System of Old Age Pension payments needs to be addressed

first_imgDear Editor,During last week, it was reported that the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) and the Public Telecommunications Ministry are currently researching the introduction of a “debit card-like system” for pensioners to receive their monthly payments. In effect this research is focused on linking the GPOC with the banking system.I have no problem with this research, however, it is my view that the pension payments at the post offices need to be thoroughly reviewed. I say this based on my experiences and observations of the operations of GPOC.As a pensioner, I would normally go the post office after the second working day in the month to cash my pension voucher. I have experienced at three post offices (refrained from naming them), “sorry sir we have no cash, please return tomorrow” over the past two years for approximately 50 per cent of my visits. On Saturday, February 3, payment ceased at that post office at 07:30h, since it was out of cash and was awaiting reimbursement. I left that post office, frustrated as usual and went to the main branch post office where I received my pension. Could you imagine the number of pensioners who would also have been told to return for their pensions? Whenever I ask to see the Officer in Charge (the Postmaster), the usual response is he/she is unavailable.It is obvious to me that there is a critical management problem existing at GPOC when it comes to pension payments. If there is proper financial planning, a post office should not be out of cash for pension payments. Each post office should be preparing a monthly cash budget for pension payments. As an example, this monthly budgeted amount should be the average actual payments over the last three months, as well as another 10 to 15 per cent on that average monthly amount, for unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully with proper financial planning, a post office should possess adequate cash to meet the monthly pension payments.On day one at the post office there is only one wicket open, invariably not promptly at 07:00h. There should be at least two wickets open on days one and two respectively in order to process these payments, and if there is an unusual large number of pensioners on hand, then open a third wicket temporarily. If there are pensioners to be paid at closing time – 15:00h, then the post office should be open beyond the closure time so as to make those payments.On the research of payment of pensions through the bank, if GPOC wants to interface with the banking system, today’s pensioners may hardly want to be using a debit card. Those pensioners who are presently using debit cards would be inclined to use a card for pension. They may be a less than 20 per cent however, it can be adopted.An alternate system should be established with the banks for them to pay old age pensions similar to the bank system for National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pensioners. On the presentation of the NIS voucher, the bank pays accordingly. It will require that the Social Protection Ministry to promptly reimburse the respective banks each month on receipt of the bank’s invoices for old age pensions. Involving the banks will result in fewer numbers of pensioners going to the various post offices, and this will apply to geographical areas where commercial banks are established.In closing, it is imperative that I state my experience and observations on the payment of pensions in order to justify a review of the present system. The decisionmakers of the GPOC need to address the weaknesses of this system and then to strengthen it in keeping with best practices. Now is the time for less talk and more positive action to be taken by the respective authorities. Our pensioners who have served this country well, need a revised and efficient system of pension payments.Sincerely,John Seeramlast_img read more

