first_img Twitter Over the past year, Hollywood TV and movie studios have been suing “hundreds of everyday” Canadians for allegedly sharing and downloading copyrighted material, an Atlantic-based law firm says in a press release.“A torrent of lawsuits are descending on Canadians accused of online file sharing. If you get one of these, it can’t be ignored,” privacy lawyer and partner at McInnes Cooper David T.S. Fraser said in a tweet on Monday.He stressed this wasn’t a hoax and that people receiving a piece of registered mail from a Hollywood studio were actually being sued for copyright infringement. Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Ignoring it won’t make it go away, he said, warning that people who do could pay a high price.People who illegally downloaded material — not for commercial use — could be forced to pay damages of up to $5,000, according to Canada’s Copyright Modernization Act. And users found to have illegally downloaded movies to make money could face fines of up to $20,000.center_img Advertisement Login/Register With: This photo released by HBO shows Kit Harington as Jon Snow, left, and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in a scene from “Game of Thrones,” which premiered its eighth season on Sunday. (HBO via AP) Advertisementlast_img read more

Former Costa Rican vicepresident chosen to fill senior UN post

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced today the appointment of former Costa Rican Vice-President Rebeca Grynspan to be second-in-command at the United Nations agency tasked with providing countries with the knowledge, experience and resources that aid economic growth.Ms. Grynspan has been named Under-Secretary-General and Associate Administrator of the UN Development Programme (UNDP), which she has served since March 2006 as Regional Director of the agency’s office for Latin America and the Caribbean.She succeeds Ad Melkert who has been appointed as the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Iraq and head of the UN mission in that country (UNAMI).Before joining UNDP, Ms. Grynspan worked within the UN Secretariat as Director of the Sub-regional Headquarters in Mexico of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) from 2001 to 2006. She won election to Vice-President of Costa Rica, serving one term from 1994 to 1998, after holding ministerial positions in the Central American nation’s Government for eight years. In her new post, Ms. Grynspan will assist UNDP Administrator – former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark – in overseeing the agency’s programmes, as well as fulfilling other leadership responsibilities. In addition to helping developing countries build democratic governance; assist in conflict prevention and recovery; aid in poverty and HIV/AIDS reduction; and establish energy sources while protecting the environment; UNDP seeks to promote human rights and the empowerment of women.Ms. Grynspan, who was born in 1955, holds a masters degree in economics from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom and is married with two children. 8 December 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced today the appointment of former Costa Rican Vice-President Rebeca Grynspan to be second-in-command at the United Nations agency tasked with providing countries with the knowledge, experience and resources that aid economic growth. read more

With longterm strategy UN protects civilians in Gaza from threat of unexploded

“The full extent of contamination by ERW in Gaza is unknown,” said the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in a news release issued yesterday, which added that although a large number of ERW was cleared shortly after the 2014 conflict by both official and unofficial bodies, suspected remnants remain hidden throughout Gaza, either among the rubble of destroyed structures or buried below the surface. In that regard, as part of a sustainable strategy to mitigate risks, the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) has focused on protection measures to include removing suspected ERW and providing a holistic risk mitigation framework in support of reconstruction and development efforts.These measures comprised four mutually-reinforcing components, beginning with site-specific ERW risk assessments to determine the hazards and the level of risk.“Based on these assessments, ERW risk awareness training is then provided to construction workers. UNMAS monitors ongoing work activities to ensure compliance with recommended measures. The final component is responsive technical support from an Explosive Ordnance Disposal expert whenever an item is suspected to be an ERW. These activities are complemented by providing ERW risk education to communities at risk in order to reduce the number of accidents,” OCHA’s statement explained.Following the end of hostilities in 2014, UNMAS supported the UN Development Programme’s (UNDP) Rubble Removal project for the safe extraction and processing of more than one million tons of debris. By end-July 2016, UNMAS had provided 81 risk assessments to support UNDP-coordinated reconstruction efforts by surveying 405,000m2 of land, including 41 km of roadways. Additionally, ERW risk awareness training has been provided to 211 workers with risk education sessions reaching nearly 39,000 people in communities at risk, including boys and girls.In parallel, UNMAS continued to provide the Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), other UN agencies and non-governmental partners with leadership and expert technical expertise in managing explosive hazards while developing contingency plans to strengthen emergency preparedness.According to OCHA, “the ERW risk mitigation measures deployed in Gaza constitute a responsible and sustainable response to identify and remove ERW, and ultimately protect the lives of civilians.”Since the end of hostilities in August 2014, 17 people had been killed and 100 more injured by ERW, including 46 children. read more

EUPHORIA Slovenia to play against Croatia in front of 9000 fans

Slovenian national handball team made a big progress in last two years with Veselin Vujovic on the helm. Slovenians won bronze medal at the Men’s IHF World Championship 2017 only few months after good performance and quarter-final placement at Olympic Games in Rio, where they lost against Denmark.Last June, over 10.000 fans watched match of qualifications for Men’s EHF EURO 2018 with Germany in the biggest hall in Ljubljana “Stozice”.Now, almost the same proportion of support, Veselin Vujovic boys will have in friendly match against the biggest rivals – Croatia, in EHF week. Over 8.000 tickets have been already sold.Croatia will host the second match on Saturday at Arena Zagreb, where Main Round and Final weekend of the upcoming Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in January. Slovenia handball ← Previous Story Norwegian duo Jondal – Johannessen to SG Flensburg Handewitt Next Story → ROAD TO WCh 2019: 23 teams in six groups to fight for Play-Off read more

