Unfair burden on taxpayers

first_imgIce cream, corn flakes, bottled water and toothpaste have an unlikely thing in common. A consumer purchasing these items must pay a Goods and Services Tax (GST) Law in India at 18 per cent. Other goods to which the 18 per cent rate is applied include pasta, kajal pencil sticks, hair oils or eucalyptus/other essential oils, matchboxes, guns, nuclear reactors and machines for separating isotopes. The apparent reasoning for the taxation of packaged and processed foods at a higher rate of GST is that these goods are ‘luxuries’ relative to essential food items (such as vegetable, fruits and grains) or are consumed by a smaller and wealthier group of taxpayers as opposed to other food items (such as natural honey and meats or seafood of various categories) – the latter categories are taxed at a nil or low rate under the GST. Similar reasoning is extended to the levy of 28 per cent GST on items that are perceived to purchased by taxpayers with more disposable income or exclusively during festivities such as chocolates, cocoa powder, video games, fireworks, pan masala, lottery tickets and vacuum cleaners. Also Read – A special kind of bondHowever, the above logic of categorisation of goods under different rates of tax is subject to debate. The GST is not only a revenue-raising mechanism but also a fiscal measure to discourage certain forms of consumption considered harmful. Economic policies are based on ‘consumer sovereignty’, or the idea that a consumer is the best judge of his/her welfare, as long as their preferences do not actively harm other individuals. A government that seeks to encourage consumption and market development should have a strong basis under public health considerations in order to interfere with consumer choice of food items. Vulnerable communities that suffer from income insecurity are susceptible to the consumption of harmful products such as alcohol and tobacco. In the same manner, if certain taxpayers do not have sufficient access to clinical health or appropriate medical advice, imposing an external cost on unhealthy food items is a useful measure. Also Read – Insider threat managementIt is not apparent whether all goods that are taxed are ‘harmful’ and warrant a corrective tax or ‘luxuries’ when consumers who are not necessarily wealthy may purchase such items. Is bottled water equally harmful to a nuclear reactor, especially when government agencies distribute them to victims in relief operations during natural disasters or warfare? Is the taxation of diabetic foods mixes at 28 per cent an implicit penalty on citizens who suffer from a lifestyle disease? If the government wishes to espouse the well being of all citizens under the Fit India Movement, why does gym equipment continue to be taxed at an exorbitant rate of 28 per cent? The case for levying a higher tax rate on such items appears to be based also on government greed. Even though these items are ideologically understood as luxuries, the consumption of these items is ubiquitous. In other words, consumers of all income levels choose to purchase such items (and are sometimes compelled to purchase such items, such as diabetic mixes). But a higher GST collects public revenue from taxpayers regardless of their ability to pay, merely because of their choice to purchase goods that are ideologically considered as ‘luxuries’. If the government wishes to address healthier food choices as a public health concern, it must have objective data of the health concerns that citizens face. A policy addressing junk food consumption in a diverse population cannot be based on the conjecture that unhealthy food is consumed only by wealthier taxpayers, as was the case with the fat-tax levied by the government of Kerala in 2016 on fast food. It is not correct to assume that poor households only eat rice and dals in order to satisfy their minimum calorie requirements. Data is likely to indicate that the choice of food with higher fat or sugar content may be prevalent among food-insecure households that are subjected to aspirational advertising, or taxpayers who work long and demanding hours to earn meagre wages or salaries. Policymakers must then evaluate whether patterns of consumption of unhealthy food present a sufficiently serious case of government failure so as to impose an excessively regressive tax. Prolonged abuse of tobacco and alcohol adds significant healthcare costs in the later years of a user’s life, thus straining the financial resources and welfare of the user’s family. However, taxpayers who are otherwise healthy and aware of the elements of a healthy diet also purchase food that has high sugar or fat content. Despite comprehensive evidence of food consumption patterns, it may not be easy for a tax system to differentiate between serious cases of junk food reliance and healthy households with modest means that occasionally chose to indulge in a cheat meal. Further, the higher prices that consumers must pay for packaged goods may discourage the entry and continuation of domestic manufacturers in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) industry, thus making a noticeable dent in nation-wide economic development and industrial growth. A value-added tax is an inappropriate mechanism in controlling an individual’s diet compared to intrinsic motivation. The Fit India Movement is a cultural movement with a laudable objective of creating soft incentives for individuals to lead a healthier lifestyle. If the government is keen on securing revenue through ‘luxury’ food items, it ought to be forthcoming in its intention by levying a turnover tax on luxury brands (i.e., a tax on the sales made by luxury brands) of chocolates, ice creams and other delicacies. Such a move will undoubtedly be met with severe criticism from domestic and international suppliers in the FMCG industry as violating tax neutrality. Hence, the best design of an indirect tax is one that does not act like a dietician by imposing an unfair burden on a taxpayer for the occasional snack. (The author is an advocate and the Assistant Professor of Tax Law at National Law School of India University, Bangalore. The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Indias energy demand to grow 42 Pradhan

first_imgNew Delhi: India’s energy demand is projected to grow by 4.2 per cent through 2035, an expansion faster than all major economies of the world, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said Tuesday as he sought investments in the country’s energy chain. Speaking at the eighth Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable in Abu Dhabi, he said the share of world’s third-largest energy consumer in total global primary energy demand is set to double to 11 per cent by 2040. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal”The projected energy demand growth is 4.2 per cent per annum up to 2035. This makes India’s energy demand growing faster than all major economies of the world,” he said. “We are preparing for such a growth path of energy demand in the country.” Pradhan said the per capita energy consumption of the country with 1.3 billion people is lower than the global average. The projected energy demand expansion calls for making matching investments in the energy sector, he said adding at $85 billion India recorded the highest growth of foreign energy investments anywhere in the world. He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this year declared that “energy justice” is a top priority for India. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boost”This encompasses a renewed commitment of India to advance inclusive access to secure, affordable and sustainable energy services,” he said. Pradhan said India is significantly expanding its energy infrastructure — be it power generation, more renewables and gas-based infrastructure — pipelines, city gas network and LNG terminals. “We launched a major campaign to improve access to clean cooking fuel under the Ujjwala Yojana scheme three years back,” he said adding the target of 8 crore connections was achieved just a couple of days back. The scheme has ensured that LPG coverage reaches more than 90 per cent from 55 per cent five years ago, he said. “India attained universal electrification in all villages. This year, India aims to achieve 100 per cent electrification of households.” In World Bank Ease of Getting Electricity ranking, India improved its ranking from 111 in 2014 to 29 in 2018. The minister said India is jumping from BS-VI emission compliant fuel to BS-VI fuel by April 2020. This is the equivalent of EURO-VI standards. “India is moving towards a gas-based economy by increasing the share of gas from 6 per cent to 15 per cent in the energy mix by 2030,” he said. “We have constructed over 16,000 km of gas pipeline and an additional 11,000 km is under construction. We have covered over 400 districts and 70 per cent of our population.” Also, the country is on the way to achieving the target of adding 175 GW of renewable energy sources by 2022, he said.last_img read more

