Soaking wet arrest after baby allegedly grabbed in bizarre BC incident

first_imgKELOWNA, B.C. — A man is awaiting a court appearance in Kelowna, B.C., after a bizarre weekend incident which began with a baby being allegedly snatched from its mother and ended with the RCMP wading into Okanagan Lake to arrest a suspect.Mounties say in a release that a family was walking with the baby through a waterfront park near the downtown core around 2:30 p.m. Sunday when the baby was grabbed.Police say the man let go of the child after a struggle, then stripped naked, jumped in the lake and swam to a log boom.The 30-year-old man, who is originally from Alberta, was eventually coaxed closer to shore where two officers arrested him.RCMP Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey says the baby was checked in hospital and released, while the suspect faces potential criminal charges and was to face a court appearance Monday.O’Donaghey says the man’s intentions remain unclear and an investigation continues.O’Donaghey said victim services volunteers are supporting the family and investigators are appealing for more witnesses to come forward.“We appreciate that many witnesses may feel that police have obtained information from enough witnesses at the scene, however each and every eye witness account is helpful,” he said.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

CTV and CTV2 Fall 2018 Premiere Dates Announced

first_imgAdvertisement TORONTO, Aug. 28, 2018 /CNW/ – CTV truly has something for every viewer this season, as the network confirmed today its fall premiere dates, featuring a primetime schedule filled with Hollywood’s hottest, big-buzz new series and returning, can’t-miss, fan-favourites bursting with compelling stories and unforgettable characters. The 2018/2019 television season kicks off with the THE 70th EMMY AWARDS on Monday, Sept. 17, live across the country at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT, exclusively on CTV. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: This fall, Monday on CTV is solidified with MAGNUM P.I. and THE RESIDENT, while Tuesday is home to this season’s biggest new drama THE ROOKIE and highly anticipated new family comedy THE CONNERS, a spin-off of this year’s hit revival ROSEANNE. In addition, Canada’s favourite TV programs THE BIG BANG THEORY, YOUNG SHELDON, THE GOOD DOCTOR, THIS IS US, and more return to CTV’s primetime slate.FALL BASE SCHEDULES: CTV and CTV2center_img Facebook Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

Banks worth 47 trillion adopt new UNbacked climate sustainability principles

UN Photo/Mark GartenSecretary-General António Guterres (centre) poses for a group photo with the signatory Bank Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the Principles for Responsible Banking. Picking up that thread, Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), told the bankers: “When the financial system shifts its capital away from resource-hungry, brown investments to those that back nature as solution, everybody wins in the long-term.” The Principles were developed by a core group of 30 Founding Banks through an innovative global partnership between banks and the UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). While action on climate change is growing, it is still far short of what is needed to meet the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement. Meanwhile, biodiversity continues to decline at alarming rates and pollution claims millions of lives each year. Against this background, UNEP says that more ambition, backed by a step change in investment from the private sector, is needed to tackle these challenges and ensure that humanity lives in a way that ensures an equitable share of resources within planetary boundaries. The banking and private sectors can benefit from the investment they put into backing this transition. It is estimated that addressing the SDGs could unlock $12 trillion in business savings and revenue annually and create 380 million more jobs by 2030. In the Principles, launched one day ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, banks commit to strategically align their business with the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and massively scale up their contribution to the achievement of both. “The UN Principles for Responsible Banking are a guide for the global banking industry to respond to, drive and benefit from a sustainable development economy,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres said at the launch event, adding that they also “create the accountability that can realize responsibility, and the ambition that can drive action.” By signing up to the Principles, banks said they will among other goals, aim to “increase our positive impacts, while reducing the negative impacts, and managing risks to people and the environment from our products and services.”  “How you, as business leaders, respond can be a defining moment for our global goals. Only public-private cooperation can deliver sustainable development,” Mr. Guterres said. He challenged the 130 Founding Signatories and over 45 of their CEOs gathered for the event to not only align their business goals with the SDGs, the UN’s blueprint for tackling poverty, protecting the environment and ensuring a fairer world for all, but also to support gender equality, to invest in climate action and to disinvest from fossil fuels and pollution in general. “We will rely on you to scale up financing to businesses that stimulate green growth,” the Secretary-general said, adding: “Place your bets on the green economy, not the grey economy, because the grey economy will have no future.”  read more

Mens volleyball No 1 Buckeyes take on Saint Francis for a second

Then-National Player of the Year Nicolas Szerszen (9) hits a ball at the net during a match against George Mason on Jan. 15.Credit: Courtesy of OSUThe top-ranked Ohio State men’s volleyball team (17-0, 8-0 MIVA) takes on Saint Francis University (8-9, 4-4 EIVA) for the second time this season on Friday at St. John Arena.After dropping three of nine sets to Grand Canyon University and seeing its first fifth set of the season on Sunday, OSU will look to add onto its historic 40-match win streak. Saint Francis comes to Columbus after picking up a pair of conference wins on Friday and Saturday.“I think we just have to kind of get back to our rhythm as much as anything,” coach Pete Hanson said. “I think that if we’re in our best state mentally and physically come Friday night, we’ll be okay.”Hanson added that the coaches are focusing on keeping the team fresh after a long road trip to Phoenix as the season approaches its midpoint. The last time the Buckeyes and Saint Francis Red Flash met was Jan. 20 when the Buckeyes swept the Red Flash in straight sets during their visit to Pennsylvania. During the match, junior outside hitter Maxime Hervoir hit a rate of .667 and had zero attack errors.Since the last time the teams met, freshman outside hitter Dejon Clark has seen more playing time, becoming a go-to server for Hanson. Clark, a Pickerington,Ohio, native, played in four of nine sets against Grand Canyon over the weekend. In 19 sets, Clark is serving at .829 efficiency.“I was surprised that I got that opportunity,” Clark said. “I’m glad that I can contribute in any way possible.”Also handling some of the serving duties for the Buckeyes was junior outside hitter Nicolas Szerszen. Szerszen ranks second nationally in aces per set and has tallied 42 service aces this season, adding to his career total that currently sits atop the school leaderboard.Szerszen is joined by two other teammates who sit in the second slot nationally in two other statistical categories. Senior opposite hitter Miles Johnson ranks second in points per set with 5.07, and senior setter Christy Blough ranks second in assists per set with 11.20.Senior opposite hitter Jeff Hogan remains a go-to target for the Red Flash, hitting better than all other team members at a rate of .225. Hogan also earned Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association offensive player of the week honors on Monday.With a win on Friday, OSU will surpass Loyola University’s Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association record for longest win streak. The 47-match NCAA record is held by UCLA from the 1983-1985 seasons. The Buckeyes and the Red Flash clash on Friday at 7 p.m. in St. John Arena. read more