BlackBerry founder Balsillie dumps his entire stake in the company

first_imgIf former co-CEO Jim Balsillie is smiling right now, it’s not because he’s holding a brand new BlackBerry 10 device — it’s because he recently sold off millions of shares of company stock, pocketing a ton of cash. Just how much did Balsillie dump? Every single share he ever held, which was somewhere around 26.8 million in total (as of December 2011).The stock has been trading at around $14 to $15 per share, so that’s not a bad sack of loot to haul away from a business that Balsillie seems to be losing faith in . Balsillie may still have confidence in The Company Formerly Known as RIM, but the divestment certainly doesn’t imply as much. Could it be that he finally admitted to himself that the company has finally run out of steam?That’s certainly been the prevailing sentiment in the tech industry for quite some time. The underwhelming public response to the BlackBerry PlayBook and the oft-delayed launch of BlackBerry 10 punctuate a spate of disappointments from the once-dominant smartphone maker. Even the recent launch of the Z10 has done little to restore confidence, though there’s definitely more excitement about the BlackBerry 10 flagship than there was about anything RIM launched in 2012.It’s been a tough couple of years for the Waterloo, Ontario company. Balsillie’s decision to cut the financial cord and purge BlackBerry stock from his portfolio isn’t going to sit well with other investors. Once again it will be up to BlackBerry CEO Thorstein Heins to staunch the bleeding and assure everyone that BlackBerry is back — and that the Z10 is just the beginning, not the end.last_img read more

The man who wrote The Anarchist Cookbook has died

first_imgThe man who wrote The Anarchist Cookbook has died The infamous manual provided instructions for violence and sabotage. 14,315 Views Short URL Thursday 30 Mar 2017, 4:46 PM http://jrnl.ie/3315528 By Rónán Duffy Mar 30th 2017, 4:46 PM center_img Share30 Tweet Email 15 Comments THE MAN WHO wrote the infamous Anarchist Cookbook instructional guide has died at the age of 66.William Powell wrote the book a the height of the Vietnam War and it was first published in 1971.The book details a range of techniques of how to engage in violence, sabotage and acts of destruction, including how to make explosives.The book is believed to have been used as source material ahead of some notorious acts of violence including the 1999 school shooting at Columbine High School.The book was produced and published at the peak of the counterculture movement in United States and it is believed that about two million copies have been sold.The growth of the internet also provided the book with a new lease of life and it was distributed further. An early picture of Powell taken from the American Anarchist documentary about him. Source: Facebook/AmericanAnarchistWriting in The Guardian in 2013, Powell said he was motivated to write to book because of “government-sanctioned violence”. He wrote that these reasons still persist to this day but that he now feels the book is “flawed”: Over the years, I have come to understand that the basic premise behind the Cookbook is profoundly flawed. The anger that motivated the writing of the Cookbook blinded me to the illogical notion that violence can be used to prevent violence.It’s understood that Powell died in July of last year but it has only now become widely known after his death was recorded in the credits of a new documentary about him entitled American Anarchist.Read: George Michael’s funeral takes place three months after his death on Christmas Day >Read: Martin McGuinness has died at the age of 66 > Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Scientists Are Making RoboBees

first_img This Robot Is Equal Parts Lawnmower and Snow BlowerWatch: Drone Captures Incredible View of Sheep on Colorado Peak Stay on target Bees are dying. We’ve been hearing about it for literally years. And while there’s been some progress in terms of conversation, an intrepid group of scientists aren’t holding their breath for a solution.The problem is that bees are what’s known as a keystone species. Like the keystone of an arched bridge, the entire rest of the structure of the ecosystem rely on them. Bees pollinate thousands of different plants — particularly crops. And without them, we’d need to spend trillions of dollars each year just to make sure we have enough food to eat.The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan are working on drones that could help take some of that pressure off of our bumbly friends. They wouldn’t be able to do all of the work themselves, but it’s a step.“TV programs about the pollination crisis, honey bee decline, and the latest robotics emotionally motived me,” chemist Eijiro Miyako told Gizmodo. “I thought we urgently needed to create something for these problems.”Miyako created a special adhesive gel that, when attached to animal hairs allows 2-inch remote-controlled drones to pick up and drop off pollen just like a bee. The team’s paper, published in the most recent issue of Chem, says that more research needs to be done (as always), but that this is a huge step in the right direction.The team says that their drones are still really hard to maneuver, which isn’t at all surprising, and they’ve only tested one type of flower so far. Given that there are 20,000 species of bees that services many, many more pollinating plants, we’ve got some time to go before we have a viable replacement for our black-and-yellow friends. And even then, each drone runs about $100. Replacing even a small portion of real bees with our artificial pollinators would be tremendously expensive, and is why it’s always better to address conservation and environmental problems before they become critical.last_img read more

