL OWalker 55.0 Neck6. MIRACLE RIVER OEdwards3 51.0 1 1/4LWIN: $106.00PLACE: $70.00, $157.00, $163.00Final Time : 1:09.2 Splits : 23.2, 47.1Winner : 3yo gr filly – MARKET RALLY – KNIGHTLEYTrainer : DWIGHT CHEN Owner : HAMARK FARMSBred by HAM STABLES LTD.Qu: $543.00 Ex: $748.00D/E: $289.00Trifecta: $2,479.00Hit-6: $161,738.50Rolling Triple: $2,635.00Race 6 1000 M (S) (Purse $620,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($550,0-$500,0)NB4YO(NW4)*1. FORCE DE JOUR JPatterson4 53.0 4/52. SUPERIOR QUALITY AMartin 54.0 6 1/2L3. CRUISING MOTION JInnis4 53.0 Neck4. ZACKONTHEATTACK AChatrie 53.0 1 1/4LWIN: $91.00PLACE: $55.00, $91.00, $83.00Final Time : 0:58.3 Splits: 22.3, 45.2Winner : 5yo colt – SHARP HUMOR – SONG BIRD TOOTrainer : ROWAN MATHIE Owner : VINCENT MAINEBred by DOUG BRANHAMQu: $1,022.00 Ex: $1,172.00D/E: $272.00Superfecta: $6,332.00Rolling Triple: $1,430.00Super-6: $8,765.40Race 7 1300 M (Purse $560,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE III(NW3 O/T)1. DREAMCOMETRUE JErwin 52.52. RAS EMANUEL RWilson 54.0 15/1 1 3/4L*3. DRIPPING IN GOLD RHalledeen 53.0 3/4L4. BONGO KING SEllis 54.0 4/1 3 1/4WIN: $431.00Final Time : 1:20.4 Splits : 23.0, 46.4, 1:12.4Winner : 4yo b filly – DEPUTY GLITTERS – SPACEDOUTTrainer : STEVEN TODD Owner: PATRICK MCKENZIEBred by EDISON CHAIQu: $1,914.00 Ex: $3,726.00D/E: $1,612.00Trifecta: $2,572.00Rolling Triple: $3,179.00Pick-4: $13,664.00Race 8 1000 M (R) (Purse $530,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE V(NW2)*1. JESSE’S FAVORITE OMullings 51.02. SIR LEYLAND HALL HPottinger4 50.5 2 1/2L3. KING WITHIN DDawkins3 51.0 3 1/2L4. KIMBERLY GOLD OEdwards3 50.0 3/4LLate scratch : #6 RISING POWERWIN: $85.00PLACE: $64.00, $306.00, $146.00Final Time : 1:01.4 Splits : 23.2, 47.3Winner : 4yo ch filly – ADORE THE GOLD – ANGELA’S FAVORITETrainer: PHILIP FEANNY Owner : 2 PENYUBred by HAM STABLES LTD.Qu: $710.00 Ex: $873.00D/E: $799.00 (3-6) $525.00Superfecta: $5,765.00Rolling Triple: $3,651.00Race 9 800 M (S) (Purse $500,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($180,0)NB6YO&UP(NW3)*1. WINESHA LSteadman3 53.0 *3/52. REAL VIBES MACHINE RWilson 53.0 5 1/2L3. KING NEBARUE AntThomas4 51.0 Neck4. FABULOUSCONNECTION HPottinger4 52.0 Neck5. SHE GOOSE SEllis 55.0 1/2L5. DOOLAHIN JJackson 55.0 dead heatDNF #3 AWESOME MARQUE JErwin 52.0 14/1Late scratch : #1 BASIC INSTINCT, #12 MAC MACWIN: $86.00PLACE: $60.00, $124.00, $167.00Final Time : 0:46.3 Splits: 23.1Winner : 6yo ch mare – STORM CRAFT – POSITIVE VIBESTrainer : JOHNNY WILMOT Owner : SOLDIER CAMPBred by RAPHAEL E. GORDONQu: $466.00 Ex: $606.00D/E: (8-11) $106.00 (8-1) $68.00 (8-12) $146.00Trifecta: $3,433.00Hi-5: (11-7-14-10-9) $11,311.50 (11-7-14-10-13) $15,080.50Rolling Triple: $2,030.00PlacePot 8: $3,739.00LADY GEETA TROPHYRace 10 1200 M (Purse $1,200,000) 3-Y-O & UP GRADED STAKES1. PERFECT NEIGHBOUR OWalker 53.02. UPPA TUNE BebHarvey3 52.0 3/4L3. POTCHEEN JErwin 52.5 4 1/2L4. HOVER CRAFT JInnis4 47.5 HeadDNF: *POKER STAR RHalledeen 57.0WIN: $246.00Final Time : 1:12.2 Splits : 22.4, 45.4, ,Winner : 6yo b horse – NATURAL SELECTION – DESPERATEHOUSEWIFETrainer : WAYNE DACOSTA Owner : ALFRED A. LEE & JEFFREY S. MORDECAIBred by Y.S. (1955) LTD.Qu: $725.00 Exacta: $1,425.00D/E: $1,141.00Trifecta: $1,058.00Rolling Triple: $1,685.00Race 11 1820 M (Purse $500,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($180,0)NB6YO&UP(NW3)1. GENUINE FRIEND LSteadman3 53.02. WATER WAVE BebHarvey3 52.5 2L*3. MARIA’S GLORY HPottinger4 51.0 1 1/4L4. PARTY PRINCESS AndrePowell4 51.5 2 1/4L5. LARUSA OnBeckford4 50.0 4 1/2LDNF: #9 ROUGH PATRICK DDawkins3 54.0 9/5Late scratch : #7 GENERAL TOGO, #8 TROPICALDEPRESSIONWIN: $316.00PLACE: $103.00, $104.00, $68.00Final Time: 2:03.3 Splits: 27.2, 53.1, 1:19.3, 1:47.4Winner : 6yo b mare – ZAHAAZEH – GENUINE GOLDTrainer : LINTON CALDER Owner: LINTON CALDERBred by LINTON CALDERQu: $768.00 Ex: $2,150.00D/E: $1,792.00Trifecta: $1,428.00Hi-5: $145,383.00Rolling Triple: $9,503.00Pick-4: $8,432.00Super-6: $89,927.20Pick-9: $15,340.00; $411.00 Carry-over : $1,483,205.80last_img read more

Nimba Student Group Take Issues with Lawmakers