LMA Introduce New Technology For Voting

first_imgThe Liberia Music Awards (LMA) is leveraging technology to ensure a transparent and inclusive voting process for this year’s awards program, enabling fans the opportunity to vote via SMS (text message) as well as online.“The importance of this [new] voting platform is to enable the entire country to openly participate in the process,” says Joseph Junior Teah, LMA  country representative.He said the platform, powered by Cellcom GSM, would ensure fair judgment of the contestants and build up massive awareness in the minds of the Liberian people to buttress the efforts of the LMA in promoting Liberian music.The mobile voting will be conducted  using a  short code for each artist nominee and will cost 50 cents per SMS (text).   Online  voting  is enabled through the LMA website,  “Voting starts April 1, 2015 and ends June 15, 2015,” Teah said.List of Nominees and their Voting Short Codes 1. ARTIST OF THE YEAR      DenG         =     Text 001+01 to 6040    G-Rize        =    Text 002+01 to 6040Jodi            =    Text 003+01 to 6040K-Zee         =    Text 004+01 to 6040Georgee B  =   Text 005+01 to 60402C              =    Text 006+01 to 6040 2.      VIDEO DIRECTOR OF THE YEARKhalil Fofana – Liberia                                =    Text 007+02 to 6040Usher – Liberia                                           =    Text 008+02 to 6040Fresh Mohammed @ ADHD Films – USA  =    Text 009+02 to 6040Alvin  Nyemah – USA                                  =    Text 010+02 to 6040DaddyRich Productions – USA                   =    Text 011+02 to 6040Gerald Barclay – USA                                 =    Text 012+02 to 6040 3.      TRADITIONAL ARTIST OF THE YEARMarvelous MC               =    Text 013+03 to 6040Marie Nyenabo              =    Text 014+03 to 6040Master Black                  =    Text 015+03 to 6040Sundaygar Dearboy      =    Text 016+03 to 6040Winston P. Karr            =    Text 017+03 to 6040Mr. Henries IV              =    Text 018+03 to 6040 4.      HIPCO RAP ARTIST OF THE YEARKilla Lu                            =    Text 019+04 to 6040Jon Bricks                       =    Text 020+04 to 6040Lil Beshop                       =    Text 021+04 to 6040Chiller Coolnanee           =    Text 022+04 to 6040Tru Storry                       =    Text 023+04 to 6040JD Donzo                       =    Text 024+04 to 60405. GOSPEL ARTIST OF THE YEARMayson, Sayon T.            =    Text 025+05 to 6040Bernice Blackie                =    Text 026+05 to 6040Pst. David Sayndee         =    Text 027+05 to 6040Min. Ivan P                       =    Text 028+05 to 6040Min. Kanvee  Adams        =    Text 029+05 to 6040Famous Boo                     =    Text 030+05 to 60406. NEW ARTIST(s) OF THE YEARTheo De Franco              =    Text 031+06 to 6040Da Vero                           =    Text 032+06 to 6040Quincy B                          =    Text 033+06 to 6040Miss Menneh                   =    Text 034+06 to 6040Joseph Dean                   =    Text 035+06 to 6040PCK & L’ Franklin            =    Text 036+06 to 60407. GBEMA ARTIST OF THE YEARK-Zee                              =  Text 037+07 to 6040Joseph Dean                   =  Text 038+07 to 6040Kingface                          =  Text 039+07 to 6040Karnyea Man                   =  Text 040+07 to 6040Georgee B                       =  Text 041+07 to 6040Casi Money                      =  Text 042+07 to 60408. REGGAE/DANCE HALL ARTIST OF THE YEARShadow                           =Text 043+08 to 6040Black Diamond                =Text 044+08 to 6040Ne-oh William                  =Text 045+08 to 6040M’press 1Love                 =Text 046+08 to 6040Jyounkonde Suah           =Text 047+08 to 6040Ragga Hilton                   =Text 048+08 to 60409. FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEARSweetz                  =Text 049+09 to 6040Lady Mouthphy     =Text 050+09 to 6040Lady Skeet            =Text 051+09 to 6040Skylett White         =Text 052+09 to 6040Munnah                 =Text 053+09 to 6040Faithvonic             =Text 054+09 to 604010. MALE ARTIST OF THE YEARJon Bricks            =Text 055+10 to 6040 Scientific              =Text 056+10 to 6040Eric Geso             =Text 057+10 to 6040Douk De Lib         =Text 058+10 to 6040Yung Muse           =Text 059+10 to 6040Togar Howard      =Text 060+10 to 604011. GROUP OF THE YEAR Soul Fresh               =Text 061+11 to 6040P.C.K & L’ Franklin  =Text 062+11 to 6040Tag Team                =Text 063+11 to 6040Big Hands                =Text 064+11 to 6040New Generation      =Text 065+11 to 6040Co Star                    =Text 066+11 to 604012.  PRODUCER OF THE YEARMelo’D                  =Text 067+12 to 6040Beat Master          =Text 068+12 to 6040De-Boy                  =Text 069+12 to 6040Stone Luckshine   =Text 070+12 to 6040  Just Prince            =Text 071+12 to 6040Infectious Michael =Text 072+12 to 604013. COLLABORATION OF THE YEARShawty  – Quincy B & Scientific                                              =Text 073+13 to 6040Cutting My Heart- Douk De Lib Ft. Killa Lu                             =Text 074+13 to 6040Ebola In Town – Shadow, D12 & 2kings                                 =Text 075+13 to 6040I Beg You Ya – DJ Don Ft, Soul Fresh And Chiller Coolnanee          =Text 076+13 to 6040Spoil You With Love – Joseph Dean Ft. Marvelous MC & K-Zee      =Text 077+13 to 6040Tsumakya – Melo’D Ft. Saga AP & Rawpekin                       =Text 078+13 to 604014. HIP HOP ARTIST OF THE YEARScientific                                                               =Text 079+14 to 60402C                                                                         =Text 080+14 to 6040Mezonic                                                                =Text 081+14 to 6040CO- Z                                                                   =Text 082+14 to 6040C-Needle                                                              =Text 083+14 to 6040Trigg                                                                     =Text 084+14 to 604015. R&B ARTIST OF THE YEAREfinxace                                                               =Text 085+15 to 6040Jodi                                                                      =Text 086+15 to 6040David Mell                                                            =Text 087+15 to 6040Munnah                                                                =Text 088+15 to 6040Bryan Doe                                                            =Text 089+15 to 6040Quincy B                                                              =Text 090+15 to 604016. AFRO POP ARTIST OF THE YEAREric Geso                                                             =Text 091+16 to 6040Benevee                                                              =Text 092+16 to 6040Pitty D’ Best                                                         =Text 093+16 to 6040F.A.                                                                      =Text 094+16 to 6040DenG                                                                   =Text 095+16 to 6040Jodi                                                                     =Text 096+16 to 604017. PERFORMER(S) OF THE YEAR Yung Muse                                            =Text 097+17 to 6040Theo De Franco                                    =Text 098+17 to 6040Jon Bricks                                             =Text 099+17 to 6040Togar Howard                                       =Text 100+17 to 6040Jodi                                                       =Text 101+17 to 6040Soul Fresh                                            =Text 102+17 to 604018.  SONG OF THE YEAREbola In Town – Shadow, D12, & Kuzzy   =Text 103+18 to 6040Da Who Say – K-Zee ft. JB ( Soul Fresh)  =Text 104+18 to 6040Basima Basima – Togar Howard               =Text 105+18 to 6040They Vex – DenG                                      =Text 106+18 to 6040911 – Theo De Franco                               =Text 107+18 to 6040I Wanna Be – 2C ft. Ruff N Smooth           =Text 108+18 to 604019. AFRO DANCE SONG OF THE YEARTheo De Franco – 9-1-1                      =Text 109+19 to 6040Melo’D – Tsukaya                               =Text 110+19 to 6040Black Diamond – Angel                        =Text111+19 to 6040Saga AP – How We Do It                     =Text 112+19 to 6040Trouble Maker – Rawpekin ft. F.E.J     =Text 113+19 to 6040Gronna Men – Royal DeBusta Pain     =Text 114+19 to 604020, DJ OF THE YEARDj Switch ( Boakai  Kamara)           =Text 115+20 to 6040Dj Weezy                                         =Text 116+20 to 6040Dj Mcgrady ( Prince Togba)            =Text 117+20 to 6040Dj Blue                                            =Text 118+20 to 6040Dj Flexxz                                         =Text 119+20 to 6040Dj Shine D’ Beast                            =Text 120+20 to 6040 21. HIPCO SONG OF THE YEARTutuley Tu Ley- Killa Lu Ft. Shadow       =Text 121+21 to 6040Let’s Party – Lil Beshop                           =Text 122+21 to 6040Dqq-Young Hovor                                   =Text 123+21 to 6040I Beg U Ya- Dj Don Ft. JB (Soul Fresh), Chiller Coolnanee   =Text 124+21 to 6040Still Hipco – Jon Bricks Ft. Zheng Zheng                  =Text 125+21 to 6040You Think Dat Joke – Noy-Z                   =Text 126+21 to 604022. GBEMA SONG OF THE YEARDa Who Say – K-Zee Ft JB (Soul Fresh)                                      =Text 127+22 to 6040Spoil You With Love – Joseph Dean ft. Marvelous MC, K-Zee    =Text 128+22 to 6040Fatu Jebeh – Georgee B                                                              =Text 129+22 to 6040DJ Song – G-Rize                                                                         =Text 130+22 to 6040Da Ma Choice – Karnyea Man                                                      =Text 131+22 to 6040Feeling You- Casi Money                                                             =Text 132+22 to 604023. VIDEO OF THE YEARBasima Basima- Togar Howard                         =Text 133+23 to 6040Yenyenkana- Peaches K Ft. Quincy B               =Text 134+23 to 6040Lib Ladies – G-Rize                                            =Text 135+23 to 6040Too Much- Peter G                                            =Text 136+23 to 6040Tsumakaya- Melo’d Ft Rawpekin & Saga AP                    =Text 137+23 to 6040Jebbeh – F.A.                                                                     =Text 138+23 to 604024. HIPCO ARTIST OF YEARMr. Smith-Lib Money                                          =Text 139+24 to 6040Young Hover                                                      =Text 140+24 to 6040Rawpekin                                                           =Text 141+24 to 6040Mighty Blow                                                       =Text 142+24 to 6040Takun J                                                              =Text 143+24 to 6040Noy-Z                                                                 =Text 144+24 to 604025. GOSPEL SONG OF YEARNothing – Min. Ivan P                                                =Text 145+25 to 604024 Hrs – Famous Boo                                               =Text 146+25 to 6040Thank You Plenty Papa – Mayson Sayon T.            =Text 147+25 to 6040Give You Praise – Tracy Jones                                =Text 148+25 to 6040Heart Desire – Kanvee Adams                                 =Text 149+25 to 6040He’s Coming Back – Success Zeon                         =Text 150+25 to 6040 26. ALBUM OF THE YEARVision – Jodi                                                                    =Text 151+26 to 6040                            Explosion – Georgee B                                                    =Text 152+26 to 6040                            King Zulu – K-Zee                                                            =Text 153+26 to 6040                            Hipco Revolution – Mr. Smith Lib Money                         =Text 154+26 to 6040                            Born To Win – G-Rize                                                      =Text 155+26 to 6040                            Black Out – Black Diamond                                             =Text 156+26 to 6040                            27. ARTIST(s) OF THE YEAR – AFRICAShuravee                                      =Text 157+27 to 6040                            Mr.Smith Lib Money                     =Text 158+27 to 6040                            Mighty Blow                                 =Text 159+27 to 6040                            Linblinmilitary D Militaryman        =Text 160+27 to 6040                            Scientific                                      =Text 161+27 to 6040                            Soul Fresh                                   =Text 162+27 to 6040                            28. ARTIST(s) OF THE YEAR – USAJodi                                             =Text 163+28 to 6040              Togar Howard                             =Text 164+28 to 6040Peter G                                       =Text 165+28 to 6040G- Rize                                       =Text 166+28 to 6040Georgee B                                  =Text 167+28 to 6040Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Debbah Releases Final 26 for CHAN