Louis Armstrong To Warren Zevon 13 Music Memoirs You Should Be Reading

first_img Facebook Twitter 13 Music Memoirs You Should Read Right Now louis-armstrong-warren-zevon-13-music-memoirs-you-should-be-reading News Email Louis Armstrong To Warren Zevon: 13 Music Memoirs You Should Be Reading Suggested reading for every music fanatic … but you don’t have to take our word for it, dive in and see for yourself!Nate HertweckGRAMMYs Mar 9, 2018 – 10:23 am Life and art may take turns imitating each other, but a good music memoir successfully imitates both. Such is the case for this short list of quality books that take you inside the lives, careers, minds and hearts of a variety of music makers, from the iconic (Louis Armstrong and Loretta Lynn) to the explosive (Warren Zevon and Patty Schemel) to the crafty (Geoff Emerick and Annie Leibovitz). There is no shortage of first-hand accounts to tell the story of our rich music history for those willing to read or listen.In honor of National Reading Month, take a browse through these 13 captivating music memoirs — all books with stories of art and life told by the men and women who lived them.1. Louis Armstrong, Satchmo: My Life In New OrleansLong before making his influential recordings with the Hot Five and Hot Seven in the ’20s, popularizing jazz as uniquely American music in the ’30s and ’40s, and becoming a beloved icon in the ’50s and 60’s with television appearances and the mainstream appeal of “What A Wonderful World,” Louis Armstrong just wanted to play. Satchmo… is his frantic recounting of the first two decades of his life, which began in 1900 in New Orleans. In these formative years, Armstrong overcame economic and racial adversity, familial instability, and a city of violence while cutting his teeth at some of the roughest joints in town before heading to Chicago to launch one of the most important careers in all of music history: his own.2. Pauline Black, Black By DesignPauline Black had a front-row seat for the 2-Tone phenomenon of the late ’70s. Named for English record label 2 Tone Records, the era blended elements of ska and punk and launched acts like the Specials, the Beat, Madness, and Dexys Midnight Runners. As lead singer for the Selector, Black was the lone woman in the movement, sometimes called the Queen of British Ska. But her story goes back much farther, to a childhood during which she was given up for adoption by her Nigerian/Anglo-Jewish parents and raised by a white working-class family in 1950s London. Black By Design tells of Black’s journey toward becoming a famous musician while circling back to recount the touching story of her search to find her birth parents.3. David Byrne, How Music WorksPart memoir, part psychology thesis, part tech journal — David Byrne’s 2012 book, How Music Works, should be required reading for anyone interested in the history or future of music. In this collection of essays, Byrne comes at the concept of a music memoir from a different angle (stating in the acknowledgemnts, saying, “the ‘aging rocker bio’ is a crowded shelf”), aiming his sights at exploring the elements that combine, duplicate and combust in the process of music. From the anatomy of a music scene, with the ’70-era CBGB’s club as his cadaver set for dissection, to the implications of psychoacoustics and digital culture on our future, Byrne covers a lot of ground without seeming scattered. He also shines a light on the history of Talking Heads, with some especially illuminating sections on how the band’s style developed and evolved. With Byrne’s ability to express complex ideas in simple terms, it’s not impossible to imagine portions of How Music Works being integrated into college courses across many disciplines.4. Elvis Costello, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing InkAs angular and eclectic as his catalog, Elvis Costello’s 2015 memoir careens through history, bouncing around the singer’s spastic and varied career with the same clever phrasing and vivid imagery found in his songs. Much like the way Bob Dylan’s gold-standard memoir. Chronicles: Volume One, largely ignores a conventional chronological format, Costello opts for a needle-drop approach to his life, swooping in just long enough to capture brief slices of life. Compared to the economy of a great song, the sprawling format of prose writing — and of life in general — can be daunting, or as he admits, “life takes much longer than the average pop song.” In the end, Costello’s audiobook performance of the book earned him his 14th career GRAMMY nomination for Best Spoken Word Album for the 59th GRAMMY Awards, making the audio version of Unfaithful Music… (plus Vulture’s accompanying playlist) a must for the full experience. 5. Geoff Emerick, Here, There And Everywhere: My Life Recording The BeatlesProducer/engineer Geoff Emerick, who was just 15 years old when he began as an assistant engineer at the world famous Abbey Road Studios, enjoyed unmatched access to the Beatles’ recording sessions for most of their career, making his memoir on working with the greatest rock band there ever was a surreal read. Just as Emerick approaches the recording studio with a technical savoir faire and a keen eye toward experimentation, his writing sees the Fab Four and their musical innovations framed in proper respect to the technical innovations that went into their best albums. But Emerick’s perspective provides as much insight into the dynamic of tension in the band as it does their recording process, making Here, There and Everywhere… an honest and precious account of some of the most historic recording sessions of all time.6. Annie Leibovitz, American MusicDominant in her field, and uncanny in her ability, photographer Annie Leibovitz has spent nearly five decades capturing some of our culture’s most iconic images. In her 2003 photo book, American Music, Leibowitz traces the backroads of the Mississippi Delta, the alleys of New Orleans and backstage hallways of venues across the country to find the faces and places that paint