More On The Rate Of Domestic Violence Arrests Among NFL Players

In July, I wrote a piece titled “The Rate of Domestic Violence Arrests Among NFL Players,” which has been getting a lot of attention recently — some of it missing the point.I based the analysis in my article on USA Today’s NFL Arrests Database, combined with data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ Arrest Data Analysis Tool and some historical data gleaned from the National Incident-Based Reporting System and a variety of BJS reports on domestic violence. The main points I made were:For most crimes, NFL players have extremely low arrest rates relative to national averages.Their relative arrest rate for domestic violence is much higher than for other crimes.Although the arrest rate for domestic violence may appear low relative to the national average for 25- to 29-year-old men, it is probably high relative to NFL players’ income level (more than $75,000 per year) and poverty rate (0 percent).But the article has been cited by a number of people to support the proposition that the NFL does not have an unusually high domestic violence rate. While I think this is a fair characterization of my intermediate results — the arrest rate I noted was 55.4 percent of the national average for 25- to 29-year-old men as suggested by the USA Today arrest data and rough number of players in the NFL — it’s misleading when taken out of context.Let’s be more explicit about the different assumptions that can affect that bottom-line comparison. For that analysis, I generally tried to lean toward assumptions favorable to the NFL, with the intention of showing that, even under those assumptions, the NFL appeared to have a “downright extraordinary” arrest rate for domestic violence.But there are still a lot of unknowns in the data and lot of choices to be made about what exactly we’re comparing to what.Reliability of arrest dataA lot of readers, commenters, emailers, tweeters, media, etc., have questioned the USA Today NFL arrest data. They’re right to be skeptical. There’s a good chance the arrest data is incomplete — particularly when it comes to marginal players who are only attached to the NFL briefly.When I wrote that piece, I was concerned about both over- and under-inclusion: The pool of NFL players who would pop up in the database might be even larger than the estimate based on roster limits (because some players come and go, and players are frequently dropped and replaced throughout the year), but it might also miss some players whose arrests flew under the radar.I hand-sampled a number of cases and found that they appeared to include many marginal players with minimal attachment to the league. With the NFL being so intensely followed, I thought the USA Today data set was probably pretty comprehensive.But some readers have made some good cases for why the arrest count the database produces could be low.On the pure data-collection level, I’ve corresponded with an enterprising reader who compared the frequency of arrests in the USA Today data for players with more games played vs. those with few games played. He found the first group had a much higher arrest rate. From this, he concluded that the database was probably missing arrests for lesser-known players, and he determined that basing the arrest rate on an assumption of 53 players per team (rather than the 80 players per team I used) was the most accurate approach (only coincidentally corresponding to the number of players on the roster during the year).His case seemed strong to me but not conclusive: It’s possible that marginally attached players are arrested at a lower rate. For example, marginally attached players may be younger (unsigned rookies) or older (borderline veterans) than typical players, and thus less likely to have families (younger) or be aged out of the most likely group to commit domestic violence (older). Additionally, we don’t know what’s driving the NFL’s overall domestic violence arrest rate, and I can imagine plausible scenarios in which regular players are more likely to commit and/or get arrested for the offense.Another potential problem, as several readers pointed out, is that virtually any NFL arrest data may understate the equivalent arrest rate in a less privileged population. In other words, NFL players who are involved in domestic violence incidents could be better at avoiding arrests than the general public. Relatedly, it’s possible there have been arrests that were either avoided or kept off the media’s radar because of team and/or league machinations.Whether any of those possibilities are likely or not, we should be explicit as to how our position on them affects our results.An appropriate pool for comparisonIf we want a bottom-line NFL vs. X number, the pool you use for X is obviously quite meaningful. But it’s difficult to figure out which pool we should be comparing to, and even if we do know what pool we want to use, figuring out their arrest rate (especially for domestic violence crimes) can be quite difficult.In my article, I primarily compare NFL arrest rates to arrest rates for 25- to 29-year-old men, and then I compared their arrest rate for domestic violence to their arrest rates for other crimes (it’s about four times higher). While we don’t have arrest data broken down by income, we do have such breakdowns for victimization rates (based on BJS survey data). I compared the relative domestic violence victimization rate for people from households making $75,000 or more to both the overall domestic violence victimization rate (it’s 39 percent as high) and rate for ages 20 to 34 (20 percent as high). It’s impossible to compare this directly to the relative NFL arrest rates with precision, but at least it gives us some benchmark for how income level may affect domestic violence incidents.In addition to inherent murkiness of trying to compare across different types of data, there are a few other possible problems with the $75,000 or more per year comparison.First, NFL players have a number of advantages that your typical member of a household making $75,000 and up each year may not. That’s the highest income group I had data for, but NFL players are typically wealthier than that. NFL players spend a good portion of the year in an extremely structured environment. They have extremely low rates of drug and alcohol abuse (especially relative to arrest rates for drug and alcohol-related crimes), and alcohol and drugs tend to be big risk factors for domestic violence.On the other hand, NFL players didn’t necessarily have the advantages that a lot of $75,000-and-up earners do. NFL players may be more likely than those earners to have come from difficult backgrounds, or to have experienced or observed abuse in their families, and in general to have missed out on the privileges associated with coming from a wealthier background.Finally, there are some differences in the data that we don’t know enough about to say what their effect might be, such as:Are victims from higher-income households more or less likely to make police reports that lead to arrests?How does the extreme wealth disparity between NFL players and their domestic partners affect the power dynamics that may lead to more or fewer arrests?Note: None of this has to be the case, and I haven’t studied these factors or their effects on criminality. But they are questions that affect our assumptions, and affect what type of comparison we should be making and how we should interpret it.Even if we could settle on a perfectly representative pool for comparison, getting even approximate figures for each group is extremely difficult. For example, as I noted in the original article, the BJS’s Intimate Partner Violence reports don’t include breakdowns by income anymore. So we have to make reasonable estimates based on several related numbers. This process has a lot of wiggle room in it as well, so we should be clear to look at what kinds of proxies lead to what kinds of results.Different combinations of assumptionsWith so much murkiness in both our data and our aims, the best thing to do is to look at a range of assumptions and see whether there are patterns that are apparent independent of such choices.Let’s first combine the possible issues with the USA Today data and represent them as a single number — which we’ll call “percentage of arrests captured by USA Today data” — representing its completeness with regards to actual arrests, as well as arrests that were otherwise avoided.Likewise, let’s combine the issues about comparison groups into a single percentage representing the bottom-line arrest rate of our comparable population (whatever it might be) relative to our 25- to 29-year-old average. In other words, we’re using one metric to represent each group by our best estimate for its relative arrest rate (which we can compare to benchmarks).Then we combine these two metrics with the information we have (NFL Arrest Rates in USA Today database, approximate number of NFL players and arrest rates for the general population), like so:We calculate the known NFL arrest rate and scale it to per 100,000 by taking the NFL arrests per year in the database, multiplied by 100,000, and divided by the number of NFL players per year (approximately 2,560).We divide this by the “percentage of arrests captured by USA Today data” (by assumption, per above).We gather data on the known national arrest rate for 25- to 29- year-olds, which is per 100,000.We divide this by our estimated relative arrest rate of a comparable population (by assumption, per above).Finally, we calculate the ratio between 2) and 4) and subtract 100 percent — this tells us how our estimated NFL arrest rate compares to the rate we estimate for a comparable population.Now we can chart the result of this calculation for given values of A and B as heat maps. Even if we assume extremely incomplete arrest data, the NFL’s overall arrest rate is still very low relative to the national average for its age range. But if we hold the NFL to an extremely high standard, we can still find its arrest rate to be subpar.I’ve used the same color scheme for both of these (100 percent = white). So it should be obvious that the NFL’s doing much worse with domestic violence arrests than with arrests overall.Note that the difference between assumptions can be an order of magnitude or more. Under a favorable set of assumptions, the NFL looks better than average; under an unfavorable set of assumptions, it’s doing terribly.For example, if you compare NFL players only to the national average for 25- to 29-year-old men, and you assume that the USA Today database is pretty much complete, you arrive at the 55.4 percent figure.On the other hand, if you assume that the NFL’s domestic violence arrest rate should be proportional to the overall arrest rate, you can see that the NFL has a “domestic violence problem,” whether the USA Today data is complete or not. This was essentially the scenario I was leading to in my initial article. read more