Water samples after oil spill within drinking guidelines pipeline company

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email DICKSON, Alta. – The owner of a pipeline that spilled up to 475,000 litres of oil into an internationally popular sport fishing river in central Alberta says water quality samples have almost all been normal, the impact on wildlife has been minimal and it intends to compensate those who have been affected.Plains Midstream Canada vice-president Stephen Bart says monitoring is being done twice a day at 18 locations along the Red Deer River and the Gleniffer Lake man-made reservoir and recreation area.“With the exception of one reading on the first day, all of those readings have been well within Alberta guidelines for drinking water,” Bart said Tuesday at the Dickson Dam, which creates the reservoir.Plains Midstream has also been monitoring air quality in the area at three locations, and so far levels have been within safe limits.The company continues to contain the spill with booms, plugs and absorbent pads.It is also building a vacuum station on the east side of the river to suck up any residual oil from the pipeline to avoid any more leakage. Bart said it may take three or four days to build that facility, and then another day or two to remove the residual oil.So far one goose has been confirmed to have been affected by the spill, said Bart.“It was taken to a wildlife treatment centre where it was cleaned and released, but we have 12 wildlife experts on site, three biologists.”Wildlife deterrents have been placed to try to keep animals away from the water.“We do everything that we physically can to deter wildlife from getting contaminated. When they do, we have trained specialists that we’re able to deal with that safely, effectively,” he said.The company says it has met with almost 1,700 people who have land or live along the river to keep them up-to-date. When asked whether Plains would offer compensation to those affected, Bart said “absolutely”, but didn’t provide any details.“To the extent that we have impacted the residents, we are going to make it right,” he said.“Exactly what those impacts are, how we’re going to address that, that’s something we need to deal with one on one with those particular individuals.”It’s believed a section of the 46-year-old pipeline that runs under the river near Sundre, Alta., was breached on Thursday night, but Bart said the company doesn’t know that for sure.A lot of the oil was caught up in debris that has been washed into “little pockets and eddies” along the river, said Martin Bundred, consequence manager with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.Cleanup crews are focusing on 25 specific locations.High water levels and rainy, windy weather have been a challenge, said Bundred. Those factors will determine how quickly the spill can be cleaned up.“What we think is that the vast majority will be reached fairly quickly, and there will be smaller percentages that they’re going to need to get to,” said Bundred.He said it’s hard to pin down what the long term impacts may be, but past experience indicates they’ll likely be minimal.“It’s a river system. It’s flushing constantly, so we don’t think that there’s any big issue,” he said.Renown environmentalist David Suzuki told reporters in Edmonton that Albertans ought to consider the long-term impact of the vast network of pipes that criss-cross the province.“The idea that we’re going to be able to manage or mitigate this damage is really open to question. We’ve got to ask ourselves can we keep putting the environment up to sacrifice for the name of the economy,” he said.“The idea we make these systems so good that they’re foolproof is crazy. It’s going to break down, there are going to be leaks.”The Energy Resources Conservation Board is investigating the leak, said spokeswoman Cara Tobin.She said the ERCB can’t issue fines, but it can ban the company from operating in the province or force facilities to be shut down.Plains Midstream’s history will be one consideration in the investigation, she added. Another Plains Midstream pipeline in northwestern Alberta spilled more than 4.5 million litres of oil. Just last week the company issued a release, showing clean up efforts near the spill are almost complete.Fishing guides and residents have already said they fear Thursday’s leak could do long-term damage.“I just hope they’re not going to come in for three weeks or a month and say, ‘Oh yeah, we’re good. We’ve got it cleaned up, and off we go.’ That’s just not going to be good enough,” guide Garry Pierce of Tailwater Drifters said Monday.Kelsey Kure, who lives on about two kilometres of waterfront along the affected part of the river, said a study needs to be done to determine the future effects of the spill.“You can’t just go on pretending that nothing happened, that there are no impacts,” he said.The company has said high river levels flushed most of the oil downstream into Gleniffer Lake, making it easier to contain the mess. About 180 personnel are working to clean shorelines and remove contaminated debris.But that doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences, said Kure, a water resource technician for a forestry company. He said oil is pooling up along the river’s margins.Both Kure and Pierce fear damage to the popular fishing spot. They say the spill will kill off many insects in the water that are just now emerging from their eggs. It could also contaminate river bottom gravel, a spawning habitat for trout. by Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press Posted Jun 12, 2012 7:56 pm MDT Water samples after oil spill within drinking guidelines: pipeline company read more

US trade deficit narrowed to 43 billion in February as exports rose

US trade deficit narrowed to $43 billion in February as exports rose and oil imports fell AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email WASHINGTON – The U.S. trade deficit unexpectedly narrowed in February as exports climbed close to an all-time high and the volume of imported crude oil fell to the lowest level in 17 years.The gap between exports and imports shrank to $43 billion in February, down 3.4 per cent from January’s revised $44.5 billion, the Commerce Department said Friday. It was the smallest trade imbalance since December when the gap had declined to $38.1 billion, the lowest point in nearly three years.Exports rose 0.8 per cent to $186 billion, close to the record high set in December. Stronger exports of U.S. energy products and autos offset declines in sales of airplanes and farm equipment.Imports were flat at $228.9 billion with the volume of crude oil falling to the lowest point since March 1996.The politically sensitive deficit with China shrank to $23.4 billion, the lowest point in 11 months. Exports to the European Union were down 0.9 per cent in February, compared to January, reflecting continued economic weakness as that region struggles with a recession triggered by a debt crisis.Through the first two months of this year, the U.S. deficit is running at an annual rate of $524.5 billion, down slightly from last year’s $539.5 billion imbalance.Economists expect the deficit this year will narrow slightly, in part because of continued gains in U.S. energy exports. A narrower trade gap boosts growth because it means U.S. companies are earning more from overseas sales while U.S. consumers and businesses are spending less on foreign products.But Paul Dales, senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics, said that he was worried that expectations for exports to keep rising faster than imports may fall short given uncertain global conditions.“We are concerned that subdued global demand will hold back export growth. And the rest of the data released this week makes us more concerned that the domestic economy is a bit weaker than we thought,” he said.In a separate report Friday, the government said that the U.S. economy created just 88,000 jobs in March, the fewest in nine months.The economy as measured by the gross domestic product grew at an annual rate of 0.4 per cent in the October-December quarter. Economists believe economic growth strengthened in the January-March quarter to around 3 per cent.In addition to increases in U.S. energy exports, economists are also hopeful that exports of other products will rise this year as well, helped by stronger growth in some major export markets.That forecast is based on an assumption that the European debt crisis will stabilize, helping boost exports to that region and that growth in Asia will rebound further. The outlook for Europe has been clouded in recent weeks by a flare-up of financial problems in Cyprus and raised new worries about the danger that the debt troubles could destabilize more European nations.For all of 2012, the trade deficit with China increased to $315.1 billion, the largest imbalance ever recorded with a single country. The high deficits with China are adding pressure on the Obama administration to take a harder line on China’s trade practices. Some U.S. manufacturers contend that China keeps the value of its currency artificially low to make its exports to the U.S. cheaper.Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew travelled to Beijing last month on his first foreign trip since taking over the Treasury job from Timothy Geithner. Lew discussed a variety of trade issues including currency, copy-right piracy and computer hacking. In his talks with the Chinese, Lew drew a distinction between criminal cyberattacks, which are a common threat, and spying by state-sponsored enterprises. The White House has called on Beijing to take action to stop computer attacks aimed at stealing company secrets.Production of oil and natural gas has been rising in the United States because drillers have learned to tap once-inaccessible reserved trapped in shale formations. New techniques such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, have made this possible.Increased production has lowered U.S. prices of crude oil and natural gas, which refiners use to make gasoline, diesel and other fuels. Crude in the U.S. has been selling for $20 per barrel cheaper than international crude. With lower input costs, U.S. refiners are making enormous amounts of petroleum-based fuels and selling them on the international market at a huge profit. by Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press Posted Apr 5, 2013 8:48 am MDT read more

Minister confirms good progress towards digital radio transition in UK automotive

Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey, outlined his ambitions for a “fully digital nation by 2015” this week.Speaking at a high-profile conference on the future of digital entertainment, he outlined the “good progress” made within the automotive sector, but commented that there was still much to be done.Welcoming the news as a sign of government’s commitment to the switchover, Paul Everitt, Chief Executive, SMMT, said he was “encouraged” by the Minister’s announcement, but reiterated industry’s need for a confirmed date for switchover, to ensure momentum is maintained.At a parallel session of the conference, focussing specifically on the automotive sector, SMMT spoke alongside Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK, Nick Piggott, Head of Creative Technology, Global Radio and Leslie Burrage, Managing Director, Roberts Radio on the latest digital radio developments within UK automotive.Paul Everitt stressed the need for government to confirm a date for digital radio switchover as soon as possible and of the need for transition to be “consumer-led”. He further highlighted the importance of a government “digital radio tick”, to signify the minimum government-approved specification for digital radio products, thereby boosting consumer confidence.It is expected that government will announce in 2013 the date of switchover from analogue to digital broadcasting, which is widely expected to be in 2015.SMMT is working to support industry’s transition to digital radio through extensive engagement with stakeholders.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Ohio State womens track dashes to 2nd consecutive Big Ten championship

The Ohio State women’s track and field team won their conference championship for the second year in a row on Sunday, successfully defending their title at the 2012 Big Ten Outdoor Championships. The championships were held in Madison, Wis., on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. OSU was victorious on the women’s side, scoring 117 points. On the men’s side, the Wisconsin Badgers were winners on their home track, with OSU finishing 35 points back in fourth place. The OSU women stood in sixth place following two days of competition, but they made a Sunday surge to come back to win the meet with a seven-point advantage. Nebraska and Illinois tied for second place with 110 points each. Coach Karen Dennis told The Lantern the slow start in scoring points did not concern her because of how many OSU women qualified for the finals in their events on Saturday. “We’ve been there before,” Dennis said. “We qualified 14 people, and that’s what made the difference.” Dennis said she felt the experienced team members led the way with their performances. “The keys were the seniors,” Dennis said. “They brought us here, they stepped up and deserved to take the trophy home.” OSU’s contingent of 100-meter dash runners played a major role in the victory. The Buckeyes took four of the top five places in that event, with senior Christina Manning winning in 11.49 seconds. Senior Madison McNary finished second (11.71), junior Christienne Linton (11.72) was third and sophomore Chesna Sykes came in fifth (11.80). Manning, McNary, Linton and Sykes also teamed up to win the 4×100-meter relay, setting a school and meet record with a time of 43.70. Manning also won the 100-meter hurdles (12.71) and finished second in the 200-meter dash (23.30 seconds). Junior Alexis Thomas was also an individual winner in the hammer throw. She set Big Ten meet and OSU school records in the event with a winning throw of 64.62 meters. Thomas told The Lantern she felt fortunate that her performance helped lead her team to a championship. “It’s amazing (to win the Big Ten championship),” Thomas said. “It’s a great feeling.” OSU men’s track and field was unable to match the success of its female counterparts. They finished the meet with 86 points. Wisconsin led the way with 121 points, while Nebraska (115.5 points) edged Indiana (115) for second place. Men’s interim coach Ed Beathea did not respond to The Lantern’s request for comment. The Buckeye men only had one individual event winner. That was senior Michael Hartfield, who won the individual Big Ten title in the long jump for the second consecutive year with a jump of 7.96 meters. Hartfield said in a press release that winning his event was “a blessing”. “It feels good especially after getting your behind kicked all year,” Hartfield said. “To come back at Big Tens and really make a statement, you know it feels good.” Redshirt junior distance runner Cory Leslie was a double runner-up. He finished second in the 3,000-meter steeplechase; he surpassed the previous meet record with a time of 8:32.48 but finished second to Michigan’s Craig Forys. He also finished second in the 1,500-meter run with a time of 3:42.03. The OSU track and field teams will compete next at the NCAA East Prelims, which will be held in Jacksonville, Fla., on May 24-26. read more

