Texas surges past California to become state with most COVID-19 cases

first_imgStates like Texas, Florida, and Georgia’s Republican leadership scoffed at early prevention measures like mask mandates and shutting down indoor businesses. Since the initial wave of the pandemic hit our country in February, March, and April, these states have seen exploding numbers. Over the last two weeks however, Texas has surged to a positivity rate of 10.72%. The national average is 6.6%. Cars line up for Covid-19 tests at the University of Texas El Paso on October 23, 2020 in El Paso, Texas. - The city has seen a surge in cases, reporting over 1,150 new cases on October 22. (Photo by Paul Ratje / AFP) (Photo by PAUL RATJE/AFP via Getty Images)Testing site in El Paso, TX, on Oct. 23, 2020More than 29 million people live in Texas. The state’s cases per 100,000 population is 3,269.84. By comparison, California—home to more than 39 million people—has a rate of 2,371.56 cases per 100,000.Three days ago, El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego tweeted: “The County is currently working on creating more space at our Medical Examiner’s Office parking lot so that we can get a 3rd mobile morgue unit. If that doesn’t put our situation into perspective I don’t know what will.” NPR reports that as of Nov. 3, it looks like El Paso has added a fourth “mobile morgue.” This is because as COVID-19 cases surge, death rates go up. They go up because resources and access for people become stretched thin, and Americans pay for this lack of infrastructure and leadership.- Advertisement – Will this reality have any effect on the close races of Republican duds like Sen. John Cornyn of Texas? It remains to be seen, but he has clearly felt the shift in his state from complacency to anger. – Advertisement –last_img read more

LMA Introduce New Technology For Voting

first_imgThe Liberia Music Awards (LMA) is leveraging technology to ensure a transparent and inclusive voting process for this year’s awards program, enabling fans the opportunity to vote via SMS (text message) as well as online.“The importance of this [new] voting platform is to enable the entire country to openly participate in the process,” says Joseph Junior Teah, LMA  country representative.He said the platform, powered by Cellcom GSM, would ensure fair judgment of the contestants and build up massive awareness in the minds of the Liberian people to buttress the efforts of the LMA in promoting Liberian music.The mobile voting will be conducted  using a  short code for each artist nominee and will cost 50 cents per SMS (text).   Online  voting  is enabled through the LMA website, www.liberiamusicawards.com.  “Voting starts April 1, 2015 and ends June 15, 2015,” Teah said.List of Nominees and their Voting Short Codes 1. ARTIST OF THE YEAR      DenG         =     Text 001+01 to 6040    G-Rize        =    Text 002+01 to 6040Jodi            =    Text 003+01 to 6040K-Zee         =    Text 004+01 to 6040Georgee B  =   Text 005+01 to 60402C              =    Text 006+01 to 6040 2.      VIDEO DIRECTOR OF THE YEARKhalil Fofana – Liberia                                =    Text 007+02 to 6040Usher – Liberia                                           =    Text 008+02 to 6040Fresh Mohammed @ ADHD Films – USA  =    Text 009+02 to 6040Alvin  Nyemah – USA                                  =    Text 010+02 to 6040DaddyRich Productions – USA                   =    Text 011+02 to 6040Gerald Barclay – USA                                 =    Text 012+02 to 6040 3.      TRADITIONAL ARTIST OF THE YEARMarvelous MC               =    Text 013+03 to 6040Marie Nyenabo              =    Text 014+03 to 6040Master Black                  =    Text 015+03 to 6040Sundaygar Dearboy      =    Text 016+03 to 6040Winston P. Karr            =    Text 017+03 to 6040Mr. Henries IV              =    Text 018+03 to 6040 4.      HIPCO RAP ARTIST OF THE YEARKilla Lu                            =    Text 019+04 to 6040Jon Bricks                       =    Text 020+04 to 6040Lil Beshop                       =    Text 021+04 to 6040Chiller Coolnanee           =    Text 022+04 to 6040Tru Storry                       =    Text 023+04 to 6040JD Donzo                       =    Text 024+04 to 60405. GOSPEL ARTIST OF THE YEARMayson, Sayon T.            =    Text 025+05 to 6040Bernice Blackie                =    Text 026+05 to 6040Pst. David Sayndee         =    Text 027+05 to 6040Min. Ivan P                       =    Text 028+05 to 6040Min. Kanvee  Adams        =    Text 029+05 to 6040Famous Boo                     =    Text 030+05 to 60406. NEW ARTIST(s) OF THE YEARTheo De Franco              =    Text 031+06 to 6040Da Vero                           =    Text 032+06 to 6040Quincy B                          =    Text 033+06 to 6040Miss Menneh                   =    Text 034+06 to 6040Joseph Dean                   =    Text 035+06 to 6040PCK & L’ Franklin            =    Text 036+06 to 60407. GBEMA ARTIST OF THE YEARK-Zee                              =  Text 037+07 to 6040Joseph Dean                   =  Text 038+07 to 6040Kingface                          =  Text 039+07 to 6040Karnyea Man                   =  Text 040+07 to 6040Georgee B                       =  Text 041+07 to 6040Casi Money                      =  Text 042+07 to 60408. REGGAE/DANCE HALL ARTIST OF THE YEARShadow                           =Text 043+08 to 6040Black Diamond                =Text 044+08 to 6040Ne-oh William                  =Text 045+08 to 6040M’press 1Love                 =Text 046+08 to 6040Jyounkonde Suah           =Text 047+08 to 6040Ragga Hilton                   =Text 048+08 to 60409. FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEARSweetz                  =Text 049+09 to 6040Lady Mouthphy     =Text 050+09 to 6040Lady Skeet            =Text 051+09 to 6040Skylett White         =Text 052+09 to 6040Munnah                 =Text 053+09 to 6040Faithvonic             =Text 054+09 to 604010. MALE ARTIST OF THE YEARJon Bricks            =Text 055+10 to 6040 Scientific              =Text 056+10 to 6040Eric Geso             =Text 057+10 to 6040Douk De Lib         =Text 058+10 to 6040Yung Muse           =Text 059+10 to 6040Togar Howard      =Text 060+10 to 604011. GROUP OF THE YEAR Soul Fresh               =Text 061+11 to 6040P.C.K & L’ Franklin  =Text 062+11 to 6040Tag Team                =Text 063+11 to 6040Big Hands                =Text 064+11 to 6040New Generation      =Text 065+11 to 6040Co Star                    =Text 066+11 to 604012.  PRODUCER OF THE YEARMelo’D                  =Text 067+12 to 6040Beat Master          =Text 068+12 to 6040De-Boy                  =Text 069+12 to 6040Stone Luckshine   =Text 070+12 to 6040  Just Prince            =Text 071+12 to 6040Infectious Michael =Text 072+12 to 604013. COLLABORATION OF THE YEARShawty  – Quincy B & Scientific                                              =Text 073+13 to 6040Cutting My Heart- Douk De Lib Ft. Killa Lu                             =Text 074+13 to 6040Ebola In Town – Shadow, D12 & 2kings                                 =Text 075+13 to 6040I Beg You Ya – DJ Don Ft, Soul Fresh And Chiller Coolnanee          =Text 076+13 to 6040Spoil You With Love – Joseph Dean Ft. Marvelous MC & K-Zee      =Text 077+13 to 6040Tsumakya – Melo’D Ft. Saga AP & Rawpekin                       =Text 078+13 to 604014. HIP HOP ARTIST OF THE YEARScientific                                                               =Text 079+14 to 60402C                                                                         =Text 080+14 to 6040Mezonic                                                                =Text 081+14 to 6040CO- Z                                                                   =Text 082+14 to 6040C-Needle                                                              =Text 083+14 to 6040Trigg                                                                     =Text 084+14 to 604015. R&B ARTIST OF THE YEAREfinxace                                                               =Text 085+15 to 6040Jodi                                                                      =Text 086+15 to 6040David Mell                                                            =Text 087+15 to 6040Munnah                                                                =Text 088+15 to 6040Bryan Doe                                                            =Text 089+15 to 6040Quincy B                                                              =Text 090+15 to 604016. AFRO POP ARTIST OF THE YEAREric Geso                                                             =Text 091+16 to 6040Benevee                                                              =Text 092+16 to 6040Pitty D’ Best                                                         =Text 093+16 to 6040F.A.                                                                      =Text 094+16 to 6040DenG                                                                   =Text 095+16 to 6040Jodi                                                                     =Text 096+16 to 604017. PERFORMER(S) OF THE YEAR Yung Muse                                            =Text 097+17 to 6040Theo De Franco                                    =Text 098+17 to 6040Jon Bricks                                             =Text 099+17 to 6040Togar Howard                                       =Text 100+17 to 6040Jodi                                                       =Text 101+17 to 6040Soul Fresh                                            =Text 102+17 to 604018.  