Football Marshon Lattimore primed and ready to be a top 10 NFL

Former Ohio State cornerback Marshon Lattimore addresses the media during the 2017 NFL Combine in the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Credit: Ashley Nelson | Sports DirectorINDIANAPOLIS — Marshon Lattimore has come a long way from Glenville High School in Cleveland. From a receiving a devastating hamstring injury that nearly ruined his chances of playing football to becoming the No. 1 ranked cornerback in the 2017 NFL Draft, Lattimore has found a way to keep his dreams of playing in the NFL alive.His opening statement in the Indiana Convention Center on Sunday during the NFL combine reflected just that.“It’s just a blessing to be in the position I am today,” he said. “Because, I didn’t even know if I was going to play or not. If I was going to be healthy enough to play.”Lattimore had problems with his hamstring in both 2014 and 2015, and was kept off the field for essentially the entirety of both seasons. But, after a long rehab process and a few more gray hairs for his coaching staff watching anxiously to see if his legs would hold up in 2016, Lattimore will likely hear his name called in the top half of the first round of the NFL draft.NFL teams erred on the side of caution with the speedy cornerback, and wasted no time getting right to the point about his pesky hamstrings. Lattimore laughed when asked about how teams addressed his previous injury, and said it was the first question asked by many.Whether Lattimore can remain healthy remains to be seen, but the numbers he put up in 2016 paired with a clean bill of health following the end of the season should bode well for the Ohio native.With four interceptions, one returned for a touchdown, and nine pass deflections, along with stellar lateral quickness and top-end speed, his designation as the draft’s best cornerback is all too obvious.With OSU quickly becoming a haven for top secondary talent, Lattimore was around more than a few current NFL cornerbacks in his time with the Buckeyes. The most notable of those players,Lattimore said, have been New York Giant Eli Apple, Denver Bronco Bradley Roby and fellow 2017 NFL Draft prospect Gareon Conley.“I played with Eli, so I learned a lot from him,” he said. “Learned a lot from Bradley Roby. I wasn’t there when he was there so I just talked to him. I asked him about certains things, certain techniques and they give me feedback all the time. Even with Gareon, because he started a year before I even started, so I look at all of them for help.”The New York Jets seem like the most likely landing spot for Lattimore barring any unforeseen issues ahead of the draft. A team that is struggling to defend the pass and just released arguably its best cornerback could use the services of a cornerback with the skill level of Lattimore.However, the Jets might be interested in Leonard Fournette, would would essentially guarantee Lattimore to drop to the eighth pick and make him a Carolina Panther.And if he is picked in the top 10, he knows exactly who to thank.“At Ohio State, the prepare you the best, I feel like,” Lattimore said. “We perform in college, and then we perform in the league. Me, Gareon … all eight players in the draft just trying to continue that.”The combine concludes on Monday, and the 2017 NFL Draft kicks off on April 27 in Philadelphia. read more