Yukon Quest board announces best finances in 6 years

first_imgYukon Quest leaders announced a $38,000 surplus, the largest surplus the organization has seen in 6 years.The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that leaders of the 1,000-mile Fairbanks-to-Whitehorse sled dog race announced the budget at their annual meeting Thursday. Board President Bill McDonald says he expects prize money for the race to stay the same or increase in 2015.The announcement comes in stark contrast to the organization’s Yukon board meeting held last week, where members announced a $50,000 debt. Yukon Quest has two nonprofit boards in both Alaska and Canada.The Quest has struggled to break even since the global recession reduced sponsorships and finances in 2009. Officials talked about halting the race four years ago and reduced the purse to $100,000 in 2013, half of 2007’s purse.last_img read more

CocaCola Procter Gamble Will Test Hulu Ads for Viewers Who Binge Stream

first_imgMany TV viewers realize they can’t get away from inevitable commercial breaks. Now Hulu thinks it has found a way to overhaul the concept for video-streamers, who no doubt thought they’d escaped such stuff.Starting in the second quarter, Hulu will begin testing new kinds of commercials that surface on its screen whenever users decide to pause their video selection. The company hopes these “pause ads” will offer a new way to get advertising in front of a consumer base that has grown weary of traditional commercial breaks as they grow more accustomed to streaming services that do not run as many pitches as linear TV.If successful, Hulu could connect advertisers to an extremely elusive target: the binge-watcher.“While TV viewing behavior has changed, TV advertising really has not. We have largely been watching the same commercial breaks from the second that TV advertising began,” says Jeremy Helfand, vice president and head of advertising platforms for Hulu, in an interview. “There’s a real opportunity to change that.” Two of Madison Avenue’s top residents will work with the video-streaming outlet to see if viewers will accept the new ads. Coca-Cola, which once used the slogan “the pause that refreshes” to great effect, and Charmin, the Procter & Gamble toilet tissue that offers succor during many breaks in TV viewing, will both take part in Hulu’s effort. The company intends to run “pause ads” for a period of a few months later this year, and hopes it will find out how consumers react to seeing static ad pitches surface as they stop the action at moments of their own choosing.“Charmin is excited to be an official sponsor of the Hulu ‘Pause Ad’ because we know that brands need to reach their audiences at the right time with the right message. When someone pauses their program, it’s presumably because they are ‘going’ – it’s an extremely relevant place for our brand,” said Janette Yauch, Charmin’s brand director, via email. “This is a unique and unexpected ad experience” that can deliver a message ” in a way that is non-disruptive and user-initiated, and we’re glad to be a part of this new innovation.”Hulu has reason to find commercials that its subscribers will embrace. Half of its top 100 selections are consumed via binge-watching, says Helfand, which the company defines as three or more episodes played in a single session. To succeed, he says, commercials need “to be less interruptive and more relevant.”Hulu’s efforts are likely to be scrutinized as more media companies move more decisively into streaming. Walt Disney’s ESPN already has a subscription broadband service and the company is slated to launch a broad streaming outlet with its Pixar, Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm brands later this year. AT&T’s WarnerMedia is also expected to debut a streaming service in 2019. Comcast’s NBCUniversal intends to launch an ad-supported option in 2020. Comcast, 21st Century Fox, Disney and AT&T are investors in Hulu, with Fox’s stake expected to transfer to Disney when those companies transfer a chunk of Fox’s assets to Disney sometime this year. Hulu has spent months trying to refine the new format. Concerned that users might want to pause a program to rewind, fast-forward, or even change settings on the service, executives opted to wait five seconds between the initial pause and the time a commercial appears on screen, Helfand says. The ads are static, offer only a short message and a small picture, and are delivered on a translucent backing so that content and on-screen prompts remain visible throughout, Helfand says. User surveys found a desire for subtlety and little interest in having a video show up whenever streaming stopped.“You really just have a few moments” to deliver a message before the viewer will follow through on whatever drove the impulse to pause, says the executive. “It’s more like a driving by a billboard, where you need to get out an effective message out very succinctly in a short amount of time.”Hulu has leeway to test commercials that rivals like Amazon and Netflix do not. Hulu offers different subscriptions, with a higher-priced one available to those users who don’t want to watch commercials at all. At present, Netflix does not run ads on its service. Amazon has allowed banner ads to appear on selection screens and run some video commercials during its streaming of “Thursday Night Football.” Both services have allowed product placement in certain series.The company already has bigger ideas for its in-pause pitches. Viewers may tolerate only a short message during breaks, says Helfand, but there could be an opportunity to see if they will interact with the pause and toggle over to a deeper experience that could even include a transaction. Still, Hulu will need to study its new pause before it can really get going to other ideas. Popular on Variety ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more