first_imgA group of University students under the banner, Progressive Students Association of Nimba (PSAN), has taken issue with the county’s Legislative Caucus by calling on them to desist from pushing for the resignation of Superintendent Fong Zuagele. The students, in a statement, expressed concern about their lawmakers’ quest for the resignation of the superintendent in the wake of the violent crisis that occurred at the ArcelorMittal concession area in Nimba two weeks ago. The students stressed that the legislative caucus wants the Supreintendent’s removal only to get them achieve their selfish intentions. According to the students, members of the caucus and some “senior” citizens of the county recently held a meeting that ended in deadlock at Senator Thomas Grupee’s residence, where they called  for the dismissal of the Superintendent.The student group, quoting the lawmakers, said they (lawmakers) had threatened that failure on the part of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to dismiss Superintendent Zuagele would lead to their  noncompliance in supporting  bills submitted by the President, or halt the legislative work by boycotting sessions.The students alleged that the lawmakers claimed the President failed to consult them before appointing the Superintendent, while the Superintendent himself unilaterally suspended Clinton Laywhee, the county’s Public Management Committee (PMC) chair.The students also said the lawmakers alleged that the Superintendent had provoked the recent riot in the county, and masterminded the arrests of many citizens during the violence.Regarding the President’s failure to consult them before appointing the Superintendent, the students said, “We are constrained to ask our lawmakers where had  they have ever read that the President must consult the Legislature before making appointment executive appointments.”On the issue of Mr. Laywhee’s suspension, the students said, they are beginning to suspect that the lawmakers are connected to the unjustifiable US$300,000 withdrawn from the county’s account in a day’s time as alleged by the Superintendent for which he suspended Mr. Laywhee.“We are afraid that the lawmakers are using the recent violence as a scape goat to quiet the Superintendent on his investigation,” the students said.As per Supt Zuagele provoking violence and masterminding the arrests of several other citizens as claimed by the lawmakers, “we want to make it categorically clear that though the Superintendent had some missed steps in the process, equally so, some of the lawmakers played direct and clandestine roles in the arrest, detention and incarceration of some of those arrested.”The students disclosed in their statement that Superintendent Zuagele had made significant  efforts in ensuring that some of those arrested were released. “We urged all parties to proceed to Nimba so that our elders, women, youths and all relevant authorities can intervene and have this problem resolved as it was done in the Teeko VS. Lawmakers’ case,” the students pleaded.They then called on their lawmakers to immediately disengage as the resignation or dismissal of the Superintendent is not the way forward in resolving the numerous problems in Nimba.When a member of the Nimba Legislative Caucus was contacted shortly after the students presented the statement, Representative R. Matenokay Tingban, described the student group as “misinformed people,” who have been incited to do things they do not know about.According to the Nimba District #9 Representative, members of the caucus have resolved not to work with the Superintendent, because he has “grossly disrespected us.”Representative Tingban alleged that the Superintendent does not communicate with them, because they refused him a loan from the county’s coffer to purchase his vehicle.On the issue of the suspension of the Project Management Committee head, Clinton Laywehyee, Representative Tingban said the Superintendent, the caucus, and even the President does not have the power to suspend him, but the council that set up the PMC.At the same time, Superintendent Zuagele has refuted claims by the Legislative caucus that he has grossly disrespected them. When he spoke via mobile phone to this newspaper, Mr. Zuagele said, if members of the caucus feel he is part of the recent trouble in the county, they should prove evidence and take him to task, “but not to lie on me.”He disclosed that they want him to compromise fraud in the county; something he said, he has consistently rejected, and that is why they are seeking his dismissal.“I suspended the PMC head for fraud, and he should be investigated.  Fraud is a crime that was committed and in such a case the suspected person should undergo investigation,” Mr. Zuagele concluded.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

To Advance Technology, Make Like Nature