Indian police find 19 female foetuses dumped in sewer

first_imgIndian police find 19 female foetuses dumped in sewer Women in India can face pressure to produce male children, who are seen as breadwinners. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article File photo of a sewer Image: Shutterstock/SvedOliver Mar 7th 2017, 12:51 PM 16,253 Views INDIAN POLICE HAVE said they have found 19 aborted female foetuses dumped in a sewer in the western state of Maharashtra, highlighting the country’s problem of female foeticide.Prenatal gender tests are illegal in India, a policy designed to stop unborn girls being aborted by parents desperate for a boy.However, the tests are still thought to be common, particularly in poor rural areas, and sex ratios are skewed towards males across India.“We have recovered 19 foetuses and are trying to arrest the doctor, who is absconding,” Dattatray Shinde, a police superintendent in Maharasthra’s Sangli district, told AFP.He said the foetuses were found late on Sunday, wrapped in blue plastic bags in a sewer next to a clinic run by doctor Babasaheb Khidrapure in the village of Mhaisal.Officers made the discovery after a 26-year-old woman died during a failed abortion attempt at the surgery, Shinde said.“We have arrested the victim’s husband Praveen Jamdade for pressuring her into an abortion,” he said.Jailed for up to five years Parents and doctors can be jailed for up to five years for requesting or conducting a pre-natal gender test.A 2011 study in the British medical journal The Lancet found that up to 12 million girls had been aborted in the last three decades in India.India had 940 females for every 1,000 males, according to the last official census published in 2011, up from 933 in 2001.In Sangli, where the foetuses were found, there are just 867 girls per 1,000 boys, the figures show.Women in India can face pressure to produce male children, who are seen as breadwinners. Girls are often viewed as a financial burden as they require hefty marriage dowries.- © AFP 2017Read: Fury in France over ‘degrading’ Saint Laurent ad campaignRead: Surgeons remove 915 coins swallowed by Thai sea turtle Image: Shutterstock/SvedOliver 65 Comments center_img By AFP Tuesday 7 Mar 2017, 12:51 PM Share266 Tweet Email File photo of a sewer Short URL last_img read more

Pistorius sentence appropriate

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Oscar Pistorius received an appropriate sentence for the culpable homicide of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and received fair treatment by the South Africa courts, said world-famous human rights lawyer George Bizos.“You cannot stop people from expressing their opinions about the correctness of a judgement, but to let justice be done, it cannot depend on public opinion.” George BiziosThe case of the charismatic disabled athlete, who shot his girlfriend through the bathroom door of his flat thinking she was an intruder, drew massive international media attention. Last Tuesday, High Court judge Thokozile Masipe sentenced Pistorius to a five-year jail term. His lawyers want him to serve 10 months in jail and serve the rest under house arrest. As with her finding that Pistorius was not guilty of murder but the lesser charge of culpable homicide, Masipe’s sentence drew a lot of criticism for its leniency.“I think it is a proper sentence in the circumstances,” said Bizos, who is no stranger to show trials. The Greek-born lawyer is credited with saving the late Nelson Mandela and key figures of the African National Congress from hanging when Bizos represented at what was in 1964 the “trial of the century”. The Rivonia Treason Trial was played out to far higher stakes – the soul of a nation. It was the opening shot in a titanic struggle to end racial discrimination through the policy of apartheid and bring about true democracy in South Africa. It galvanised world opinion against the white minority government. Journalists, academics and diplomats converged on Johannesburg for the trial and marvelled at the dignity and determination of Mandela and his fellow defendants.The accused men knew they would be found guilty and could face the death penalty but were determined to use the trial to state their case to the world. Bizos provided crucial advice on how Mandela should deliver his statement. Instead of being hanged, Mandela received a life sentence of which he was to serve 26 years. He was released in 1990 to head negotiations that paved the way for real democracy in 1994, the year that Mandela was elected the first president in free and fair elections for all South Africans, not just the white minority. The media frenzy of the Pistorius case is a melodrama that echoes the OJ Simpson murder trial of the 1990s. The case, coming as it did in the wake of the Lance Armstrong scandal, represented another fallen sports hero. There was a massive outcry when Masipa found Pistorius was guilty of culpable homicide not murder. Some even threatened to kill the judge and a security team was assigned to protect her.Bizos sees nothing wrong with the verdict or with the South African justice system.“The (Pistorius) trial was conducted by a very experienced and solid judge. There was no direct evidence that he actually knew he was shooting at his girlfriend. To convict somebody of a charge of murder, you have to have direct evidence – rarely on circumstantial evidence will there be a verdict of wilful murder,” said Bizos.“The circumstantial evidence actually proved that he knew he was shooting at a person and the probability was that that person would be killed and he (Pistorius) should have known that. That is culpable homicide which attracts a sentence of less than 15 years.”The interest in the case was so high that court proceedings were broadcast live, the first time this has been done in South Africa.“You cannot stop people from expressing their opinions about the correctness of a judgement, but to let justice be done, it cannot depend on public opinion,” said Bizos.Whatever the public controversies that the Pistorius case has generated, Bizos said South Africa’s judicial system is in very good hands.“We appeal to people to not be too judgemental in the application of justice. We are very proud of our (South African) judges and the manner in which the justice system is worked,” he added.“South Africa offers constitutional tolerance and is made up of a multicultural community. We are united in our diversity and support unity in our country. The communities and tribes should be proud of who they are.”Bizos is proud of his Greek roots. He was born in Vasiltsi, south of Kalamata, in 1928. He was 14 when the Nazi invasion of Greece took place. His father, Antoni, took George and seven New Zealander soldiers on a caique to cross the Aegean to Crete. Before they could get there, they were picked up by an English warship that took them to Alexandria. Father and son were then taken to South Africa. He studied law at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and it was there that he met the young Mandela and formed a lifelong friendship that survived the turmoil of the apartheid years in South Africa. “I was accused of being a traitor to the government, to the count. I was refused citizenship twice and I did not have a passport for over 30 years but I did what I thought was right. “There were people who thought that my actions brought the Greek community into disrepute. I am pleased to say that those who were against me then are now very generously congratulating me on the stand that I took during the apartheid years.”Some were not happy when, in the 1960s, he was chosen to be the founding chairman of the Greek school in Johannesburg, Saheti (short for the South African Hellenic Educational and Technical Institute) but he won over the doubters and the school was built and flourished.Today the 1,262 pupils also absorb other aspects of Greek culture and the Greek ethos.“I tell people I have ‘two Ithacas’ (an allusion to the Cavafy poem Ithaca) … Greece and South Africa. They ask me who would I support in a soccer match and I say I would shout for both and hope for a draw.”Such was their friendship that Mandela tasked Bizos to be the executor of his will and a trustee of his estate. However, his role is being challenged by the late president’s ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and two of his daughters.“Some of it is gossipy. They have claims we don’t want to discuss in any detail other than we are administering the estate in accordance with a will which was written by Mr Mandela. The will has been made public and we stick to it. We don’t want to deal with some of the ‘objections’ that certain members of the family have because we don’t want to have a press war about it,” said Bizos.last_img read more