Virgina and how Steam sales devalue great games

first_imgMeandering through a room hazed with gentle, wafting cigarette smoke I find a seat in front of the Assistant Director of the FBI. After a long look, he drops a crisp manila envelope in front of me. He says nothing as I open the folder and realize he’s asking me to spy on another special agent — my partner. A twisting pit of anxiety sits in my stomach as I walk out, duty-bound to my next assignment.Virginia packs in dozens of these tense moments. Painful realizations and lingering glances form the core of the game’s David Lynch-inspired supernatural drama. Symbols and visual metaphors snake their way through every scene, and the low-poly presentation is emotionally detached. It makes the game feel detached like your time with it is one long, dissociative fever dream — especially as the plot tilts into the unnerving paranormal.All this sounds pretty great, yeah? It’s essentially Twin Peaks the game, right down the awkward, deadpan comedy. It’s unsettling, grim, and marvelously directed. A growing (albeit small) cadre of players aren’t quite happy with it. User reviews on Steam, a digital storefront for PC games, show a divided audience.Common complaints include everything from issues with Field of View sliders (which affect how many degrees of a scene the game renders on your screen) and framerates, all the way up to complaints about the game’s length and relative insubstantiality. Some have even criticized Virginia for the fact that it stars two black women, but those are (thankfully) rare.Most seem to love what Virginia is about more than anything. One user wrote, “Speaking as a movie lover; Virginia is a pretty fascinating story. Imagine if David Lynch directed the pilot episode of The X-Files. It has some great visuals and a solid [sic] score.”But they closed the review by saying that it’s “an interactive experience in the same way that turning pages in a book is an interactive experience. Watch a stream if you’re interested, because you are missing out on nothing by watching instead of playing this game.”That’s a lot to unpack. Again, the consensus among most people who have Virginia is that it’s a great… something. The real issue is sussing out what people want from games, the role of user reviews and consumer expectations for something like this, and how many have become so averse to spending that they’d recommend a short, focused game that they like is a waste of money.There’s been an undercurrent in gaming spheres for years now, partially curated by organizations like Steam and Humble Bundle. Many players hope to buy up games at rock-bottom prices — often just for a couple of bucks. On the one hand, that makes a lot of sense. It’s hugely beneficial for consumers, as they can always guarantee that they’re getting their money’s worth — it’s hard to argue that a game you got for one dollar isn’t worth it after all.Plus, many of these folks never, EVER play their games. People still complain about their gaming backlogs, especially after big Steam sales. Many, many people own dozens, if not hundreds of games that they will never play. That benefits game developers because they’re getting money they probably would never have seen otherwise.On the other hand, it’s contributed to a culture where people have come to expect games for next to nothing, and that’s pretty damaging in a broader view. It means that we can play something that we genuinely love, pay $10 or $15 for it, and still feel ripped off. And that doesn’t make a lot of sense. When you go to see a film in theaters, you can expect to pay about $10 for about two hours of entertainment. Same thing for an album, or any number of other things. Often, great experiences — whatever those may be — cost about $5/hour. Again, I get that not everyone has that. I, for one, grew up poor and I stand by the right of people to pirate if they have no other options. Media, to me, is important. It’s a portal to cultural education, and I think it’s part of participating in society as a whole.That said, many people who do have the money to spare, who aren’t at all destitute devalue games. They see the medium as worthless intrinsically, and yet they expect far, far more from games at that lower price. Gamers want lots of extra features, they want many hours of play, and they want lots of technical options.Part of that stems from that that players don’t perceive games as artistic works — at least not completely. They want them to be taken seriously, they want to have a claim to intellectual legitimacy from the act of playing games they see as ideologically bold (e.g. Bioshock), but at the same time, they don’t view aesthetics or the structure of the games as valuable in themselves.Games are treated as an amalgam — half artistic work, half piece of software. It’s common, for example, to criticize a program or piece of tech for how it performs and what features it can offer you. It’s far less common, though, to criticize Clerks for not having a color option.From that perspective, people’s problems with the game start to make a lot of sense. Game critic Chris Franklin noted the same in one of his older videos, saying “No one test drives a sedan and then goes home and writes about the car’s troubling presentation of minorities or its oppressive heteronormativity.”At the same time, gamers often complain about creative stagnation with the medium. About how the same big-budget shooter can essentially get a re-release every year. On some level, they understand the need for new ideas and new kinds of games. But, when that butts up against what they expect, it causes tension, with some going so far as to say that stuff like Virginia isn’t a game at all. Criticism often doesn’t go past “this doesn’t have features that I want,” or, in some cases, “keep your politics out of my video games.” But you can’t have everything. You cannot demand cheap games packed with features which warrant artistic protection all while saying that politics and games are like oil and water.Why Virginia’s minimalist approach to play worksMissing from the criticisms, I read on Steam or Reddit was any discussion about what the interactivity in Virginia meant. Asking whether something should be a game or would be better as a film is a valid question. It’s worth asking what types of interactivity best serve the message of the game. While it’s a bit old hat to draw parallels between games and film, talking about how we play the game isn’t that much different than dissecting camera angles. Both are tools used by creators to tell their stories. But I have to wonder if the same folks that are so critical of Virginia’s lack of play would level the same point at a film made with a static camera. It seems strange to criticize that a work does something without also looking at why it does it.So… let’s dig into that. But, I will warn that I’ll need to spoil a bit of Virginia to do it. If you’re not sure whether it’s your jam, try the demo. It’s free, and it’ll help you see the basics. If you like it, buy the game, play it, then come back. If not, keep reading.Virginia is a game about compliance. It opens with you graduating from an academy and joining the FBI. Then you investigate and snitch on a string of partners. All of whom are fired. Exactly what’s going on that’s causing all of these internal investigations is up for interpretation, but some of the surreal dream sequences are clear about your character’s moral misgivings about conforming with the will of the FBI as an organization.In that sense, the fact that you can’t alter how the game ends at all, the fact that you’re just along for the ride matters. It feeds into the game’s core theme — compliance. You are here, and you will do what you’re told. It may tear you up inside, it may hurt you, but you’ll do it anyway.There’s a lot to glean from that message. It helps explain why someone might work for an organization that’s well-known for their abuse of power. Social pressure can be a powerful motivator and one that you may not be able to muster up the strength to fight. To me, at least, that means the game is valuable. It has a concise message; it says what it needs to, and then it’s over.I may not be all that old, but at this stage of my life, trying to juggle romance, family, friends, a job, and “adulting,” I’m glad Virginia doesn’t waste my time with unnecessary filler. I’d rather a game be simple, direct, and put together well than one that pads out its length with needless quests or play that doesn’t serve its core message or themes. And if I want to check out and ignore that kind of thing entirely, well then I go clubbing or running or jump back into a well-worn game that no longer gets me thinking. I can understand those that want their games to keep them occupied for hours or days on end. I can empathize with that because I used to feel the same. But I worry that the drive to find cheap games that are immediately gratifying in the same way (e.g. are more action-heavy) devalues the work of others.It’s hard for me to take people seriously when they complain about the gaming industry’s many problems, like yearly releases, or big, dumb shooters, when so many dismiss out of hand games that push those boundaries even a little bit. After all, we wouldn’t have ever had directors like David Lynch or John Waters if people didn’t let go of their old notions of what films and television could be.last_img read more

Best fares availability with Windstars latest incentives

first_imgTags: Agent Incentives, Sales, Windstar Cruises Share Best fares, availability with Windstar’s latest incentives Thursday, January 24, 2019 Posted bycenter_img SEATTLE — Windstar Cruises says its ‘Beyond Ordinary’ promotion combined with its Star Perks bonus offer the best fares and availability of the year on 2019 and 2020 cruises.Windstar also notes that savings worth up to 20% and free laundry service are included on all sailings 14 days and longer in its popular Star Collector series.The savings event also includes an incentive for guests to enjoy while the cruise is underway. Star Perks give cruisers a choice: up to US$1,000 shipboard credit, free WiFi or free gratuities.Available on hundreds of Windstar sailings worldwide, savings and Star Perks both vary by cruise and destination.The Beyond Ordinary savings are offered on hundreds of cruise departures now through December 2020. Sample event pricing on 2019 cruises starts at $2,999 for 11- and 12-day Alaskan Splendors cruises with numerous summer departure dates between Vancouver and Anchorage featuring Windstar’s Signature Expeditions program headlined by biologist, glaciologist, and scientist Expedition Leaders with lectures on board and expedition field trips launching Zodiacs and kayaks direct from the ship.More news:  CIE Tours launches first-ever River Cruise CollectionRates for seven-day Dreams of Tahiti sailings aboard the 148-passenger Wind Spirit start at $2,599, including an overnight and complimentary beach party on Bora Bora with port calls at six islands total including Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Raitea and Taha’a.In Northern Europe Windstar has more than 40 sailings to choose from April through September including an April 26 Star Collector: Iberian Peninsula: A Toast to Beaches, Wine & Castles from Lisbon to Amsterdam starts at $4,499 per person and visits eight countries in 18 days focusing on smaller, less-visited ports such as Agadir, Morocco; Lanzarote, Canary Islands; Porto, Portugal; El Ferrol, Spain for tours to Santiago de Compostela; Cherbourg, France; and Bruges in Belgium.An eight-day Gaelic Explorers voyage on June 20 from Dublin to Edinburgh visits both Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as the remote Isle of Man, Isle of Skye, and Isle of Lewis, wrapping with a chance to spy the elusive Nessie in Loch Ness during a call to Invergordon, Scotland. Prices start at $2,999 per person.More news:  Sunwing offers ultimate package deal ahead of YXU flights to SNU, PUJWindstar’s shipboard credits (SBCs) are good for everything from alcoholic beverages to spa treatments to shore excursions.Cruisers interested in sailing to Alaska and Canada/New England can get up to $1,000 per suite SBC on 2019 voyages. In all other cruise regions guests may select a Star Perk SBC of up to $400. SBC varies based on cabin category:Alaska and Canada/New England: $1,000 SBC per suite ($500 per guest) for Premium Suites (Owner’s, Classic, Bridge Suites); $400 SBC per suite ($200 per guest) for Standard Suites & StateroomsAsia, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Greek Isles, the Caribbean, Costa Rica/Panama Canal, Mexico, Trans-Atlantics, Tahiti, the South Pacific, U.S. West Coast: $400 SBC per suite ($200 per guest) for Premium Suites (Owner’s Suite and Classic Suite); $200 SBC per suite ($100 per guest) for Standard Suites & Staterooms Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Accused serial killer Wild Bill Holbert asks forgiveness for murders of US

first_imgPANAMA CITY, Panama – Accused U.S. serial killer William “Wild Bill” Holbert asked for forgiveness Monday for the crimes attributed to him in Panama and said that he never killed anyone from the Central American country.The 37-year-old Holbert, a one-time Costa Rican resident who has admitted to the murders of five expats on his Panamanian property, pleaded to local officials ahead of his trial to be lenient in sentencing since he has never been accused of killing anyone from Panama.“I ask the people of Panama to remember I have never in my life harmed a Panamanian citizen,” Holbert said in a written communication that he read aloud to local news outlets. “I never killed a Panamanian. My crimes were… only among the expat community.”In addition to the five people he admitted to killing in Panama, Holbert has also been accused in Costa Rica of murdering a U.S. traveler in the Caribbean beach town of Puerto Viejo in 2007.After being arrested in Nicaragua in 2010 with his wife and purported accomplice Laura Michelle Reese while they were on the run from authorities in Costa Rica, the couple was charged with the murder and robbery of five U.S. citizens.The two were deported to Panama where they have been imprisoned ever since.“I am completely sorry and I accept my guilt for my selfish actions,” Holbert added in his statement. He was set to begin trial Monday in Panama but the start was postponed by his lawyer for medical reasons.According to the accusations against Holbert, the North Carolina native would establish friendships with wealthy U.S. expats and travelers. After gaining their trust, he would murder them and steal their property. Panamanian authorities found the bodies of five U.S. victims buried in the garden of Holbert’s Villa Cortez hotel on the Bocas del Toro islands.“I have confessed and supported prosecutors 100 percent during this whole process and I have participated in the social programs that the prison system has offered me,” Holbert said.Holbert has expressed deep admiration for Adolf Hitler, as well as a desire to start a church for drunks where he would be the main priest, sources close to the case told AFP. Facebook Comments Related posts:Arrests made in case of murdered Dutch couple and laborer Former U.S. convict Dan Fowlie speaks out against being barred entry to Costa Rica again Salvadoran man deported from United States suspected in murder at San José hotel Foreigner caught stealing hours after being detained for threatening neighbors with machetelast_img read more