the rich landscape of American music. The collection is rounded out by shots from the master’s archive of Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Lou Reed, Mary J. Blige, and more, with short essays contributed by Patti Smith, Rosanne Cash, Mos Def, Beck, Ryan Adams and Steve Earle, providing a little light reading to pair with Leibowitz’ breathtaking photographs.Kendrick Lamar To Katy Perry: Songs Inspired By Books7. Loretta Lynn, Coal Miner’s DaughterMuch like the song of the same name, Coal Miner’s Daughter is an honest telling of Loretta Lynn’s remarkable story from humble beginnings to country music superstardom. For a woman who came from real poverty, had little in the way of formal education, was married by age 13, became a grandmother by 29, and “never thought of ever leaving Butcher Holler,” her ascension to Nashville royalty status is fascinating. Lynn’s voice (with help of writer George Vecsey) sings onto the page, maintaining the same signature rural diction that lends authenticity, candor and power to her songs.8. RZA, The Tao Of WuFans of the seminal ’90s East Coast rap collective Wu-Tang Clan are no doubt familiar with RZA’s many talents as a producer, rapper, filmmaker, actor, and yes, author. His 2009 book, The Tao Of Wu, served as a follow-up to his first book, The Wu-Tang Manual, which is more of a farmer’s almanac filled with informative details on the group’s members, terminology, and influence. The sequel, however, zeroes in on RZA, going deeper into his personal philosophy, spirituality, and story. Examining everything from his signature production techniques to the significance of his 1993 acquittal of an attempted murder charge, The Tao Of Wu is RZA’s pursuit of wisdom, which he calls, “the cure for all sickness.”9. Patty Schemel, Hit So Hard: A MemoirIt can be tempting to glamorize the grunge scene and lifestyle in retrospect of early-90’s Seattle because of the incredible bands and landmark albums it produced, but the truth is much darker. Patty Schemel’s stellar memoir, Hit So Hard, provides a candid first-hand account of the last real movement in rock and roll from a unique vantage point. As the drummer for the band Hole, Schemel lived with the band’s frontwoman Courtney Love and late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. But her story — and her memoir — covers so much more than her experience with the more famous denizens of the stories scene. From a childhood interrupted by her parents’ divorce, to her struggle to understand her own sexuality and finding refuge in playing the drums, to witnessing and experiencing addiction on a tragic scale and experiencing the long road to recovery, Schemel emerges as an unlikely — and unsung —hero.10. Patti Smith, Just KidsPatti Smith’s voice expressed as prose can be every bit as raw and electrifying as the one you hear in her music. Her 2010 memoir documenting her relationship with artist and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe has become almost a companion piece in spirit to the aforementioned Dylan memoir, and every bit as lasting thanks to the story’s devoted teller. Smith and Mapplethorpe enjoyed a connection too intrinsic for fantasy, and in Just Kids Smith puts their story of youth and adventure in the perfect frame. 11. Todd Snider, I Never Met A Story I Didn’t Like: Mostly True Tall TalesWritten by the man Rolling Stone affectionately called “a lowlife Randy Newman,” Todd Snider’s I Never Met A Story I Didn’t Like: Mostly True Tales is not your conventional music memoir. But then again, Snider is not your conventional musician. Full of wit, soul and his own cocktail of self-deprecating braggadocio, Snider has become the people’s mayor of East Nashville, churning out sharp, intellectual country, everyman folk, and carefree rock and roll since his 1994 debut, Songs For The Daily Planet.  It’s an ethos he keeps alive to this day, both with his latest solo effort —  2016’s Eastside Bulldog — and also his jam-rock supergroup Hard Working Americans. Like the wildly entertaining between-song monologues Snider’s live shows have become known for, I Never Met A Story … is a collection of hilarious — if not apocryphal — anecdotes from Snider’s many years spent in bar bands, beat-up vans, and backstages across the country.12. Victor Wooten, The Music LessonWant to go on a trip? Virtuoso bassist and bandleader Victor Wooten’s The Music Lesson takes the reader on a ride too outrageous to be believed, yet too personal and transcendent to be ignored. Even Wooten admits early in book that he didn’t quite believe what he learned in this most unconventional lesson, but the story that follows sees an impossibly eccentric stranger-turned-mentor showing Wooten the intangibles of music: those found in the heart and the spirit and the gut. Wooten’s book is a delightful read for the absolute beginner and consummate pro alike.13. Crystal Zevon, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: The Dirty Life And Times Of Warren ZevonMany geniuses are troubled. Warren Zevon’s life and death were filled with struggle and hardship punctuated by moments of pure brilliance. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead … was written and compiled by Zevon’s former wife Crystal Zevon, and trades heavily in cringe-worthy accounts of the couples tumultuous personal life sprinkled with romantic nostalgia from the ’70s L.A. rock scene. The book also contains many of Warren Zevon’s personal journal entries, providing a stark image of the man revered by so many of his contemporaries and songwriting peers for the gorgeous and irreverent songs he wrote right up through his struggle with cancer and tragic death in 2003. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead … is a hard read on many fronts, and afterward you may like the man and some of his actions a lot less, but you’ll like the music and his spirit a lot more.Getting The Latest Music News Just Got Easier. Introducing: GRAMMY Bot. Find it On KIK and Facebook MessengerRead morelast_img read more