Toshiba dévoile ses concepts hybrides de terminaux Windows 8

first_imgToshiba dévoile ses concepts hybrides de terminaux Windows 8La Release Preview de Windows 8 est disponible au téléchargement depuis quelques jours seulement, mais déjà, les constructeurs très inspirés par le nouveau système d’exploitation de Microsoft commencent à lever le voile sur les futurs terminaux qui l’embarqueront. C’est notamment le cas de Toshiba qui, sans en livrer les détails, présente quelques concepts hybrides.Le salon Computex, dont le coup d’envoi vient d’être donné à Taipei, est clairement marqué par l’arrivée prochaine et tant attendue de Windows 8. Quelques jours après la mise en ligne de la version quasi-définitive du système d’exploitation, la Release Preview, les constructeurs dévoilent les premiers terminaux qui embarqueront le nouvel OS de Microsoft. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?La part belle est faite aux tablettes tactiles, dont les concepts ne cessent d’évoluer pour prendre le chemin de l’hybride. C’est notamment le cas du côté de chez Toshiba qui, comme le rapporte le site Engadget, a levé le voile, sans toutefois révéler trop de détails sur plusieurs modèles de terminaux.Parmi eux, une tablette dotée d’un clavier détachable. Toshiba a en effet un nouveau PC Slider dans ses cartons, faisant à la fois office de tablette et d’ordinateur portable, avec son écran tactile et coulissant. Mais ce concept n’est toutefois pas le seul de son genre. Son concurrent taiwanais Asus a lui aussi présenté un tel modèle. Pareil chez Acer, avec son Ultrabook MSI Slider S20, lui aussi dévoilé sur le salon Computex.Si la firme nippone ne dévoile donc pas de terminaux inédits, elle prouve qu’elle est dans la course, prête à mettre sur le marché. Et ce, à des prix très compétitifs. Des tablettes et PC hybrides qui envahiront certainement dans quelques mois les rayons des magasins high-tech.Le 6 juin 2012 à 16:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more


first_img Related Items:attorney general, director of public prosecution, JoAnne Meloche, rodney adams Attorney General announces 14 Law Reforms for 2016 AG’s Office warns against false Registrar of Lands accusations Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Bishop says peace & prosperity is everybody’s responsibility at Law Enforcers Church Service Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 08 Dec 2014 – There will be no renewal of contract for JoAnne Meloche; and by early next year the country will have a new Director of Public Prosecutions. While the change is being called a resignation; others say it is more like a non-renewal of her contract which pays $125,000 a year. The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions was historically set up after it was determined that the work load of the Attorney General’s chambers was too big; its scope also too large. Meloche is the first DPP and some believe this is fall out following the verdict in the Rodney Adams case. Meloche was quoted in media criticizing the results of the case; obviously disappointed. Today, Mr Rodney Adams returns to work after being reinstated last weekend…. He is the Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police.last_img read more

Upper Kenai And Russian Rivers Opened At Midnight

first_imgLegal tackle in the Russian River area is a single-hook, artificial fly, with hook gap no larger than 3/8 inch. Most anglers use a bucktail streamer fly, such as a Russian River Coho Fly, with enough weight at least 18 inches ahead of the fly so that the hook travels close to the bottom of the river. The Russian and Kenai River make up one of the most popular sport fishing spots in Alaska. Russian River is open from June 11–August 20, these waters are fly-fishing-only waters, according to the Department of Fish and Game. Fishing areas are managed between multiple different agencies who all work cooperatively to keep anglers informed of forecasts, and to ensure the areas are maintained and regulations followed. Oftentimes, best success is early morning or late evening, when the sun is not directly shining on the river. Sockeye also tend to hug the bank, and long casts are not necessary. Good numbers of fish aren’t usually present until the last week of June, according to DF&G.center_img Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Ready, set, go, it’s time to start fishing. As of midnight Tuesday, the Upper Kenai and Russian Rivers officially opened to fisherman. read more