first_imgA 26-member team continues training ahead of the CHAN first leg preliminary encounter against Guinea in Mali by mid June.Head coach James Debbah and co last weekend released the list of players, which said to be the best collection so far on the local scene. The team moved to camp Monday at the University of Liberia’s Fendell campus outside Monrovia.The Director of Communication at the LFA, Henry Flomo said the list is the final 26 players and a member of the technical staff, Janjay Jacobs, said so far everything is going on fine.Goalkeepers: Nathaniel Sherman, Sekou Bayoh and Sampson Giddings. Defenders (right): Alpha James and Prince Kennedy and defenders (left): Aloysious Symujla, Hilton Varney and Carlos Williams.Others include central defenders: Prince Jetoh, Alvin Macconnel, Abubakar Dunnah, Raymond Fiancial and Sailiah Kanneh; midfielders (defensive): Amaru Sackor, Zaire David and Abraham Barshal; and offensive midfielders: Oscar Dolly and Gedeon Williams.The remaining players are (wingers): Sonnyboy Dolo, Soto Roberts, Stanley Whitfield, Sholley Quaye and Leon Powell and strikers: Ban Dave Harmon, Lamine Jabateh and Dweh AllisonShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Cartoon: January 22, 2016

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Suspects named in Beatton River party beatings

first_imgThe RCMP has released more details surrounding the July 25th violent assault during a drinking party on the Beatton River off the 103 Road. The RCMP is still expecting to make at least one more arrest in connection with the incident, and is still taking public information assistance calls, at 250-787-8140 and 1-800-222-8477. Police have identifed 21 year old, Jordan Anthony Ramos, who made a video conference appearance in Provincial Court yesterday, as the suspect charged with nine offences.- Advertisement -They include four counts of Assault with a Weapon…single counts of Assault and Robbery…two counts of Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose…and one count of Possessing a Firearm while Prohibited.He has been remanded in custody, and his next scheduled court appearance is next Wednesday.Two other suspects, both charged with assault with a weapon, who appeared in court on Tuesday, have both been granted bail.One has been identified as 20 year old Jeremy Drake Jondreau…and the other, a 16 year old youth, cannot be named under terms of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.Advertisementlast_img read more