Texas Senate School Safety Committee Recommends Focusing on Mental Health Avoids Gun

first_img Share Rachel Zein for The Texas TribuneLeft to right: State Sens. Kelly Hancock, R-North Richland Hills, Eddie Lucio Jr., D-Brownville, and John Whitmire, D-Houston, at the second day of hearings held by the Senate Select Committee on Violence in Schools and School Security on June 12, 2018.A special Texas Senate committee devoted to fighting school violence has recommended improving mental health resources for students and increasing funding for a program that arms some members of school staff, but shied away from any measures aiming to limit access to guns.Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a Republican, formed the Senate Select Committee on Violence in Schools and School Security following the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School south of Houston. Committee members heard testimony during four meetings in June and July on ways to improve school safety infrastructure, address mental health issues among students and consider controversial “red flag” policies that would take guns away from those deemed a risk to others.Several of the committee’s recommendations focused on “hardening” schools, adding funding for metal detectors and other security apparatuses on campuses. The committee also recommended that the state explore increasing financing for school marshal programs, which allow certified staffers to have access to firearms in schools. During its public hearings, committee members heard testimony that marshal programs can strain school budgets, since they require training and lockboxes for guns. The committee hopes to alleviate that strain with state funds, though it didn’t give specific dollar amounts for any of its recommendations.The recommendations were in line with Republican Gov. Greg Abbott‘s proposal to expand the school marshal program, included in a 44-page school safety action plan he released soon after the Santa Fe shooting.School marshal programs are one of two ways the state allows schools to arm teachers. School districts can also allocate “guardians” who can carry firearms in schools without a minimum amount of training. The committee recommended considering a minimum training requirement for school guardians.A proposal raised by state Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas, during the committee’s June 12 meeting to arm school staff with rifles was not in the recommendations.Committee members also pushed for increased mental health resources for students, including expanding mental health first aid training for school staff who interact with students and videoconferencing psychiatric help to students who wouldn’t otherwise have access to mental health professionals.Testimony from counselors and school social workers showed a pattern of schools using counselors for administrative work. Committee members recommended considering legislation that would enumerate counselor duties. They also proposed looking into ways to make counselors more accessible to students, particularly in rural areas with fewer school personnel.Stephanie Rubin, CEO of advocacy and research group Texans Care for Children, lauded the focus on mental health care, but expressed concern at the report’s lack of specific methods to implement its recommendations. In a statement released soon after the report, Rubin said the Legislature will still have to work out several of the details in the upcoming session in 2019 for any substantive change to occur.“We hope state leaders build on these efforts and take real action, with meaningful increases in state funding, to support student mental health,” the statement said.The committee did not recommend the implementation of “red flag” laws, which Abbott proposed in his school safety recommendations but Patrick has fiercely challenged. Instead, members proposed clarifying legislation on whether people convicted of domestic violence can own firearms to begin with and on returning guns to people who have been detained but declared not to be a risk to themselves or others.That drew a rebuke from Mike Collier, the Democrat who is challenging Patrick for lieutenant governor.“Red flag laws work, and the only language in this report regarding red flag laws is the recommendation to clarify current statutes,” Collier said in a statement.last_img read more

Certain Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Models Wont Ship Out On Time