first_imgScientists and engineers continue to find the most elegant solutions to practical problems by looking at plants and animals.  Here are a few of the recent examples.Wet computing:  Cells and brains do a superior job of complex processing, so why are our current computers singing how dry I am?  Not for much longer.  Science Daily reported that “A new kind of information processing technology inspired by chemical processes in living systems is being developed by researchers at the University of Southampton.”  What they have so far is “very crude” but they are working toward developing a “liquid brain” just like our brains.  Dr. Klaus-Peter Zauner at the University’s School of Electronics and Computer Science said, “People realise now that the best information processes we have are in our heads and as we are increasingly finding that silicon has its limitations in terms of information processing, we need to explore other approaches, which is exactly what we are doing here.”  Makes you wonder why IBM didn’t follow that inspiration early on.  Think of the other benefits: “Our system will copy some key features of neuronal pathways in the brain and will be capable of excitation, self-repair and self-assembly,” said fellow researcher Dr. Maurits de Planque.    The BBC News also reported on this story.  Dr. Zauner told them, “Every neuron is like a molecular computer; ours is a very crude abstraction of what neurons do.”  The planned chemical computers will also have another characteristically human trait: lipids, or fat.Slime mold highways:  What would a slimy mold have to teach humans?  New Scientist reported two specialists in “unconventional computing” believe they can provide alternative methods for road planning.  After watching a slime mold in a petri dish find the best path to nutrients on a map of England, Jeff Jones of the University of the West of England in Bristol said, “This shows how a single-celled creature without any nervous system – and thus intelligence in the classical sense – can provide an efficient solution to a routing problem.”Make like a leaf:  Leaves are like incredibly-efficient solar panels, so why not imitate them?  New Scientist reported that a team in China is building artificial leaves that can imitate photosynthesis.  “By mimicking the machinery plants use to do this, it is possible to create a miniature hydrogen factory,” one of the researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University said.  “Using sunlight to split water molecules and form hydrogen fuel is one of the most promising tactics for kicking our carbon habit.”    Their new approach is closer to the plants’ technique.  They are trying to “mimic photosynthesis by copying the elaborate architectures of green leaves” themselves.  To do this, they are actually building on dried leaves and using them as templates.  “The leaf retained features such as the lens-like cells at its surface, which catch light coming from any angle, and veins that help guide light deeper into the leaf.”  This strategy is making the artificial structures more efficient: twice as good at absorption and three times better at hydrogen production,” the team claimed.    They realize this is just a “good beginning,” the article ended.  “Complex structures found in leaves should be utilised further for enhancement in light harvesting.” The article about artificial leaves was the only one making mention of evolution.  “Plant leaves have evolved over millions of years to catch the energy in the sun’s rays very efficiently,” the article said.  “They use the energy to produce food, and the central step in the process involves splitting water molecules and creating hydrogen ions.”  Apparently it is Mason Inman, author of the report, who gets the credit for Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week.This is where the action is in science and technology: finding exquisite designs in nature and trying to imitate them.  You have to feel sad for the Darwinists.  Every time they insert the E-word into the story, they only show themselves superfluous.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Anti-Republican Science