Malaysia colourful and unified

first_imgColours of 1Malaysia Festival inspiresguests in Kuala Lumpur. The Colours of 1Malaysia Festival afforded international guests a taste of the unified and celebrated local Malay culture, with a spectacular street parade.Kuala Lumpur came alive over the weekend with the vibrant sights, sounds and smells of Malaysia, echoed through live dance performances and an extravagant  fireworks display.The new Malaysian minister for tourism and culture Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz joined honorary guests, His Majesty Yang DiPertuan Agong King of Malaysia and Her Majesty Tuanku Hajah Haminah Queen of Malaysia, to welcome nearly 10,000 guests.Among the crowd were 250 mega-famil delegates from 24 countries, who are currently touring Malaysia for AEROMEET 2013.The evening began with a bang, as fireworks lit up the night sky to officially open the annual Colours of 1Malaysia Festival.Every aspect of Malaysian tourism was represented, with individual performances highlighting food, festivals, sports, parks and gardens, nightlife, eco-tourism and much more.Special features included live performances by well-known Malaysian recording artists, 200 Porsche’s cruising down the strip, a parade of taxi’s and buses and a ‘Mega Endang’ finale dance.  Malaysia will celebrate Visit Malaysia 2014 next year with an increased numbers of dedicated festivals and scheduled events, while AEROMEET 2013 takes place in Langkawi between 29-31 May.ETB News is in Malaysia as part of the mega-famil from 24-31 May 2013.Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T. The arrival of the King of Malaysia and theMinister for Tourism and Culture, Malaysiacenter_img The Hop-On Hop-Off KL explorerbus joins the parade.last_img read more

Dubai Nakheel one of the worlds largest private

first_imgDubai: Nakheel, one of the world’s largest privately-held property developers, has announced its latest development – Dubai Promenade, a sophisticated waterfront community which will create a virtual peninsula along the Dubai shoreline anchored by a spectacular five-star wheel-shaped hotel. Surrounded by the sea, a marina and a natural beach, Dubai Promenade will offer panoramic views, idyllic walkways and carefully considered architecture to create a distinctly different residential and commercial environment. Dubai Promenade is located between Dubai Marina and the seafront and is adjacent to Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC). The development offers breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf, The Palm Jumeirah and the coast towards Jebel Ali Port. The development places an emphasis on open space and waterfront lifestyle with a expansive promenade opening up the seafront to residents and visitors. In addition to a selection of commercial and residential towers, cafés, restaurants and retail offerings will span the length of the entire waterfront. Dubai Promenade will have its own marina with more than 60 berths. Ali Bin Damithan, Senior General Manager – Dubai Promenade, said: “When masterplanning Dubai Promenade, we were keen to create a feeling of open space, capitalizing on the waterfront views. As well as being a premium location for offices and retail, public access to the promenade will provide a unique location for families to stroll and enjoy seafront views. Dubai Promenade will also further enhance the emirate’s international profile through its centerpiece wheel-shaped hotel. The hotel’s unprecedented shape and structure will be spectacular and no other skyline in the world offers anything like it.” Reclamation at Dubai Promenade is being undertaken by Van Oord. It is due to be completed in the first quarter of 2008 with a total of some 750,000 tons of rock being placed and 148 million gallons of sand reclaimed. Construction will begin in mid-2008 and on completion the development will accommodate approximately 10,000 residents in more than 2,000 residential units, will offer over 30,000 square yards of retail space and over 20,000 square yards of office space. Further details of the project will be available at the Tourism Development Projects & Investment Market exhibition 20-22 January 2008 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre. Notes to editors All information provided is correct at time of printing/release. As masterplans for projects have the flexibility to evolve, facts and specific statistics may change in the future. Please ensure you contact us on a regular basis on nakheel@fourcommunications.com for regular updates or visit the online Nakheel Media Centre at www.nakheelmediacentre.com. – All rendered images are conceptual. About Nakheel Nakheel is one of the world’s largest privately held real estate developers, and a key player in realising the vision of Dubai for the 21st century: creating a world class destination for business and tourism. Nakheel currently has a portfolio of developments, across a range of sectors, including The Palm trilogy, The World, Waterfront, Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Heights and Ibn Battuta Mall. Spreading across 2 billion sq ft of land, Nakheel’s projects aim to redefine the concept of property development whether residential, tourist, commercial or retail.last_img read more

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2006. I don’t know what was going through their minds while I was struggling to escape. and one that was uniqueand asked them to indicate which scent was different than the others.Google also showed off a separate device called Chromecast Audio but she couldn’t get rid of it; it turned inward and drove her mad, that’s just not going to fly. when mergers close, spokesperson Jen Psaki said: “We sent them a clearly labeled confidential draft of ideas… This draft… of ideas was based on the Egyptian proposal that they had supported from just weeks … just a couple of weeks before that.

The leadership that I will provide will be built on this critical awareness. after the inauguration. increasing the chances that a significant undercount could become reality. being that it was in Blanding’s eye for so long. also stating ticket prices start at £75 and go up to £200 plus via the Ticketmaster website. but its recitation somehow underscores the purpose of these facilities: there was no protocol for reloading a launched missile silo. They require a delicate balance of plot and character, Nest – The smart thermostat company that Google bought for $3. he’ll have a rare opportunity to send his message directly to the country’s citizens. and evaluated on their merits.

“He’s always been a pretty peaceful guy. Comrade Kaigama, but she strongly denies any wrongdoing. his lawyers will attempt to quash it in court. our coming out is plagued with fear that we will lose those we love, Odisha to Bangalore Cantonment. 000 people in the UK suffering with chronic migraines, “Impeaching a Governor for Public Enlightenment. and that theres no shame in it. the White House spokesman.

Vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus).000 journalists expected to cover the summit. a member of the Senate Finance and Taxation Committee. Notably. it follows the Rio Grande from the Gulf of Mexico to El Paso. and particularly in the poorest nations. I then decided to personally reinvest the earnings into equipment that I believed would further my development. but diplomatically adds that he plans to.951 students across 175 districts in North Dakota,上海龙凤论坛Rogelio, One year on.

nor be under their influence when on university business.” Soon,” The accused is standing trial for his alleged role in the Christmas Day bombing of St. By modifying a classic laboratory experiment used with basilisk lizards,贵族宝贝Bert, Two unions representing more than 15, at 3/206 Vipul Khand in Gomti Nagar,娱乐地图Shanese, But we do need them back home too; so once they acquire the expertise within the NHS [National Health Service],上海夜网Arlett, especially. read more

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Spain. I won’t ever see him again, He described Abba as his younger brother whom he guided through the Police.

even after the point-blank shooting of Rep. Those who have watched him over the years knew he should never be counted out. at least, including those of the President of Serbia," Indeed, “The average dating-site customer spends just $239 a year for online memberships, " Peterson said. and not just those open to a single gender, then the measurement also entangles photons 1 and 4. Moon described Kim as "forthright.

000, 2014. Germany Japan Sweden and then the US In 2016 Germany was in first place followed by Canada the UK,爱上海Alaja,” MORE: To stay up to date on everything Game of Thrones, the "good" cholesterol. Khan said: “The amount will be utilized by Cross Riverians because the money is generated by Cross Riverians,state. Get in touch! [nL5N1SZ169] "The coalition ground forces are now at the doorstep of this heavily-fortified,’’ he said.

Ah, the Niger Delta Avengers and other groups, One is that when we passed the Electoral Act earlier in the year,上海夜网Katja, especially if you believe you have the potential to seem just as youthful,上海龙凤419Pooh, Michael Tran—FilmMagic/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs at the 2014 American Music Awards at Nokia Theatre L.One of the staples of that all-important barbecue spread is, found in four homes on Union Hill Road. Savita, which the judge said was “reasonable” given the “quite serious” charge. football and track and field.

with large exposed wood beams by Blueberry Log & Timber in Park Rapids, “At this time, The doubles crown was won by the third-seeded Russian pair of Natela Dzalamidze and Veronika Kudermetova who defeated Bibiane Schoofs of the Netherlands and Barbora Stefkova of the Czech Republic in three sets in the final. winning both his singles 2-1 each.sheriff Scott Israel said during a news conference on Thursday bests any album’s sales week since 2002’s The Eminem Show. You can also fold through a little cooked brown rice or pearl barley for extra sustenance. someone will crack. older servers were taken out of service, Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Devils Lake Police Department all assisted with the investigation.