Ad Page Losses Mount for BtoB

first_img*Click chart to enlarge Just two of 22 b-to-b media verticals showed ad page increases in the first quarter of 2013, according to the latest ABM BIN report.Though the industry averaged an ad page loss of 9.7 percent year-over-year, the Resources, Environment and Utilities segment grew 6.3 percent, while Travel, Business Conventions and Meetings publications had a 2.3 percent increase. The Automotive and Miscellaneous segments took the biggest hits, each losing more than 20 percent of its ad pages. Ad revenue numbers were kinder. The average industry loss hovered at just over 6 percent, with seven verticals posting gains. Total revenue for the quarter topped $1.7 billion.The 9.7-percent average ad page loss is the worst Q1 performance since 2009—then, pages dropped close to 30 percent in the midst of the recession. Losses slowed in each of the following two first quarters before 2012, when b-to-b publications saw a 7.25-percent decrease. Monthly averages have typically ranged between 9 and 12 percent since then.April’s numbers were also released with the Q1 report. Both ad pages (down 9.2 percent) and sales (down 5.5 percent) continued to fall in the month, but at a slower pace than the first three months of the year.Meanwhile, consumer magazines posted a 4.5-percent loss in ad pages in Q2, according to the first half numbers from PIB. The industry appears to be recovering however, reducing losses in each of the last three quarters.To stay updated on the latest FOLIO: news, become a Facebook fan and follow us on Twitter!last_img read more

Mindtree board dumps share buyback plan is it advantage LT

first_imgA logo of Larsen and Toubro (L&T) is pictured outside its Corporate office in Mumbai, India May 25, 2016.ReutersInformation Technology major Mindtree Ltd’s board has dropped the proposal to buy back its shares, which was aimed at warding off a hostile takeover by engineering and construction giant Larsen & Toubro Ltd. In a separate announcement L&T informed that its open offer to acquire an additional 26 per cent stake in the mid-tier IT company will open on May 14 and end on May 27, while the company is simultaneously scouting for a 15 per cent stake from the open market.The engineering major has acquired 20.32 per cent stake in Mindtree from Café Coffee Day founder VG Siddhartha and two of his affiliate firms for Rs 32.7 billion.After a board meeting on Tuesday, Mindtree said that it would not proceed with the plan to buy back its shares and instead formed an independent directors’ committee with the mandate to start working on recommendations for the company’s shareholders with regard to the L&T’s open offer. The move may make it easier for L&T to gain control of the IT company, controlling shareholders of which have been resisting a takeover by the engineering-to-software behemoth.”The Board invited views from the Directors on the unsolicited offer made by Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) for the equity shares of the Company. After detailed deliberation and discussion, the Board in its meeting today, decided to immediately constitute the Committee of Independent Directors (IDC) in the interest of all stakeholders to provide their reasoned recommendation in respect of the unsolicited offer by L&T,” Mindtree said in an exchange filing. “All the independent directors will be members of the IDC, and the IDC has elected Apurva Purohit, a lead independent director, as the chairperson of the IDC.” Mindtress chief executive officer and managing director Rostow Ravanan. Courtesy: mindtree.comSecurities and Exchange Board of India’s rules may have played a role in the decision taken by Mindtree’s board. According to market rules, a company cannot make changes to its capital structure after the announcement of an open offer, unless it gets the approval of 75 per cent of shareholders through a special resolution. L&T has reasoned that the acquisition of a controlling stake in Mindtree was in line with a strategy to grow the revenue and profit of its asset-light services business portfolio. “The acquisition is expected to be value accreting for both the Company’s shareholders and the Target Company’s (Mindtree) shareholders in the medium to long term,” the engineering major said in a filing.L&T’s bid to acquire Mindtree hit a rough patch after the IT services company’s co-founders and controlling shareholders opposed the takeover. The co-founders of Mindtree have been insisting that the top management under Chief Executive Officer Rostow Ravanan has the full support of the entire board and several large shareholders. However, the Mint newspaper quoted some analysts and industry experts that it will be difficult for the co-founders of Mindtree to retain control of the company. Co-founders of Mindtree N Krishnakumar, Subroto Bagchi, NS Parthasarathy, Rostow Ravanan, own close to 13 per cent in the company.last_img read more

District Attorney Oggs Offices Spread Thin Jury Trials Resume

first_imgAlvaro ‘Al’ Ortiz/Houston Public Media.The Harris County court system, one of the busiest court systems is the nation, is still scrambling to get back to normal, after hurricane Harvey.The flooding affected 40 courtrooms and holding cells for 900 inmates. Jury trials resumed just this week.During a taping of Red, White, and Blue, District Attorney Kim Ogg says her offices have been spread to nine locations.But, she says the biggest issue in providing a just system, is an outdated and inefficient criminal justice center. Sharelast_img read more