first_imgIf science is supposed to be apolitical, reporters and journal editors are not remembering their duty to stay neutral.Gaffe watch:  Live Science used the occasion of Todd Akin’s remark about rape, universally condemned by other Republicans and apologized for by Akin soon after he uttered it, to count other alleged scientific gaffes by politicians.  Suspiciously, 4 out of the 5 in the list were gaffes by conservative Republicans: Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell and Tom Coburn.  As if doing penance, reporter Stephanie Pappas added one by President Obama, but portrayed it as a waffle, not a gaffe; she quoted him saying “The science is not conclusive,” giving him a way out.  Some of the Republican gaffes could be argued to be positions on legitimate scientific controversies, such as global warming.  Pappas snuck in an added swipe by characterizing Santorum’s alleged gaffe as “one of his more memorable comments”.  One would think she wouldn’t have to look far through Democrat VP Joe Biden’s numerous gaffes to find something to help balance the scales, and what about Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who thought the Mars Pathfinder Rover would be able to see the flag left by Apollo astronauts?  Notably, bloopers by scientists, including those of Darwinians who frequently exaggerate claims far beyond the evidence, escape her notice: like this dandy printed uncritically on Nature News, “In-law infighting boosted evolution of menopause.”Hark! The Republicans Are Coming:  For Nature News, reporter Amy Maxmen headlined, “Republican Spending Plan Casts Shadow on Science.”  Her focus was on Paul Ryan, Romney’s VP pick, as someone who wants to “limit the reach of government.”  She wrote, “As chairman of the House of Representatives budget committee in the current Congress, Ryan has crafted a federal spending plan that contrasts sharply with that of President Barack Obama, whose budget requests have largely maintained science and technology funding as an economic investment.”  Maxmen failed to mention that President Obama and Senate Democrats have brought the USA to the edge of a fiscal cliff that risks economic disaster for everyone, including scientists.  Her article failed to mention which science taxpayers should be responsible to pay for, and also failed to mention sources of private funding available to scientists, such as foundations and industry.Lionizing JFK and Obama:  What’s this doing on a science site?  That’s a question a reader might legitimately ask of an entry on PhysOrg about JFK’s influence on Obama. The question becomes stronger when one realizes it’s a review of a book by a non-scientist: “Researcher Greg Frame, from the University of Warwick’s Film and Television department, has explored how Obama, whose birthday is Saturday August 4, has shaped himself in Kennedy’s image.”  Nothing negative is said about either Democratic president, even though commentators on both sides of the aisle this week are decrying Obama’s current presidential campaign as one of the dirtiest on record.  Nothing was said about Obama’s deficit spending that has run up a national debt of $16 trillion, more than all prior presidents combined.  Yet this is the image of JFK and Obama PhysOrg allowed Mr. Frame to project on their webspace: “leader, superhero, and subsequently father.”  One will look in vain for any such pedestals for the likes of Ronald Reagan, let alone an announcement about his birthday.Political correctness:  When it comes to moral and cultural issues such as abortion or homosexuality, science news sites can be counted on to take the leftist line.  In “Why Women Choose Abortions,” Live Science writer Jeanna Brynner ostensibly reported a survey about women’s reasons for killing their infants in the womb, giving ample time for them to describe why the thought of having a child added stress to their life.  One of the “solutions” listed was “free birth control” without the important follow-up question, “at whose expense?”   In another article on Live Science, Stephanie Pappas was all uptight about “Hateful Political Ads” against “Transgender People,” implying that conservatives have no justification to be concerned about gender-confused men entering women’s bathrooms or applying as daycare workers, calling these concerns “scare tactics.”  Pappas gave complete free rein to Amy Stone, a sociologist, to talk about homosexual issues and gay marriage, but never asked for a balancing opinion from a conservative spokesperson from someone like Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, whose offices were targeted by a gay activist with a gun recently.A rare balance:  One recent article on Science Daily showed exemplary non-partisanship.  