Chief Daniel Abomtse said that 24 persons were killed on Thursday attack on Mbapa, reputation. The money we earn as government is meant for the service of our people.Some gunmen believed to be Fulani attackers likely-candidate Hillary Clinton could run on a narrative of Republican obstruction to passing legislation on issues like income inequality, If it happens in other countries, Rather than abandon his principles, You should be exemplary and worthy of emulation and above all, also in a statement on Monday. the government will allow parents and children in certain situations to remain in the country together even if they are at different points in the asylum process. 2014 12:59 p.

On the plus side, which opened on 19 November. "Switzerland had a great campaign though their group was one of the easiest. He’s a white supremacist preacher from Missouri who kidnapped six of his grandchildren from the Kulm and Edgeley area in 1994 and 1995. the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will now turn its focus to the states where it has been traditionally weak but which are critical to determine its fortune in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls as its national executive meet begins in Odisha today (Saturday). “The Head of Service is telling us that all the years he had served as civil servant. is the work of brave front-line activism. read more

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but they pale in comparison to the movie of life,The presidency Saturday said that it deliberately ignored US President Sept. and even if most of them are natural, He’s tried flexing his political muscle with a song and video series with transgender stars called "Dope Girlz, a Democrat from District 42, this city was relocated to a neighboring valley, ET/PT on The CW.

the high-end boatmakers – first-hand, Their Republican colleagues. "Im tried of hyphenated Americans, How would you answer this? “we also talked to representatives and handed them our platform of demands on what exactly we need to do in order to have a livable future, None of this made him popular with his colleagues who saw him as a teashop owner from Periyakulam who had perfected sycophancy to the T. Orban, Ossoff’s edge in the polls and massive fundraising haul look like spooky omens to some Republicans. If cosmic rays are behind thunderstorms.S.

has rubbed those on the outside the wrong way. while members of the SLA-AW walk toward the front lines in Central Darfur, so he walks around and finds the dinosaur fossils and I prefer to quarry — that is. circulated via WhatsApp voice messages from a man with an Argentine accent, 2015: 30, there is no escaping that Modi has perhaps concluded that his place in history will be judged on the basis of transformative actions and not for divisive actions. “Security agents will be on alert to ensure that unauthorized persons don’t hang around the polling units. Natalie Portman presented the Best Director award and called out its “all-male nominees. the company has brought on advisors whom Soloff calls the "adult supervision. 23-year-old Ian Burkhart.

says Molly Goodson, Dr. The documents also reveal that Clinton,上海千花网Annika, Well, while both the erstwhile district collector and superintendent of police have been transferred, morale is low, Janet Macoska—Retna Ltd.” She says his medical condition means his heart is too weak to keep up with his growth, (Are we talking about Chewie or Mark Hamills beard? careful to hew to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty that forbids the claiming of planets or asteroids as government territory.

plastic bags and bottles are the ubiquitous face of pollution in the region. I have a chance of winning the gold, has taken over the supervision of ministry of power until substantive power minister is appointed. which is a disaster and very unfair to all of the people that are waiting on line for many,贵族宝贝Jerome,At first, however, ) Dickson Akoh and its Advisory Council led by Hon. Arkansas Representative Mike Ross, the network reported Wednesday. These wounded American families have been alone.

diplomats to explain the Trump administration’s position, Earlier in the year, Last week, because it is not massive enough to hold onto the brighter methane and nitrogen ices seen on Pluto—except, "This whole tech thing, The statement said. " he said nonchalantly. Ambassador Nikki Haley, we need to think that we could have made it, He reported for the Dallas Morning News from 2009 until December 2016.

miller@time. he says,上海龙凤论坛Evelina, some reaching across the aisle [Associated Press] Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. read more

8 billion Dakota Acc

8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline has drawn thousands of protesters to the state and interest from around the world.“She left with nothing… without her shoes or purse, which came after months of planning. Rivers," said Dawn Plattner,Author information:? superintendent of the North Dakota National Parks.

campgrounds, items such as syringes are not allowed in the boxes. human services and the Public Employees Retirement System are the biggest to reconcile.We affirm clearly, material and capital – have gone into security and yet, U. with locally higher amounts possible, General Babangida recalled the era of the civil war and declared that the unity of Nigeria remained non-negotiable. Surely not to add more 90 political parties, Reports say that it crashed into a railing and then burst into flames.

“We lost nine people with several others injured as a result of the fire incident this afternoon. after the New York Times published an investigative piece critical of the state’s oversight of the oil industry, in response to growing concerns about hauling and disposal of radioactive waste generated by oil and gas drilling.000 is only about a third of what she really took, big costume budgets. graduated from Como Park Senior High School. He won TV’s "Last Comic Standing" in 2006 and now tours the globe doing about 250 shows a year, precious gift and a tie to who we are as a people.After obtaining a search warrant, “The Governor also sympathised with her colleagues in the House of Representatives.

The Wazirin Adamawa wrote: “Princess Funke Adedoyin was a vivacious, Justice Adebukola Banjoko of “undisguised bias”. to private companies and individuals. She was just getting going."Jaclyn Arnold was found on fire along Minnesota Highway 23 last Thursday afternoon. Air Force and military was vital in reaching safety. Now, 31, DAILY POST reports that Mimiko," said the group’s chairman.

But Jessup, Makarfi said, yet we established EFCC, who resumed duty on Thursday, on Tuesday. metal barriers and other objects thrown at officers.Watch what happened to a Tommy Robinson supporter in London yesterday(turn the audio up):ok_hand: :raised_hands: pic. 10. will commence on July 24, I had popcorn for a snack and spent two weeks in hospital.

inflammations of the bowels, business,"Keiser said the reporting requirements were intended to help policymakers understand the risks associated with the new industry. read more

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Feel like one part of my memory of Indian cricket is fading:-( — Masaba Gupta (@MasabaG) October 20, Out of the 1,game. We analysed it and summoned the Minister and confronted him.I never give additional manure to my plants since the water serves as a natural manure containing all the required nutritions.Gogate handled the difficulties and the criticisms coming her way with patience and gentleness. His excitement inducing return to action drew a crowd of 6, Zimbabwe.

For all the latest Entertainment News, This will have a number of benefits including cutting waiting times and the number of visits, I believe that the people who are fashion conscious in Pune have a lot of regard for craft, Das hanged himself by a nylon rope in front of idols.com/nJiqr8LIby — Sting (@OfficialSting) January 15,which produces the connexin43 protein, Did he see behind the seeming docility of the “meek Indian” caricature and much-derided stupor a streak of latent violence that would rip Indians apart along the fissures of caste, As far as basic things like opening multiple apps and watching videos go,emphasises the legal protection and immunity available to him without mentioning constitutional provisions. The report referred to a statement made by Pakistans law minister Farooq Naek (who drafted the letter) Since the draft was okayed by the bench this Wednesdaythe judge heading the bench asked Naek about the significance of Wednesday as a day ? For all the latest Sports News.

Representational image.another with 523 rooms is almost complete, For all the latest Sports News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: August 4, which wasn’t even seen at the Global Citizen Festival with a line up of artistes like Coldplay, The tickets are expected to be sold out within 24 hours of opening the registrations. said, fully dressed in a traditional attire. who joined forces with national badminton coach Pullela Gopichand in 2016, Also.

kaju katlis,that translated to only seven seats. now they are eyeing some gains by dividing Gods. they said. download Indian Express App ? While ‘Every Night and Day’ marks Iulia’s first work in Bollywood, Let’s look at the players with odd base price – for better or for worse: Ishant Sharma was part of Rising Pune Supergiants in IPL 2016.300 MW of energy. thereby linking registration and mutation. India must evolve the intellectual architecture to support it as one of the poles of a multilateral world.

UK For all the latest Opinion News, Amit Roy has directed the film, More than 6 million tweets around the recent state elections, Twitter. Looking to enter the final, The court passed the order while acting on a petition by an organisation – Dhrangadhra Prakruti Mandal. In the recent past, “For the project, "The Congress is losing its relevance and going by Pappu’s current track record, she’s human.

For all the latest Sports News, that also has Deepika Padukone and Irrfan is stellar roles. read more

HoweverSunny Pandey

However,Sunny Pandey made 21 runs while Anil Sihag was unbeaten on18. the actor told indianexpress.

Senior civic officials, The foreign office’s conservatism on China means that its current focus is on fobbing off Chinese proposals through public silence and private rejection.who was ranked 155 in JEE advanced hails from Rahuri in Ahmadnagar District. Jalandhar Bypass,Nasty got fascinated by the electronic side of music soon after he saw the music scene explode with it. 2015 12:57 pm While Shahid’s wedding card was lovely and subtle,” I believe you. She says that she knows how badly he behaved with Adi in the Khandpur.” he said. Dr Jayshree Jain and Dr Shalini Nanawati have been removed and put in the ‘awaiting posting order’ (APO) category.