Seibel in heat of battle for bullpen spot

first_imgTEMPE, Ariz. Without a serviceable left-handed reliever since the days of Scott Schoeneweis, Phil Seibel is trying to give the Angels a rare surplus in that department. Left-hander Darren Oliver appears set for one bullpen job while the left-handed Seibel battles it out with a group of relievers for the 11th spot on the pitching staff. Seibel was obtained in December from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Brendan Donnelly, who became expendable when the Angels signed Justin Speier as a free agent. The 28-year old Seibel has a fastball that typically clocks in the 88-mph range, which he compliments with a slider, changeup and curveball. “He’s a lefty with command and has a nice cut fastball,” manager Mike Scioscia said. “He has a little deception in his delivery so it will be interesting to see what he looks like this spring. He’s not going to be overpowering, but he certainly has a package that matches up well against lefties.” After missing the 2005 season because of Tommy John elbow surgery, Seibel rebounded nicely last season. He went a combined 6-3 with a 1.24 ERA at three minor-league levels and pitched in 21 games (80 innings). “After not pitching for a whole year and then putting in all those innings, I was kind of scuffling at the end of the year,” Seibel said. “But at the same time I was pitching well and they kept saying that if we can get you going again, we might call you up. I kept trying to go on it knowing that I wasn’t feeling 100 percent out there, but they were dangling a big carrot in front of it so I was going to try.” That call never came and left his only taste of the major leagues the two games he pitched for the Red Sox in their championship season of 2004. Scioscia is targeting this weekend or possibly early next week for Jered Weaver’s first throwing session from a mound. Weaver, who is dealing with a bout of biceps tendinitis, continues to throw from flat ground. Players will take the field around 10 a.m. for the first full-squad workout of the spring … Francisco Rodriguez (sore right hamstring) had a flat-ground throwing session and went through PFP (pitchers’ fielding practice) drills … Jim Abbott arrived in camp Monday as a guest instructor … Tim Salmon will report to camp today to begin a two-week stint as guest instructor … Former long-time Mt. San Antonio College baseball coach Art Mazmanian also will be in camp today as a guest instructor. Mazmanian, father of Angels director of communications Nancy Mazmanian, retired seven years ago after 35 years at Mt. SAC. (626) 962-8811, Ext. 2731 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!center_img The former Cypress High School honor student is smart enough, though, to calculate the numbers game he is up against. There are no less than six legitimate candidates for the spot in Seibel, Chris Bootcheck, Matt Hensley, Greg Jones, Dustin Moseley and Chris Resop. “There are 60 guys in the clubhouse that on April 2 want to leave with the team and that can’t happen,” Seibel said. “My goal is to pitch well and if it works out, great. Hopefully it will at least leave an impression that if it doesn’t work then if something happens, I’m one of the guys (they call on later).” last_img read more

Children should be barred from heading: brain specialist

first_img0Shares0000A leading specialist in brain injuries Doctor Bennett Omalu called for children under the age of 18 not to be allowed to head a football © AFP / Paul ELLISLONDON, United Kingdom, Aug 8 – The debate over the damage inflicted by heading a football took another turn on Wednesday as a leading expert in brain injuries said children under the age of 18 should not be allowed to.Doctor Bennett Omalu, who was the first specialist to discover how American footballers were affected by the brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), told the BBC he realised his remarks might jar with some people but that society was evolving. “No child under the age of 18 should be heading the ball in soccer,” said the 49-year-old Nigeria-born naturalised American.“Kids under the age of 12 to 14 should play a less contact form of soccer which we should develop for them.“Kids between 12 and 18 can play but should not head the ball.“I know this is difficult for many people but science evolves. We change with time. Society changes. It is time for us to change some of our ways.”Omalu, whose discovery of the impact of CTE on NFL players arose from his autopsy of former Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Webster in 2002, said heading a football was dangerous and that it should be restricted even at professional level.“It does not make sense to control an object travelling at a high velocity with your head,” he said.“I believe, eventually, at the professional level we need to restrict heading of the ball. It is dangerous.”The side effects of heading has been a burning issue since an inquest into the death of former England and West Brom striker Jeff Astle ruled he died from brain trauma caused by heading old heavy leather footballs.He died in 2004, aged 72, after suffering with Alzheimer’s for almost 10 years following his 16-year football career.A second former professional player, Rod Taylor, was also recently diagnosed with a similar form of dementia linked to heading the ball, after his family donated his brain to scientists for analysis following his death aged 74 earlier this year.Several other high profile footballers — including a trio of England’s 1966 World Cup winning team in Martin Peters, Nobby Stiles and the late Ray Wilson — have also been diagnosed with dementia.“The human brain floats like a balloon inside your skull so when you head the ball you suffer brain damage,” said Omalu.“You damage your brain when you head the ball.“Playing soccer would increase your risk of suffering brain damage when you are much older and developing dementia and CTE.”0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Mourinho ignores Lukaku goal record