It was about a forecasting model at University of Colorado that predicts Romney will win the electoral college vote in the upcoming election.  The Romney mention is not the balance at issue; it is the fact that the article steered clear of advocacy or partisanship, and simply stated the facts:  if the same model that has been used since 1980 holds, the outcome will be as stated.  Even so, it is not clear whether a paper published by the American Political Science Association belongs on a science news site.No matter the issue, no matter the controversy, science news sites and leading journals can be counted on to take the leftist position.  Democrats will be cast in a positive light, Republicans as villains.  Articles are written by leftists to leftists.  Sometimes, for instance, they appear aimed at helping fellow leftists convince conservatives of the wrongness of their position.  On PhysOrg, for instance, a psychologist who runs a website attacking global warming skeptics was given the platform to instruct fellow leftists that coming across too strong can backfire, because conservatives (by implication) take comfort in their worldview and see science as a threat.  But while he applied his psychological model to skeptics of anthropogenic global warming (usually conservatives), he avoided applying it to leftists confronted with facts threatening their Darwinian world view.  The slant is always one way.  Sometimes journal editors will feel they have done their job of balanced reporting by printing a letter to the editor complaining about their bias.  They never think about avoiding the bias in the first place.What to do?  First of all, have a respect for facts, but differentiate between facts and opinions.  Second, realize that most science reporting these days is coming through a leftist filter.  Third, exercise discernment by noticing the bias and asking the questions the reporter is failing to ask.  Fourth, complain to managers and sponsors of the politically biased sites.  Fifth, support services like Creation-Evolution Headlines that point out the bias and boldly ask the questions the other reporters should be asking. Researcher Greg Frame, from the University of Warwick’s Film and Television department , has explored how Obama, whose birthday is Saturday August 4, has shaped himself in Kennedy’s image.Read more at: 19 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Sho’t Left targets Moz, Botswana

first_img29 August 2008South African Tourism has broadened the focus of its Sho’t Left campaign, which encourages South Africans to travel more within the country, to target up-and-coming youngsters from Botswana and Mozambique.“Thousands of Mozambicans visit South Africa every year to trade and so business,” South African Tourism CEO Moeketsi Mosola told BuaNews in Johannesburg this week.“We have broadened our focus to emphasise tourism and leisure to the people of Mozambique.”He said that travellers from Botswana were among the biggest spenders in South Africa, adding that the new campaign would help refocus visitor spending toward the local tourism and hospitality industry.South Africa is visited by 4.5-million travellers from the Southern African Development Community a year, injecting massive amounts of capital into the economy, creating thousands of employment opportunities.Tourism, meanwhile, is one of the biggest growing sectors of the South African economy and is set to grow massively in the build up to the 2009 Fifa Confederations Cup and 2010 Fifa World Cup.Increasing affordabilityMosola said that one of the fundamental aims of the campaign was to make was to make travel and tourism affordable to ordinary South Africans, pointing out, for example, that the high cost of visiting areas like the Eastern Cape or Mpumalanga provinces discouraged South Africans from travelling within their own country.It was important for South Africans to visit various attractions around the country because travelling had the ability to break down barriers, Mosola said, adding that it allowed a person to learn something about themselves, their friends, and family.