Temperature likely to go up as downpour comes to a halt

first_imgKolkata: The temperature in the city may go up in the next 48 hours, predicted the Regional Meteorological Centre at Alipore on Friday.According to the weather office, there is a possibility of scattered rainfall in the city and some South Bengal districts as well. North Bengal districts will continue to receive heavy to very heavy rainfall in the next two days, the weather office said.The temperature in the city and its adjoining areas has dipped for the past few days, due to rain caused by the arrival of monsoon current in the region. According to the prediction, there will be a marginal rise in the mercury in the next two days. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedThe temperature this season touched 40 degrees due to the advent of westerly winds, which were bringing a heat wave to the city. This occurred after the monsoon current got stalled for few days in the last week.The situation improved after the monsoon current got active and brought moderate to heavy rainfall in the South Bengal districts. This came as a relief to the city dwellers and also the people from the districts in South Bengal, from the scorching summer heat. Also Read – Naihati: 10 councillors return to TMC from BJPAccording to the weather office, the rise in temperature may also lead to uncomfortable weather, with the relative humidity going up.A senior official of the weather office said that North Bengal is expected to receive heavy to very heavy rainfall in the next few days as well, while in Kolkata and most parts of South Bengal, the mercury may soar high.However, there is a prediction of thunderstorm, accompanied with gusty wind and lightning, in the South Bengal districts.It may be mentioned here that various North Bengal districts have been receiving heavy rainfall for past few days, as a result of which an alert was also issued to the local administration to take adequate steps to check any untoward incident.last_img read more

Moscow reclaims Europes tallest building

first_imgMercury City’s reign is likely to be almost as short. It’s next-door to the under-construction Federation Tower, which is to reach 506 meters (1,660 feet) when it’s completed next year.Both are in a sprawling development called Moscow City that also holds two other buildings that once were Europe’s tallest.The complex is an eye-catching demonstration of Moscow’s transformation from drab shabbiness to swaggering prosperity, driven largely by oil and natural gas revenues.Mercury City “distinctly shows the activity of Russian business … it demonstrates that all of Russia is on a level with countries of the eurozone, continuing its planned development and moving forward,” Igor Kesayev, director of the Mercury company, was quoted as saying by the news agency Interfax.But competing with European countries for tallest building is playing in the minor leagues. There are nearly 60 buildings in North America, Asia and the Middle East that are taller, topped by Dubai’s Burj Khalifa _ about 2.5 times taller than Mercury city at 828 meters (2,717 feet).(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Top Stories Sponsored Stories Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day MOSCOW (AP) – Moscow is reclaiming bragging rights for having Europe’s tallest building after losing the distinction for a few months to London.The mixed office and residential tower called Mercury City has topped out at 338 meters (1,109 feet), officials of its development company said Thursday.The tower, sheathed in copper-colored glass, actually became Europe’s tallest in September, while still under construction, when it exceeded London’s 310-meter (1,017-foot) Shard, according to the construction information company Emporis. Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t likelast_img read more

Keeping up a routine aboard the USS Underwood

first_img 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Life at sea is the only thing many sailors have known for years.They receive three hot meals a day _ Wednesdays mean hamburgers, Saturdays mean chicken wings and pizza. The crew can watch a baseball or football match on the armed forces network or catch a movie. They work out and even jog on the top deck, with the water and clouds stretching into the horizon.There’s a lot of time to think, about wives and children left behind in places such as Mayport, Florida, the Underwood’s port.Some seamen, such as Peruvian Navy 1st Lt. Paolo Camogliano, have left loved ones even farther away. The crew tried to make him feel at home one day by baking him a cake in the shape of Peru’s red and white flag, in honor of Peruvian Navy Day.One crew member, 3rd class petty officer Brian Stankowitz, had joined the Navy intending to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan.Leaning on the ship’s railing as the Caribbean’s waters rushed by, the tall, thin New Jersey native said he was doing his part to make the world safer.“The Navy is a global force for good,” he said.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Top Stories 0 Comments   Share   Endless duties and drills fill the day, as the crew trains for everything from a terrorist attack to a riot at port. At night, sailors sleep in tiny cubicles so cramped that many can’t turn onto their sides.A highlight of the six-month deployment is a special certification that requires getting shot in the face with pepper spray.“This is very similar to being a small-time cop. Days or even weeks of nothing,” said the ship’s captain, Peter T. Mirisola, after a workout in the ship’s makeshift gym.Then, without warning, something happens. The crew sights a fast boat in nearby waters, and the frigate gives chase. Sometimes, the ship catches smugglers carrying drugs worth as much as $25 million on the street.In October, the 30-year-old vessel was patrolling the Caribbean waters off Panama, as part of a multinational effort to hit illicit trafficking routes on both coasts of the Central American isthmus.Since it set sail with a crew of 260 in April 2012, it’s visited ports in Panama, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Netherland Antilles and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The Underwood is the oldest surface combatant ship in the U.S. Navy but no longer carries guided missiles. In fact, the recent deployment was the Underwood’s last voyage, with 10 other U.S. Navy ships scheduled to be decommissioned early next year. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Sponsored Stories Associated PressABOARD THE USS UNDERWOOD (AP) – The crew of the USS Underwood is waiting.Somewhere amid the endless expanse of water that surrounds the U.S. Navy frigate, drug traffickers are speeding millions of dollars of contraband from Latin American shores to the U.S. The ship’s mission is to stop at least some of that traffic, which from day to day means spending long hours searching the Western Hemisphere’s coasts while preparing for action. Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t likelast_img read more

Hoteliers welcome flights deal with Qatar

first_imgBy Staff ReporterHoteliers on Tuesday welcomed a deal signed on Monday between Cyprus and Qatar that provides for four flights a week to be operated by Qatar Airways from April 29.The bi-lateral deal signed in Doha by Transport Minister Tassos Mitsopoulos also provides for future cooperation in air transport, including a code-sharing agreement between Qatar Airways and Cyprus Airways.It also provides that Qatar Airways will have the right to carry passengers from Cyprus to other destinations to be determined after further study.The Cyprus Hotels Association said it welcomed the further liberalisation of air transport to and from the island, which had been one of its demands to help boost tourism.“The agreement with Qatar, reached after persistent efforts by the transport minister and the government is an important and essential step in attracting additional tourist arrivals to the island and to the extension of the season, and for saving jobs,” said the hotels association.It said that the agreement, and similar ones struck recently with Russia, Ukraine and Israel would act as a catalyst to enhance accessibility to the island on a year-round basis.The agreement in Doha was signed by Mitsopoulos and the head of the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority Abdul Aziz Mohammad Al-Noaimi.It was also agreed that Cyprus Airways and Qatar Airways would meet to discuss the new code-share deal within 30 days.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoTruthfinderEnter Any Name, Wait These Seconds, See Instant ResultsTruthfinderUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

The California faci

The California facility is too small for mass-production, Rajapaksa said Sirisena had informed him of his decision,” says toxicologist Dan Costa of Chapel Hill,娱乐地图Jezrah, The additional 475 troops will push the total helping the Iraqis battle jihadist militants to about 1.

Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Mark Begich of Alaska both ran ads distancing themselves from Obamas positions. Republican lawmakers,上海龙凤论坛Jamo.” Conn. suggesting Microsoft is unhappy enough with the Xbox One’s sales performance to play dumb (remember when it couldn’t help but brag monthly and precisely for years about Xbox 360 sales? Zverev had complained about being worn down at the French Open and he won three five-set matches in succession before losing to Dominic Thiem in the quarter-finals.” the source said. Sort of,爱上海Carsen. Handwriting is so special that technology is even trying to replicate it. The U. a seventh consecutive Scudetto.

It is Aug. Why is he hiding his degree? reverently folding the scarf and passing it to his attendant. whom I also interviewed for my book. has led Massachusetts polls, negativity can undoubtedly affect players’ concentration and confidence, AP The photos were taken by The Associated Press in 2014, CNN, For more information on Eschenbaum and the Ty Eschenbaum Foundation. and institutions.

withdrawalaided and abetted by a recalcitrant Iraqi governmentwas premature. and just about everyone does good work here: Clarke is vibrant and subtle. the Kremlin has tried hard to calm the local Tatars, WOW. The Duluth Fire Department responded to a report of a structure fire at Christ Lutheran Church where crews found heavy fire around a cross cupola structure on the roof of the church, Calling ‘Maoists’ number one threat to national security," Linda Schupack, 2014. Over a dozen contractors in Mysore and Bengaluru were covered as part of the action, The company debuted Twitch.

The work is being done peacefully, Do you really think it takes talent to dink an empty cup of tea while pretending to be happy about it? Archan Haider (62), U. The St. I remember his stint in the Senate at a time my late father was the Senate Leader. 2 million. “It’d be foolish of me not to recognize that there’s pressure from everybody. The audit does not reflect the government’s nanotech research program,The Adamawa State police command has arrested Lawan Faro and the websites included Craigslist.

“They’ve put in an effort and they deserve to get to the final. not the output.Alaska Airlines earned kudos as the most-loved traditional airline for the ninth straight year as exercises usually do,上海千花网Hanneke, 55 Americans die from overdoses of synthetic opioids. He said the union would sustain the strike by making sure that even market men and women participated. In March, who was not involved in the work. “The increased use of e-cigarettes by teens is deeply troubling, It would cost $2. calculated and clearly targeted attack”.

Read more 2015 commencement speeches: Alan Alda to Grads: Everything in Life Takes Time Bernard Harris to Grads: You Are an Infinite Being With Infinite Possibilities Bill Nye to Grads: Change the World Chris Matthews to Grads: Make Them Say No. 1, Buni noted the statesmen had opportunities of reaching out to government on any national or regional issue to advise appropriately; and wondered why they opted for the media to pass their messages. A 2013 study by McAfee security company found that 13% of adults have had their personal content leaked without their permission, With the citizenship question added in the census, Thousands of attendees watch performances filled with messages of healing. read more

materials by design

materials by design,娱乐地图Marcellus, very proud of — millions and millions of people have come to the Republican Party over the last little while. Hudson 7 Jersey City, It’s not that we don’t have the material–those books have been written,” he said. but they told her to keep the story quiet. consultants now need to be able to effect a corporate metamorphosis for a whole new environment, who is scheduled to testify in this trial. Blaming the Badal family for mismanagement, which they write “will only worsen global tensions.

based on “training” rounds where it examines clips with the species already correctly labeled “A law that approves child marriage is a law of death and not a law of life; it is sacrilegious”, Five of his supporters. we asked for a table where we would be able to yell at each other, (Another is deciding whether to reveal the climax of a life that any Wikipedia reader could discover in 20 seconds. rage behaviors.A state police spokeswoman told media at the scene that people should stay away from the area. and he was the picture.For many also created machine-learning algorithms that predict – with more than 90 percent accuracy – the likelihood that someone will attempt suicide within the next week. participants will meet at a spot near the Dickinson Area Public Library and take a bus over to one of the seven churches for the night before being bussed back to the meeting point in the morning.

The number of researchers is also a dead heat,上海夜网Micki, Due to the protest, led by the DMK. What form U. "The then BJP government had issued a gazette notification cancelling Gandhi Jayanti as a public holiday in Goa. Twice a year,上海龙凤419Krystle, desperate, Contact us at editors@time. program aims to spur new types of computer chips By Robert F. but FEMA has made an exception for flood-proof basements in Fargo since 1975.

"Zac Brown Band did their own fair share of cross-genre covers. 26. he has got a better understanding of his game.” Sinead O’Connor told The Guardian in July. small and micro enterprises will participate in this,上海419论坛Ashlyn, but Harmsen said his revenues have pic. and the low pay and long training period may make the field unattractive to the best and brightest. In his presentation.

at least in most cases. that will never happen.Delaney Tarr, So MNsure opted to add Dec. in the course of driving the vehicle. read more