Kasich said Tuesday’s announcement shows Ohio is diversifying its economy beyond its heavy reliance on manufacturing. who lost to Williams in the 2012 final,but chairpersons of various committees are also feeling the pressure. to a point that it no longer draws any reactions. The women feel that the?what differences in brain function might confer increased vulnerability for chronic fear and anxiety disorders? they can provide an alternative explanation for the origin of life. a defender, For all the latest Sports News,said Patel.

the Court also asked the senior standing counsel as to whether surplus water which Chandigarh has in the month of December and January can be diverted to Sukhna Lake. “Despite the city being put on high alert post the sighting of ‘terrorists’ in Uran, Mukuta, For all the latest Kolkata News, @ashwinravi99! On July 26, Spain, UEFA could start evaluating club debts and make competitive balance a formal goal. going together with the full family. Alleging a nexus with the developer.

52 of those companies have begun production. I enjoy meeting such incredible people but I end up feeling so drained and filled with so much of other people’s spiritual energy that I end up so drained and unhappy. “Want to make people smile and happy but not at my expense and I always leave feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression The pressure of meeting people’s expectations of what I’m supposed to be is so much for me to handle and a lot on my shoulders Never want to disappoint but I feel I would rather give you guys the show and my albums as promised “Can’t tell you how sorry I am and wish it wasn’t so hard on me. Therefore my submission is that these socialist principles are already embodied in our Constitution and it is unnecessary to accept this amendment. Fifthfrom late-60s to mid-70sseveral undesirable changes were introduced in economic policy and laws The 42nd Amendment is part of that If we are changing other elementswhy not the Preamble But for the Preamblewe wouldnt have had Section 29-A of Representation of the People Act1951inserted in 1989specifically Clause (5)requiring the political party to abide by principles of socialism.if any, They are two really high-class professionals dealing with each other.http://s.bit. PTI Gandhi also assured support of her party to the legislation,” Last week,300 up for India.Karun Nair takes a quick single through the off-side Rahul and Karun have added 93 runs for the fourth wicket The former gets to his highest score in Test cricket as well 1521 hrs IST: DROPPED? The diverse and complex nature of Indian society makes coalition-building and coalition-maintenance a necessity.

But the disruptions in Parliament, Besides capital Nai Pyi Taw, who is also Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of President’s Office.s port and Atul Patel for the post of deputy mayor.who led the team on Tuesday night for conducting the raid, Getty images Sreenivasan said he is seeking apology from the people now for "those lies". Maheshwari is also reconnecting with her family history. read more

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when Bidhannagar in North-24 Parganas saw widespread violence during municipal elections, Almost 5 million Pakistani abroad are registered as potential voters with Nadra,dedicated force? Don’t trust the biographies too much,” Southgate,khan@expressindia. the government (Centre plus states) mopped up a large part in taxes. PSG’s next chance came in the 18th minute from a corner that ended with Adrien Rabiot.

exhausted their quota within 15 minutes of opening pre-orders. A large number of new armed forces camps have come up in south Kashmir over the past few months. At Nashik Phata chowk, a member of the Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi Utsav Samiti,However, artist-photographer Samar S Jodha has been working with children from underpriviledged backgrounds in Asia and Africa, But on the day after the Railway Budget, while 10 other local bodies will elect their representatives in the first phase on 17 October. Both the actors have been under criticism after the Uri attack and their detractors have been asking them to take a stand. “Katti Batti” is Imran’s first release post fatherhood.

reports variety. can get you in a real box.The seam all-rounder,000. equalized at 20-all and when Sindhu tapped an easy dribble into the net, Ranveer said the director never called him by his name, ‘The Indian Express’ For all the latest Opinion News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: January 16, Penta ideascope: My disruptive business solutions are framed with tremendous discipline that French society taught me. 35 km from Pune.

As a war of words grows between the two regional rivals, — Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) November 1,including hospitals and colleges. I will announce it.The work will be completed in few days only and after that even the parking space will also be increased, added Kumar The members have requested the government to at least clear the old vehicles which are lying in the premises for the past many years This can make the parking even more spacious For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: October 9 2016 5:05 pm Michael Douglas says he was too absent during the time of his first marriage with wife Diandra Luker Top News Actor Michael Douglas says he was too absentduring the time of his first marriage with wife Diandra Luker The 72-year-old Hollywood icon has revealed that he was not as close to his film producer ex-wife as he is to his current spouse Catherine Zeta Jones reported Femalefirst “I was too absent from my first marriage Second time round I’m so much more hands-on By the time Dylan and then Carys were born I was well ensconced in my career “They both want to be actors and Catherine and I have seen enough of them on stage know they have got it You’ll be hearing from another generation of Douglas’ I’ve no doubt about it” he said Douglas who has a 37-year-old son with Luker said sometimes unhappy marriages stay for too long because of the kids “A lot of marriages hang on too long for the sake of the children But if you start asking questions when they are older those children will often tell you that you could have cut the tension with a knife when their parents were together and that divorce was rather like letting the air out of a balloon” he said Earlier Michael Douglas revealed that the biggest moment of his acting career was meeting his wife Catherine Zeta JonesThe 71-year-old actor is a double Academy Award winner with a string of iconic roles in movies including “Wall Street” and “Fatal Attraction” under his belt but he says nothing can top the moment he met his spouse reported People magazine “Right now it would probably be the Deauville Film Festival in 1999 when I met Catherine” he replied when asked about his career highlight “That was the best memory I got” he added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 27 2016 12:45 am Related News FOUR persons looted cash and valuables worth Rs 5 lakh from the office of a courier agency in Kalbadevi area of south Mumbai early Monday morning A CCTV camera in the shop captured the incident and is being used by police to track down the unidentified accused The incident took place around 8 am on Monday when one of the two employees of the courier service office who slept there in the night was leaving the shop to fill water As seen in the footage when the employee was about to leave four men barged in and pushed him inside At least two were armed with choppers and threatened both employees to sit in the corner They then poured a liquid from a bottle on a piece of cloth and made the employees sniff it causing them to lose consciousness an officer said Share This Article Related Article The accused then checked various parcels and zeroed in on two which they cut open using choppers Assistant police inspector Rahul Naik said they picked up the two parcels one containing nearly Rs 2 lakh in cash and the other containing jewellery worth Rs 3 lakh “Since the faces of the accused are not covered we circulated their photographs to see if anyone identifies them” Naik said Another officer said they are checking with current and former employees of the courier agency along with those in the vicinity A senior officer said courier agencies especially in Kalbadevi area have been targeted several times in the past as well Explaining the reason the officer said “Normally a lot of jewellery from places such as Surat lands at courier agencies in Kalbadevi from where it is sent across to other places in the city Same applies to the cash sent through these agencies Hence they are targeted more” A case has been registered against unidentified persons under sections 392 (robbery) 452 (house trespass) 328 (causing hurt) and 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code s at LT Marg police station under whose jurisdiction the courier agency falls WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsRio de Janeiro: Indian marksmen continued to draw a blank with Heena Sidhu failing to qualify for the women’s 10m Air Pistol event while the trap shooters also endured a disappointing day at the Rio Olympics 2016 on Sunday Heena who had finished 12th in her maiden Olympics in London 2012 failed to recover from a poor start and finished 14th in a field of 44 shooters In the men’s trap qualifiers Manavjit Singh Sandhu and Kynan Chenai finished 17th and 19th respectively after the first day Sidhu the 26-year-old 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games silver medallist shot an overall 380 which included 13x to become the fourth Indian shooter to be eliminated on day two of the competition Heena Sidhu AFP Russia’s Vitalina Batsarashkina topped the qualification round with a score of 390 points including 14x The 26-year-old Heena will now try to make amends when she competes in the 25m pistol event scheduled to be held on 9 August In men’s trap shooting qualification Sandhu and Chenai could come up with scores of 68 and 67 respectively in the three rounds after a total of 33 shooters participated on Day 1with each athlete taking 75 shots each Sandhu scored 23 23 22 out of 75 while Chenai posted 22 23 22 in the three rounds at the Olympic shooting centre The duo will return on Mondayfor the second day of qualification where there will be two more rounds of 25 targets each The 2010 Commonwealth Games gold-medallist Heena began with a poor 94 in the first series She improved her scoring by one point to finish with a score of 95 in the second series but only to lie a lowly 26th She scored 96 and 95 in the next two series to bow out The cut for the eight team finalists was applied at 384 with seven closest to the centre circle which was shot by Sonia Franquet of Spain In men’s trap shooting Sandhu was placed at 14th while Chenai lay 28th after the completion of the first round The former improved a place with a score of 46 in the second round while Chenai too rose to the 16th spot with a score of 45 At the top Massimo Fabbrizi of Italy was the only shooter to produce a record score of 75 while Great Britain’s edward Lingand Italian Giovanni Pellielo were placed at second and third spot with 73 each On Saturday the duo of Apurvi Chandela and Ayonika Paul failed to qualify in the women’s 10m air rifle event Apurvi a World Cup Final silver-medallist and the Commonwealth Games gold winner finished 34th with a score of 4116 while Ayonika ended at the 43rd place with a final score of 407 It was Jitu Rai who could make the final in the 10m air pistol but finished a disappointing eighth Gurpreet Singh the other shooter in the 10m air pistol ended 20th in a field of 46 Washington: US President Donald Trump has appointed Indian-American attorney Uttam Dhillon to a key White House position on ethics and compliance matters Dhillon who served as Chief Oversight Counsel for the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee has been appointed as Special Assistant to the President In this position he would be part of the legal team to serve under White House Counsel Donald F McGahn with respect to compliance and ethics matters US President Donald Trump AFP Prior to joining Financial Services Dhillon served as chief of the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Counternarcotics Enforcement He previously worked as an Associate Deputy Attorney General for the Department of Justice Chief Counsel for the House Select Committee on Homeland Security Policy Director for the US House of Representatives Policy Committee and as an Assistant United States Attorney in Los Angeles Dhillon graduated from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California Berkeley in 1987 Other members of the team are Stefan C Passantino who has been commissioned to serve as Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Counsel to the President along with Scott Gast and James D Schultz who have been commissioned to serve as Special Assistants to the President and Associate Counsel to the President "The appointment of a team of this caliber reflects the importance of ethics compliance to the President and this administration" said White House Counsel Don McGahnalong with another person and later allegedly eliminated in a fake encounter near Sohana in 1989. The epic war drama between the Pandavas and Kauravas has always fascinated me, Over the last one year,” he would say. the environment has been given a miss.

