Can Trump Still Win? No. He’s Already Lost.

first_imgThe largest margin to be overturned in a recent recount came in Minnesota’s 2008 Senate contest, when a 215-vote margin for Senator Norm Coleman, the incumbent Republican, was reversed, becoming a 312-vote advantage for Al Franken, the Democratic candidate, after a court ruled that hundreds of absentee ballots were wrongly rejected.In the days since the election, Mr. Trump and his top aides and some supporters have claimed that the vote in key states was marked by rampant fraud, but they have yet to document any evidence of widespread voting malfeasance. Elections officials in all 50 states told The New York Times this week that they were unaware of any fraud or other election improprieties in their states. Mr. Biden’s winning margins in the key battleground states he has captured — 20,000 votes in Wisconsin, 54,000 votes in Pennsylvania and 148,000 votes in Michigan — are well above the thresholds of votes that have been changed in previous recounts.Even in Georgia, where officials are preparing for a hand recount of the ballots, Mr. Biden leads by 14,000 votes, a margin that is unlikely to be reversed.(Mr. Biden also leads by 11,000 votes in Arizona, but elections officials there are still counting absentee votes that arrived by mail.) With no chance to change the popular vote outcome in battleground states, lawyers said Mr. Trump’s legal strategy, such as there is one, appeared to be an attempt to delay state elections officials’ certification of Mr. Biden as the winner, which could throw the question of appointing delegates to the Electoral College to Republican-controlled state legislatures.Even this theory relies on a series of one-in-a-hundred legal bank shots all being successful in multiple states simultaneously — which would certainly result in broad public outrage over reversing the results of a decided election.“Those are the kind of things you wake up thinking about in the middle of the night. It would really blow the roof off if they tried to steal an election in that fashion,” Mr. McDonough said. “If people were to so blatantly disregard the fundamentals of democracy, God knows what would happen, how people would react to it.”Most states are set to certify their election results and declare winners by the end of November — a process that may lead to more official recounts this month but also formal conclusions about the results.“At some point it becomes obvious even to the most ardent supporters of the president that there’s no pathway,” said Lanhee Chen, who was the policy director for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. The New York Times and other news media outlets have not anointed Mr. Biden the winner of the presidential election, but have just done the math: The former vice president has won enough states by enough votes that Mr. Trump cannot overcome those deficits through legal challenges or recounts.“He has no chance of overturning the result — it’s just impossible,” said Gerry McDonough, a Democratic elections lawyer who worked for Vice President Al Gore’s legal team on the 2000 Florida recount. “I’m a recount lawyer here in Massachusetts and I get requests from people all the time and they say, ‘I’m just 50 votes behind and we’re sure there were these bad actors.’ I won’t take a case like that.”That 2000 Florida recount came after George W. Bush held an unofficial lead of just 1,784 votes over Mr. Gore the morning after Election Day; his final winning margin in the state was 537 votes.- Advertisement – Five days after television networks and other major news organizations called the presidential election for Joseph R. Biden Jr., President Trump continues to maintain that he “will win.”That is false.- Advertisement – Each day that passes without Mr. Trump providing a court evidence of voting fraud makes his legal odds longer, Democratic and Republican lawyers said.“The path for him winning is being able to back up his rhetoric and find sufficient fraud and irregularities in enough individual states to overturn their results,” said Ben Ginsberg, a Republican lawyer who worked for Mr. Bush in the 2000 election, and who retired this year and turned against Mr. Trump. “So far, they’ve utterly failed to do that and, based on their court filings, are not anywhere close.” – Advertisement – Updated Nov. 12, 2020, 1:52 p.m. ET – Advertisement –last_img read more

Football: Wisconsin wins at Illinois to remain undefeated

first_imgThe University of Wisconsin football team went on the road and defeated Illinois during their homecoming  24-10 to remain undefeated Saturday afternoon.Playing through wet conditions for most of the afternoon, Wisconsin once again had to rely on the defense to make plays when it mattered. The defense forced three turnovers in the contest, two interceptions and one fumble.The first interception came on the first drive from the Fighting Illini. After Wisconsin started the game with a quick three and out, Illinois started their first drive with two incompletions before Derrick Tindal intercepted the third-down pass from Cam Thomas.Despite the field position, Wisconsin was unable to capitalize on the possession, once again going three and out before being forced to punt.From there, Wisconsin’s offense started to find their groove. On the ensuing drive, the Badgers drove the ball 92 yards on 15 plays during a drive that lasted over eight minutes long. The drive represented textbook Wisconsin football, with 87 of the yards coming on runs from five different players while the other five yards were from a defensive penalty. Alec Ingold capped the drive with a one-yard touchdown dive to give the Badgers a 7-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.Football: Wisconsin hits the road, prepares to take on the Fighting IlliniIllinois is in for a potentially disappointing end to their homecoming celebrations as they welcome the University of Wisconsin football Read…By the end of the first half, Wisconsin had padded their lead to a 17-3 margin off of Rafael Gaglianone’s 52-yard field goal in the final seconds of the second quarter.In the second half, neither offense was able to move the ball. Both teams were unable to score until Wisconsin pulled a trick play to seal the game with a 24-3 lead with less than five minutes remaining on the clock.On the play, quarterback Alex Hornibrook took the snap from under center and rolled out right. After a couple steps, Hornibrook spun around before tossing the ball backwards to left tackle Michael Deiter, who had blockers lined up in front of him and was able to run into the end zone untouched.Despite the win, Wisconsin showed some of the same struggles on offense they’ve been showing all season.What the first few Big Ten games can reveal about Wisconsin football’s futureAfter an outstanding performance in Nebraska and Northwestern, the University of Wisconsin football team has positioned itself to be number Read…In the first drive after Wisconsin’s touchdown, the offense had driven the ball 30 yards to get the ball near midfield. But on second and seven, Hornibrook missed Illinois defensive back Bennett Williams dropping back in coverage, who was able to easily intercept the pass intended for Troy Fumagalli. Hornibrook has now thrown seven interceptions in the team’s last five games, a growing concern for the Badgers’ offense.Between Hornibrook’s struggles and the wet conditions, Wisconsin found themselves relying heavily on the running game to move the ball. Jonathan Taylor, Garrett Groshek and Bradrick Shaw all had 12 carries in the game to combine for 164 rushing yards. Taylor led the way with 73 rushing yards while Groshek had 51 and Shaw finished with 40. It was the first time this season that Taylor failed to rush for at least 80 yards.In the end, Wisconsin managed to stay undefeated as they continue their march through the relatively weak Big Ten West. Next up for the Badgers is a cross-divisional showdown on the road with Indiana before they return home for consecutive home games against Iowa and Michigan.last_img read more