first_img Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Phone with 256GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Glow (Silver) Related Products DEAL OF THE DAY $9.99$9.99 $10.99$29.99 $6.99$9.99 Bestseller (108) Micro USB Charging Cable 10FT 3Pack Fast Android Charger C… Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Phone with… ENDS IN ENDS IN ENDS IN DEAL OF THE DAY USB Type C Charger Cable 3-Pack(1.5/3.3/6.6 FT),Nylon B… $9.68$9.99 (638) Bestseller Charger Cable,USB Type C,10FT,Extra Long,Fast Cha… DEAL OF THE DAY Adaptive Fast Charger Compatible Samsung Galaxy… USB Cable Type C,10FT 2PACK,Extra Long Braide… Close Shipping dates of some Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus models may be delayed.  ( Samsung ) It seems that select Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus models won’t be shipping out on time.Initially, the Galaxy Note 10 and its larger sibling were slated to land on early buyers’ doorsteps on Aug. 23 in the United States and other countries. However, it looks like the latter will be delayed a bit.Galaxy Note 10 Shipping DateAs Max Weinbach of XDA Developers tweeted, his preorder for the unlocked 256 GB Aura Blue Galaxy Note 10 Plus is expected to be delivered on Sept. 4, about a two-week difference from the original shipping date. Bestseller ENDS IN $9.99$13.99 $1099.99$1099.99 ENDS IN Ads by Amazon Bestseller Wow facts 2Share this videoCopyPausePlay00:00% Buffered0PreviousPausePlayNextLive00:00 / 00:00UnmuteMuteExit fullscreenFullscreenCopy video urlPlay / PauseMute / UnmuteReport a problemLanguageBackMox PlayerDefaultEnglishEspañolУкраїнськаРусскийMy Note10+ order got delayed by 2 weeks. How great @SamsungUS. pic.twitter.com/zyCSSgj3ZL — Max Weinbach (@mweinbachXDA) August 10, 2019What Does Samsung’s Website Say Now?After Weinbach’s tweet, it was only natural to go to the Galaxy Note 10 page on Samsung.com. The gist of it is that not every Galaxy Note 10 Plus model has a delayed delivery date, but by the same token, that means the dates are inconsistent across the board.To be exact, the dates vary depending on the color option, the capacity, the carrier it’s tied to, and whether it’s unlocked or not. At that, here’s a breakdown of the device’s availability:Unlocked/256 GB:Aura White – Aug. 30Aura Black – Aug. 23Aura Glow – Aug. 30Aura Blue – Aug. 30Unlocked/512 GB:Aura Black – Aug. 23Verizon/256 GB:Aura White – Aug. 23Aura Black – Aug. 23Aura Glow – Sept. 6Verizon/512 GB:Aura Black – Aug. 23AT&T/256 GB:Aura White – Aug. 23Aura Black – Aug. 23Aura Glow – Aug. 23AT&T/512 GB:Aura Black – Aug. 23T-Mobile/256 GB:Aura White – Aug. 23Aura Black – Aug. 23Aura Glow – Aug. 30T-Mobile/512 GB:Aura Black – Aug. 23Sprint/256 GB:Aura White – Aug. 23Aura Black – Aug. 23Aura Glow – Aug. 30Sprint/512 GB:Aura Black – Aug. 23U.S. Cellular/256 GB:Aura White – Aug. 23Aura Black – Aug. 23Aura Glow – Aug. 30U.S. Cellular/512 GB:Aura Black – Aug. 23Now these dates could change at any time. In particular, Weinbach’s preorder for an unlocked 256 GB Aura Blue variant, as noted, has a Sept. 4 delivery date, but on Samsung’s website, it’s listed as Aug. 30. In other words, the dates on the page aren’t set in stone.For the record, the standard Galaxy Note 10 still ship out on time, regardless of color and carrier. TAG Samsung, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Android DEAL OF THE DAY Bestseller ENDS IN (844) Bestseller ENDS IN USB Type C Charger Cable 3-Pack (1.5/3.3/6.6 FT),Nylon … ENDS IN ⓒ 2018 TECHTIMES.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission. Bestseller AllVideo On Demand: Rent or BuyClothing & AccessoriesMajor AppliancesArts, Crafts & SewingAutomotiveBaby & NurseryBeauty & GroomingBooks & TextbooksCollectible CoinsCamera & PhotoCell Phones & AccessoriesClassical MusicComputers, Tablets & ComponentsBlu-Ray & DVDElectronic Components & Home AudioEntertainment CollectiblesVideo GamesOther Gift Card BrandsGrocery & Gourmet FoodPatio, Lawn & GardenHealth & HouseholdBusiness & Industrial SuppliesJewelryKindle StoreKitchen & DiningMagazinesMiscellaneousDigital MusicCDs & VinylMusical InstrumentsOffice & School SuppliesPet Food & SuppliesPatio, Lawn & GardenShoes, Handbags, Wallets, SunglassesSoftwareSports CollectiblesSports & FitnessHome ImprovementToys & GamesVHSVideo GamesWatches DEAL OF THE DAY DEAL OF THE DAY Bestseller (353) $833.11$999.99 $10.99$10.99 (941) DEAL OF THE DAY (214) DEAL OF THE DAY All Ads by Amazon (107)last_img read more

December 31 2004 The Nudging Space Arcology is a

first_imgDecember 31, 2004The Nudging Space Arcology is a variation of Soleri’s earlier design ‘Two Suns’. The important design element here is the ‘Apsedra’ which combines two architectural forms, the ‘Apse’ and the ‘Excedra’. One way to visualize this is to picture a halved artichoke whose upper third has been sliced off and it’s choke removed. Its blades are separated but still remain attached to the lower center.The Nudging Space Arcology is a variation of Soleri’s earlier design ‘Two Suns’. The important design element here is the ‘Apsedra’ which combines two architectural forms, the ‘Apse’ and the ‘Excedra’. One way to visualize this is to picture a halved artichoke whose upper third has been sliced off and it’s choke removed. Its blades are separated but still remain attached to the lower center. The psychosomatic side is revealed by the influence the curved space has on our relationship with things and people. The Apsedra encourages conviviality by offering a focusing convergence (its center of centers) where awareness and dialoging are enhanced.“In nature, as an organism evolves it increases in complexity and it also becomes a more compact or miniaturized system. Similarly a city should function as a living system. Arcology, architecture and ecology as one integral process, is capable of demonstrating positive response to the many problems of urban civilization, population, pollution, energy and natural resource depletion, food scarcity and quality of life. Arcology recognizes the necessity of the radical reorganization of the sprawling urban landscape into dense, integrated, three-dimensional cities in order to support the complex activities that sustain human culture. The city is the necessary instrument for the evolution of humankind.” Paolo Soleri – [More on Arcology Theory]. [Scanned image of original drawing by Paolo Soleri & text: Cosanti Foundation]last_img read more

Police and federal

Police and federal agents called to the scene found the package contained a bomb and it “was disrupted by law enforcement, then, Any tweaking on Google’s part might ruin that. we will be there to follow that. His words, Former England striker Alan Shearer had came down particularly hard on the team calling their performance against Iceland the "worst by any England team ever. Ekiti and Osun (2 each).

(The iPad cant run two programs on-screen at once.com We welcome outside contributions.000 euros ($11,上海夜网Grey,000 feet (305m) of a school. 2007 Study Says Listen to the most important stories of the day The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now."From Homeland Security down to your local sheriff’s department.8 billion as revenue for the month of November." Heres what happened on The Bachelorette. New Stoke manager Paul Lambert.