first_imgIt was a criticism levelled against the Belgian international during his Everton and West Brom days, with only 15 of his 85 league goals coming against Man United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal or Spurs.However, Mourinho has been pleased with Lukaku’s form after his £75million summer move from Everton and is not concerned by the statistics.Mourinho said: “I’m not worried – 21 goals is not bad at all. I don’t measure the players’ performances the same way you do.“I have other points of analysis and I’m happy with Romelu’s performance when he doesn’t score goals.”United meet Chelsea on Sunday, with Mourinho adamant that the visit of his former club is an important match for Champions League qualification, even if the title isn’t on the line.“For the past 10-15 years, Manchester United and Chelsea, big matches, and this is one more but different circumstances because many times they were matches for the title,” he added.“This time I think we have both, us and them, to agree that’s not the case. But we play both for top-four and it’s a big game independent of what is at stake.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000United meet Chelsea on Sunday, with Mourinho adamant that the visit of his former club is an important match for Champions League qualification, even if the title isn’t on the line.LONDON, United Kingdom, Feb 24 – Jose Mourinho has brushed off any concerns about Romelu Lukaku’s scoring record against the Premier League’s heavyweights.Lukaku has netted 21 goals in all competitions for Manchester United this season, but none of those has come against any of the top eight teams in the Premier League.last_img read more

Sunderland prospect desperate for Newcastle chance

first_img1 Sunderland prospect Duncan Watmore wants to make his Premier League debut in the club’s most spiciest fixture.The winger is closing in on first-team action after training regularly with Dick Advocaat’s first-team and was included in last week’s squad that travelled to West HamThe relegation fighters face local rivals Newcastle at the weekend and the 21-year-old sees it as the ideal opportunity to make his top-flight bow.“It would be unbelievable to make my debut against Newcastle United but I’m not getting ahead of myself and I need to keep my head down and keep working hard,” Watmore told“If I’m picked to be in the squad then great but I have to concentrate on day-to-day training and then see where it takes me.”“It is a massive game for the club and everyone is desperate to get the three points, so we’re working hard and doing all we can to achieve that.” Duncan Watmore last_img read more

Appleby wins in playoff

first_imgBut an approach to 2 feet for a tap-in eagle on the fifth sent him on his way. Singh’s only bogey came on the par-4 17th when he came up short of the green and chipped 15 feet by. His approach on the 18th in regulation finished pin-high, setting up an easy chip that he put within a foot of the cup for birdie. Then, he waited to see if Appleby could match him. It wasn’t easy for the 34-year-old Australian. With Appleby one shot behind, his sand wedge to the 16th landed beyond the green and wound up back in the fairway, the product of too much spin and grain. His chip went 6 feet by, and he made a difficult par putt to keep his hopes alive. After missing a 15-footer on the 17th, he needed birdie on the 18th to force a playoff. His approach was just short, but he played his 150-foot chip perfectly, and it rolled within 4 feet for a 71 and extra holes. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! “This one was the hardest,” said Appleby, who went from a two-shot lead to a two-shot deficit before making birdies on two of the last four holes for a 2-under 71. Two groups ahead of him, Singh surged into the lead with a 7-under 66, the best score of the tournament and nine shots better than the average score in the final round. But in the playoff, Singh’s approach caught a soft bounce and stayed short of the green, and his 100-foot eagle putt stopped 9 feet short of the hole. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECoach Doc Rivers a “fan” from way back of Jazz’s Jordan ClarksonAppleby hit a 3-iron through the green into the back bunker, then blasted out and watched the ball trickle over the rim of the cup before settling 2 feet away. Singh’s birdie putt stayed right the whole way and Appleby holed his short putt for what is becoming a familiar finish at this tournament. “I had to do something special coming in. I didn’t do it, so I had to do it in the playoff,” Appleby said. “Winning the Mercedes is awesome. Winning three times is a dream come true.” Both players finished at 8-under 284, the highest score to win in the eight years the season-opening tournament has been played on the Plantation course at Kapalua. The Mercedes Championships was missing some of the PGA’s top players. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Retief Goosen and Padraig Harrington all stayed home. Singh and Appleby delivered a sterling show, only the second playoff in the eight years at Kapalua. Not many imagined Singh would be part of it, starting the final round five shots behind. center_img KAPALUA, Hawaii – Stuart Appleby had to go an extra hole to make it three in a row Sunday at the Mercedes Championships, making a birdie on the par-5 18th to force a playoff against Vijay Singh, then winning on the same hole with a bunker shot that nearly went in. Appleby joined Gene Littler in 1955-57 as the only players to win the winners-only tournament three straight times, and none of them was easy. last_img read more