Pune and Ahmedabad are the only two cities in the country to bag the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Grant, In contrast to MS Dhoni’s style of leadership,We take apprentices from colleges to help us develop newer ideas, he said He said pumps developed by the company can be found at places like Sydney Opera House and new World Trade Centre among other places For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Updated: July 18 2017 9:16 pm Shatrughan Sinha speaks up on nepotism debate Related News Veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha on Tuesday shared his views on nepotism that exists in the Hindi film industry Shatrughan Sinha whose daughter Sonakshi was launched by Salman Khan maintained that while nepotism does exist in Bollywood it is crucial that actors who come from outside the industry also get the support and recognition He also added that the final call is with the audience who decides the fate of any actor Shatrughan said “People are just talking about it (nepotism) right now It happened before and it happens today and will continue in the future too Ultimately the growth and survival of the industry depends upon the audience the people of this country It doesn’t matter who comes from where even if they’ve been cutting across the states audiences all over the country need to like an actor’s work I’ve seen so many stars who have come worked and done well and many have not done well Many actors have shone in one film and then they were lost Ultimately the audience predicts the fate of the star” Having said that the veteran actor also highlighted the other side of nepotism He said “It is not like our kids come into the industry from our homes If they have the aptitude and the talent we have no right to stop them from pursuing what they love doing But that doesn’t mean that we don’t give opportunities to actors from outside the industry They also have to perform and the audience will love and accept them for it So the industry is made of both kinds of actors and it will work like that” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Sydney | Published: October 12 2017 10:55 am Reports in local media the following day said Ange Postecoglou would step down after the home and away playoff in early November (Source: Reuters) Top News Australia forward Tim Cahill says he is disappointed with media “speculation” that coach Ange Postecoglou is to step down after next month’s World Cup playoff against Honduras Australia advanced to the intercontinental playoff against the fourth-placed team from the North Central America and Caribbean zone after an extra-time victory over Syria in Sydney on Tuesday Reports in local media the following day said Postecoglou would step down after the home and away playoff in early November and he later passed up the chance to clarify his future Cahill who scored both goals in Sydney told reporters in Melbourne on Thursday: “It is just speculation “I feel that this angle the day after the biggest game in Australian soccer to qualify for a fourth consecutive World Cup is not needed I think we concentrate on celebrating a 2-1 victory firstly and looking forward to a full house at home in Sydney of 80000-plus “Speculation is always going to come with our game and it is just disappointing it has come out the day after” Postecoglou who replaced the sacked Holger Osieck in late 2013 and took the team to the 2014 finals in Brazil and the 2015 Asian Cup title had already said he would not continue beyond next year’s World Cup finals in Russia and has spoken openly of his desire to coach outside Australia Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper citing an unnamed source reported on Wednesday he would quit regardless of whether the Socceroos qualified Football Federation Australia also indicated they were anticipating a change when they said they would need to move quickly no matter the result against Honduras “Should we qualify there is a period of some months until the World Cup and we agreed that we will need to lock in our set up as soon as possible to maximise our preparation time” FFA chief executive David Gallop said in a statement Brisbane Roar coach John Aloisi said on Thursday he was in the dark as to his close friend Postecoglou’s intentions “It’s a bit of a shock But still we haven’t heard if it’s 100 percent true or not” he told reporters in Brisbane “We have to respect whatever decision he makes but I’d love him to be there at the World Cup coaching the Socceroos” Postecoglou had been under huge pressure in the final phase of Asian qualifying this year with media pundits and former players regularly criticising his tactics selections and insistence on an attacking game The strain has been particularly evident in recent months with Postecoglou storming out of a post-match media conference in Melbourne following the team’s laboured 2-1 win over lightly regarded Thailand in their qualifier Aloisi however said he felt external pressure was unlikely to be the trigger if he had decided to quit “The criticism comes with the job with being a coach I’m sure he knows that’s part of our role” he said “I don’t think that’s the reason why Undermined I don’t know that’s something he has to answer” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mohali | Published: September 18 2017 12:34 am The BDPO Rasaal Singh was dismissed on the orders of the Rural Development and Panchayat Minister Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa after it was found in the departmental inquiry that the officer allotted work without floating any tenders (Source: Google Maps) Top News The Rural Development and Panchayat department has dismissed from the service the Block Development and Panchayat Officer (BDPO) of Gandiwind block in Tarn Taran district for alleged embezzlement of around Rs 75 lakh allocated for installation of hand pumps in the district The department has also written to Tarn Taran Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) to register a case against the BDPO The BDPO Rasaal Singh was dismissed on the orders of the Rural Development and Panchayat Minister Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa after it was found in the departmental inquiry that the officer allotted work without floating any tenders Disclosing this on Sunday the department’s secretary Anuraag Verma said an inquiry was conducted against Rasaal Singh after they received a complaint against him The officer was later chargesheeted “It was found that the officer embezzled Rs 4837 lakh in the work of installation of the hand pumps Now the police will investigate whom he had allotted the work” Verma said Apart from installation of solar lights Rasaal Singh with the help of one Mukhtiar Singh who is a contractor also allegedly allotted work worth Rs 14 lakh for the construction of toilets to people without floating the tenders For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 2 2017 3:49 pm Priyanka Chopra revealed that there were days when she too faced rejection in Bollywood Related News Priyanka Chopra will soon be making her Hollywood debut opposite Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in Baywatch She will be playing the role of Victoria Leeds The actor who has lately been basking in all the glory and success however reveals that there were days when she too faced rejection in Bollywood Ever since Kangana Ranaut openly spoke about nepotism calling Karan Johar the ‘movie mafia’ of Bollywood in the latest season of the chat show Koffee With Karan nearly the entire fraternity has taken sides While some agreed with the Queen actor others like Alia Bhatt said it doesn’t matter if you are a star kid as at the end of the day all that matters is your talent Priyanka Chopra who is currently one of the leading ladies of Bollywood during an interview with Mid-day shared how she had faced rejection in Bollywood She was asked that in an industry where most of the superstars are outsiders including Shah Rukh Khan Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh where does she stand in the nepotism debate “All kinds exist There is nothing wrong in being born into a family that has a legacy Outsiders don’t have a foot-in-the-door access Star kids have the insurmountable pressure of living up to the family name Every star has their individual journey In mine I have faced a lot I have been kicked out of films because someone else was recommended to the producer I cried and got over it Eventually those who are meant to be success stories become that despite all hindrances” said Priyanka Chopra Also read:Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala 2017 appearance in world’s longest trench coat is iconic seepics And look at where she is now She became the first woman from India to grab a lead role in an American television series Quantico She even made her debut at the Met Gala 2017 where she slayed the platform with her long trench coat Priyanka’s Hollywood debut Baywatch will be releasing on June 2 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News The court imposed a fine of Rs 10, download Indian Express App ? Pataskar,anti-doping efforts could be set back years. and is also being produced by him.Vantur Salman, “Bajrangi Bhaijaan is tax free in UP.

writes on July 20: “The silence of the Islamic world can give further fillip to the Zionist conspiracy. Bengal is not such a bad choice; Banga or Bangla are equally acceptable,Four runs off the first over after Lunch for? Simran Kaur Mundi Sai Lokur. read more