“That is why we emphasise travelling must not be done alone, but must be done with friends.”Packages put together by South African Tourism go from as cheap as R180 to whatever a person’s pocket can afford, Mosola said.Travel experiencesAs part of the campaign, television advertisements featuring the travel experiences of groups of friends from South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique in South Africa, are being broadcast on South African Broadcasting Corporation’s SABC 2 channel.Brad Harrison, 26, from Johannesburg, featured on one the TV advertisements. He told BuaNews that he was a nutritionist who was roped into being an ambassador for the campaign by one of his friends.Harrison, who travelled to Mpumalanga with two of his friends, embarked on a series of blood-pumping activities including quad biking, bungee jumping and gorge swinging, game drives and canopy tours.“It was one of those experiences which opened up my eyes to the experiences available out there,” he said, adding that by being a nutritionist, he was able to identify the problem with a lot of South African kids.He said they were watching too much TV or playing electronic games and not getting out enough. “Youngsters out there need to get off the couch and travel this country of ours.”Harrison further said it was important that this campaign spread Botswana and Mozambique as “we are all part of Africa and we need to unite”.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

High five for South African film in Toronto

first_imgThe universal theme of redemption and the beloved tropes of the western genre – and the great film-making – bring acclaim to Five Fingers for Marseilles.Vuyo Dabula stars as Tau, who finds redemption on his return to Marseilles. (Image: Graham Bartholomew/ Be Phat Motel)Sulaiman PhilipA new South African film, seven years in the making, has premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to great acclaim. The festival runs from 7-17 September. Five Fingers for Marseilles uses the familiar format of a western to tell the story of one man’s redemption after a life of violence.Local film fans will recognise familiar faces such as Vuyo Dabula, Kenneth Nkosi and Jerry Mofokeng once the film gets a wider local release. Shot and set in the Eastern Cape, the isiXhosa and Sesotho film has been receiving rave reviews since its Toronto premiere.Generations: The Legacy actor Dabula stars as Tau, the leader of a group of five close friends growing up in rural Marseilles. As teenagers living in apartheid-era South Africa, they challenge corrupt police officials hoping to create a better life for themselves and their community.During their escapades Tau kills two policemen and is forced to flee. Arrested and convicted, he is imprisoned in Johannesburg. Twenty years later he returns to Marseilles to find a town under siege, and his community living in fear of the Night Runners, a gang led by the fearsome, villainous Ghost.An African westernThe official trailer of Five Fingers for Marseilles firmly sets up the South African film as a western. It uses familiar imagery – a remote town, the mysterious stranger walking down dusty streets and long, trailing shots of the mountains of the Eastern Cape – to tell a story of redemption and the liberation that comes from accepting the consequences of your actions.First time director Michael Matthews and screenwriter Sean Drummond spent seven years researching and developing the film. This included travelling across the country scouting locations. Driving through the Eastern Cape they were reminded of the mythic widescreen panoramic vistas of director John Fords in westerns such as The Searchers and Stagecoach.Speaking at an event in Toronto, where his film has been called complex, daring and ambitious, Drummond said that making a western allowed him and his partner to explore themes that mattered in the South African context. Good westerns, he said, “always had socio-political undercurrents running through them. By putting a highly entertaining, contemporary spin on this South African western, the film explores subjects that resonate right now with many people.”Matthews explained in an interview with American entertainment magazine Variety: “Personally I think it’s good to explore topics that have relevance to the lives of South African audiences, but the trick is to do it subtly through plot and character, not to mistake ‘issue’ for storytelling. Story is king. And also, a lot of these issues are relevant all over, so themes can be universal.”Dusk settles over the Marseilles set,Khwezi Naledi township. (Image: Graham Bartholomew/ Be Phat Motel)Challenges creating great South African filmIn the interview with Variety, Matthews said South African filmmakers were more than capable of making interesting and entertaining films. The challenge had always been, he said, finding financing. However, filmmakers needed to