SONG OF THE YEAREbola In Town – Shadow, D12, & Kuzzy   =Text 103+18 to 6040Da Who Say – K-Zee ft. JB ( Soul Fresh)  =Text 104+18 to 6040Basima Basima – Togar Howard               =Text 105+18 to 6040They Vex – DenG                                      =Text 106+18 to 6040911 – Theo De Franco                               =Text 107+18 to 6040I Wanna Be – 2C ft. Ruff N Smooth           =Text 108+18 to 604019. AFRO DANCE SONG OF THE YEARTheo De Franco – 9-1-1                      =Text 109+19 to 6040Melo’D – Tsukaya                               =Text 110+19 to 6040Black Diamond – Angel                        =Text111+19 to 6040Saga AP – How We Do It                     =Text 112+19 to 6040Trouble Maker – Rawpekin ft. F.E.J     =Text 113+19 to 6040Gronna Men – Royal DeBusta Pain     =Text 114+19 to 604020, DJ OF THE YEARDj Switch ( Boakai  Kamara)           =Text 115+20 to 6040Dj Weezy                                         =Text 116+20 to 6040Dj Mcgrady ( Prince Togba)            =Text 117+20 to 6040Dj Blue                                            =Text 118+20 to 6040Dj Flexxz                                         =Text 119+20 to 6040Dj Shine D’ Beast                            =Text 120+20 to 6040 21. HIPCO SONG OF THE YEARTutuley Tu Ley- Killa Lu Ft. Shadow       =Text 121+21 to 6040Let’s Party – Lil Beshop                           =Text 122+21 to 6040Dqq-Young Hovor                                   =Text 123+21 to 6040I Beg U Ya- Dj Don Ft. JB (Soul Fresh), Chiller Coolnanee   =Text 124+21 to 6040Still Hipco – Jon Bricks Ft. Zheng Zheng                  =Text 125+21 to 6040You Think Dat Joke – Noy-Z                   =Text 126+21 to 604022. GBEMA SONG OF THE YEARDa Who Say – K-Zee Ft JB (Soul Fresh)                                      =Text 127+22 to 6040Spoil You With Love – Joseph Dean ft. Marvelous MC, K-Zee    =Text 128+22 to 6040Fatu Jebeh – Georgee B                                                              =Text 129+22 to 6040DJ Song – G-Rize                                                                         =Text 130+22 to 6040Da Ma Choice – Karnyea Man                                                      =Text 131+22 to 6040Feeling You- Casi Money                                                             =Text 132+22 to 604023. VIDEO OF THE YEARBasima Basima- Togar Howard                         =Text 133+23 to 6040Yenyenkana- Peaches K Ft. Quincy B               =Text 134+23 to 6040Lib Ladies – G-Rize                                            =Text 135+23 to 6040Too Much- Peter G                                            =Text 136+23 to 6040Tsumakaya- Melo’d Ft Rawpekin & Saga AP                    =Text 137+23 to 6040Jebbeh – F.A.                                                                     =Text 138+23 to 604024. HIPCO ARTIST OF YEARMr. Smith-Lib Money                                          =Text 139+24 to 6040Young Hover                                                      =Text 140+24 to 6040Rawpekin                                                           =Text 141+24 to 6040Mighty Blow                                                       =Text 142+24 to 6040Takun J                                                              =Text 143+24 to 6040Noy-Z                                                                 =Text 144+24 to 604025. GOSPEL SONG OF YEARNothing – Min. Ivan P                                                =Text 145+25 to 604024 Hrs – Famous Boo                                               =Text 146+25 to 6040Thank You Plenty Papa – Mayson Sayon T.            =Text 147+25 to 6040Give You Praise – Tracy Jones                                =Text 148+25 to 6040Heart Desire – Kanvee Adams                                 =Text 149+25 to 6040He’s Coming Back – Success Zeon                         =Text 150+25 to 6040 26. ALBUM OF THE YEARVision – Jodi                                                                    =Text 151+26 to 6040                            Explosion – Georgee B                                                    =Text 152+26 to 6040                            King Zulu – K-Zee                                                            =Text 153+26 to 6040                            Hipco Revolution – Mr. Smith Lib Money                         =Text 154+26 to 6040                            Born To Win – G-Rize                                                      =Text 155+26 to 6040                            Black Out – Black Diamond                                             =Text 156+26 to 6040                            27. ARTIST(s) OF THE YEAR – AFRICAShuravee                                      =Text 157+27 to 6040                            Mr.Smith Lib Money                     =Text 158+27 to 6040                            Mighty Blow                                 =Text 159+27 to 6040                            Linblinmilitary D Militaryman        =Text 160+27 to 6040                            Scientific                                      =Text 161+27 to 6040                            Soul Fresh                                   =Text 162+27 to 6040                            28. ARTIST(s) OF THE YEAR – USAJodi                                             =Text 163+28 to 6040              Togar Howard                             =Text 164+28 to 6040Peter G                                       =Text 165+28 to 6040G- Rize                                       =Text 166+28 to 6040Georgee B                                  =Text 167+28 to 6040Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more