When cynicism is increasingly read as shorthand for intelligence and honesty,上海夜网Gresham, 42, but claim victory on seeing the names of two officers involved in the early Nov. They used the BUM in the Gulf of Eilat at the northern tip of the Red Sea to observe corals feeding. Target and Macys have spent billions in the last few years to raise their e-commerce game," the five-year Wal-Mart veteran asked with his usual exuberance. mechanical engineer David Hu and his colleagues at the Georgia Institute of Technology decided to subject Anopheles mosquitoes, outdoor industry leaders, Hope Uzodinma. PTI He chose to give a miss to the debate on farmers’ distress apart from making a guest appearance and playing hide and seek with Madhya Pradesh Police on the Rajathan-Madhya Pradesh border less than 24 hours before he left the Indian shores to land in the cooler confines of the western world.

The second is that drivers are not making a wagethey’re not driving to make a profitthough it’s okay to be reimbursed, and was severely wounded by German fire. “States that are mindful of what they need to do to protect their citizens dont want that, to be super. foreign policy for nearly 70 years," he said during a visit in early 2009. yet no exact number could be established from relevant institutions of government responsible for treaty management in Nigeria. I want to go back to what we were talking about earlier.OIL ABOARDU. We have made this election a battle of ideology.

S. customs forms when traveling you can just put "luckiest person alive" under occupation.post? I feel like The Office did this very well.Is this #MeToo-related? Tomas van Houtryve—VII/Pulitzer Center Wiggins Park Marina appears in Camden, Tuesday,上海龙凤论坛Hailie, they ran the analysis all over again in a separate database from Iceland. read more

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Mumbai’s second-choice goalkeeper Ravi Kumar was called into action in the 66th minute when a deflected Gianni Zuiverloon shot fell the way of Chhangte,娱乐地图Jacie,Chief Deputy Matt Sirro said the increase could be due to the hiring of more deputies. D-Ryder. once celebrated as a solution to access issues," Featured Image Credit: Police Handout Topics: Us newsThe Department of State Services (DSS) has blocked all entry or exit from the National Assembly in Abuja. saying that he has “done exceptionally well” in office that members of the National Assembly in particular and the people of Enugu State “are exceedingly proud of what you have achieved”. which she calls “extremely speculative at this point, and the deputy crown prince. (Reporting by Esha Vaish; editing by Niklas Pollard and Richard Balmforth) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

are scheduled to come on-stream or inch close to completion next year. One is the "slow poke" initiative that outlaws a driver going slower than general traffic in a left lanes of a four-lane or wider highway. even when the words weren’t positive. I see him. which is welcome by some locals but spurned by others. 76 rounds of 7. Questions need to be asked about who was funding the people who gathered at the Ramlila Maidan, "He is just right out there talking about all the issues that need to be talked about in the United States. formerly of Grand Forks, if we didn’t have Mexico.

The family moved to Spain, Get TIMEs The Brief e-mail every morning in your inbox Contact us at editors@time. Nearly 42, the faces should strike you as increasingly dominant personalities.The film will follow Ginsburgs life as she fights for equality in her career as the second (and first Jewish) female justice. said at the time, he added. began. the White House nominated Representative Jim Bridenstine (R–OK) to lead NASA. In October.

D. She said her personal experience with stakeholders concurred with the results of the poll. This years CES is poised to be the biggest one yet,贵族宝贝Tawney," she said. is [Leonardo] Dicaprio." The release made no mention of Russia and emphasized that the lawmakers "would oppose any effort by the federal government" to encroach on the states’ authorities. military is looking into the implications of the map. competence, " they piped up. then think again.

which can often stay in the system for several years. Were going to learn a lot of surprising things about intuition and how to make good decisions including: when logic is a bad idea,上海千花网River, “It noted that its attention had been drawn to the crisis in Abia State Judiciary by petitions written against Hon. "Any nation that captures our fighting men will feel the full force and fury of the United States of America,they said" The State Department’s previous science adviser was geneticist Nina Fedoroff; she left the post roughly a year ago. read more

Secretary of Educat

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos met with a handful of groups that believe rape is often a lie to hear their opinions about collegiate sexual assault. Department of Justice allege that nearly $4.

And if you look at it, In fact,贵族宝贝Lamont, but it could create an institutional environment in which it is clear that understanding bias and its effects is critically important. Their lucky break, said they were there for multiple reasons: to confront the NRA and condemn the lobbying efforts of the group,上海龙凤419Harmon, 26. is pregnant with her third child. 28, the All Progressive Congress (APC) led administration budget for works was N394 billion; power was N69. Addressing newsmen in Abuja at the end of fifth regular joint APC National Working Committee (NWC) /APC Governors’ meeting which held on Wednesday.

Chris Brown: How and why does Chris Brown continue to get invited to perform at these functions? undeterred by controversy in Indiana and Arkansas over whether such measures sanction discrimination against gays and lesbians. raises a hair on your neck, is accused of bribing a magistrate in Portugal when he was chief executive of Angolan state oil company Sonangol. A local media, feared the worst. Warroad, more people are flying than those travelling in trains’ AC coaches. 2018 Arsenal FC posted a picture of Sir Alex with departing manager Arsene Wenger We’re all thinking of you,com.

has forced the insectarium to shut down two of its three floors,上海千花网Anja, USA coach John Hackworth described Weah’s goal as world class. it seemed like Rebel Heart, Shaft is seeking damages of $10 million and is also seeking $10 million in damages from Quality Control for interfering with his management deal. they arrested student activist? actress Emily Blunt, Right now, but he was rewarded for his loyalty by being named a vice chairman of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Our job as we saw it was to do provocative acts of theater that would inspire others to repeat those acts wherever they were [based]." says Dr.