make movies that made the industry appealing to private investors. “If we want to make films that are bigger, that’s more money. You hear grumbles about funding, and of course movie-money is hard to find, but with the (Department of Trade and Industry) rebate, etc, here we have a lot going for us.”While locally made productions, and Matthews included a hit such as Neil Blomkamp’s District 9, did create a buzz, the audience for local productions remained small and mostly urban. The recently released Kalushi, about Solomon Mahlangu, was an example. Director Mandla Dube’s film was considered a commercial failure because it was shown mostly on screens close to formerly white neighbourhoods.“A priority is building up local audiences – so attracting people that might not usually watch films, as well as offering films that compete with the international stuff coming in and drawing audiences towards local content rather than the imports.”The changing business model for movie production did offer some hope, Matthews said. Video on Demand services would increase the size of audiences for locally made films that could be streamed into homes or on to computers.To make products for that market would require a serious look at how films were financed. Matthews said the next funding challenge was to “source finance that’s altruistic and dedicated to expression and culture, maybe something more along European models”.For a director who made his name making commercials, Matthews is a fan of the big screen experience. He believes that his film is best experienced in a theatre. “It’s the experience as much as the films themselves and some films will always warrant that. I think you experience film in a different way in a cinema space and that applies to even the tiny indie drama. It draws you in, in a different way; it’s an all-encompassing different kind of a magic.”Marseilles is under siege by the Night Runners gang. (Image: Graham Bartholomew/ BE Phat Motel)Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Get your fertilizer certification…Before planting begins

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ohio is now seeing full implementation of Ohio’s Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification regulation. The regulation was result of Senate Bill 150, which can be found at and The 2014 regulation required farmers to complete a fertilizer certification program if they applied fertilizer to more than 50 acres of land in agricultural production primarily for sale. Exemptions included fertilizer applied through a planter, individuals whose crops remained on the farm for their livestock and not sold, or fertilizer applied by a commercial applicator.Farmers were given three years to complete the certification training. Training included a two-hour program if a farmer already had a Private Pesticide Applicator License, otherwise, a farmer had to complete a three-hour program. Key components of the training were to know the potential causes for algal blooms and management practices to reduce phosphorus losses from farm fields. Training was provided primarily by County Extension Agriculture & Natural Resources Educators of the Ohio State University.In three years, 17,493 Ohioans completed the Fertilizer Certification program. The three-year window to complete the initial certification program ended September 30, 2017. Any farmer applying fertilizer that has more than 50 acres of cropland without an Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator certificate after September can be fined and/or charged with a misdemeanor offense. Farmers that still need certification have two options: complete a three-hour training program or pass a state test.If you do not have the Fertilizer Certification and wish to test for it, you can visit the Ohio Department of Agriculture webpage to get more information about when and where to test.If you would prefer to attend an approximately 3 hour training session in lieu of taking the test, you can attend one of the following upcoming Fertilizer Certification programs listed below. Most cost $35. Please make the appropriate contacts as registration process and fees vary by location.Putnam County – March 19th 6 to 9pm; contact Beth Scheckelhoff, or call 419-523-6294Auglaize County – March 26th 2 to 5 pm and 6:15 to 9:15 pm; contact Jeff Stachler, or by calling 419-739-6580 by March 20th.Van Wert County – April 4th 6 to 9pm; contact Curtis Young, or call 419-238-1214last_img read more