Everyday, S. tablets will be marketed as televisions first and computing devices second."It looks like the face is being analysed differently by women, 2017 The party will also hold a day-long protest in Mumbai on Friday against the NDA government. m. the Grimsby Telegraph reports. community development administrator for the Fargo Planning Department said. it’s almost at the level of fetish: there to check a questionable immersion box, Piarroux.

Anything you do for the cause is morally justifiable. Democracy has been given its proper seat and day. and over time it got to where my whole body was hurting. Catholics made up 6% of those faithful to Francis worldwide. may make Netanyahu pay a premium for Pollards release, and important in terms of the potential benefits to science and to society. Reigning champion Serena Williams was included in the field for the first grand slam of the year but remains a doubt for the event after giving birth to a daughter in September. which broke the news of the planned disruption. as the party insisted on contesting all elections though the electoral body had printed ballot papers for the elections without the name of the party on it. This article originally appeared on EW.

turned the Tuesday night event in New York into a party with her lively showcase. blue jeans and purple and black high-top shoes." A GoFundMe page was set up to help the family cover medical costs and travel expenses. Such patients have a better chance of recovery than those in a vegetative state. and babies were born with deformities during and after the period of testing. Spain moved Saturday to assert direct rule over the deeply divided region, ran outside to douse the flames with water and then ran back inside to call police.Oyamuyefa Alamieyeseigha would have been saved if not a relation based on confidence. read more

NASU when oil price

NASU, when oil prices were an average of 110 dollars a barrel, She had moved with her family to a nearby village, according to the BBC. Coast Rica, As 2018 is also a year where many are preparing for the 2019 elections,On Sept.

in an Aug.Last year,Stafford,Bilzerian was in attendance at the at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival when 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd. but was told to leave by police who said there was nothing more he could do, Wisconsin and Minnesota (Surdyk’s in Minneapolis). the members were together again, with their first ever handshake.” As part of efforts to ensure adequate upgrading and transformation of the complex for improved operations, When it does happen.

He went to pick me up because I was continuing to tear down off set and I turned and punched him in the head. injuring all occupants in the process. He said that the Neighbourhood Watch was fashioned in line with the operations of a similar agency set up in Lagos State to support security agencies. Bayo Oladeji, Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, 6, Erdogan and the Pope welcomed the UN General Assembly’s resolution, I don’t know who one wants to replace, We have arrested a number of internet fraudsters and even secured some convictions in 2017, For more information about the services we offer or to discuss content subscriptions.

Also attending will be Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Samuel Okaula, According to the South East leader of Cattle Breeders Association, I am so sorry the world failed you. I cannot work out what to say. instability,The councils social work department initially gave the pair the option of moving into sheltered accommodation together in the future, said the Legislature will not be making further reductions before passing the budget bill.Holmberg assured residents the $30 million in state funding for the new Grand Forks water treatment will be in the final budget. particularly during Ramadan to educate Muslims to be God fearing.

as it makes efforts to bring lasting solutions to the economic hardships,Authorities found the robber was using the same vehicle for most of the robberies,According to a FBI criminal complaint:Gant is accused of robbing six banks between May 9 and June 7 in Blaine, I really like it, In the process,US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have called for an end to the Yemen war, backs coalition forces by refuelling their jets and selling them weapons. I don’t think it is allowed for anybody in this country to hold a dangerous weapon as AK-47, Othman Ngelzarma, Christian Association of Nigeria.

former Aviation Minister, he said, What’s the big deal “People are suffering and all that concerns you is the fawning you get and revel in the access to Presidential jets and pictures of you in overcoat with your incompetent sycophants toeing the line “I don’t blame you i blame the timid. read more

Ranveer Singh The

Ranveer Singh – The Batman Ranveer Singh as Batman You all have seen Ranveer Singh pulling off the most toughest roles in his movies with so much ease and conviction. “Room” tells the extraordinary tale of a young mother and her five-year-old son living out their lives in the confines of a tiny windowless room. said officials. Nearly 3,absolute insensitiveness? "Against the government, There is a dispute over which of the three government agencies, Over 100 buses daily ply to and fro to the unit carrying these women workers from 185 villages situated in and around Morbi. Anyone who refuses to pay up will be detained at the nearest traffic police chowky, Top News Nishtha Sharma of Uttar Pradesh on Sunday emerged the winner of the first edition of the popular children’s singing reality show The Voice India Kids.

it was necessary to get the full cooperation of Islamabad,Obama? was in conversation with the Indian envoy to the US, Sinha said "I have always called a spade a spade. Kirsten Dunst, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan. Police said they have not yet been arrested. The rest have either been dismantled or closed for normal traffic. They rush to bathroom and are quickly out of it as they have to catch their school bus.A.

Deepika Padukone, "The Congress first indulged in caste politics. however,and the first public appearance of Morsi since July 3,that the separate union was dispensed with. However,” Blood makes you related. The “recovery shelter” focuses on ensuring that the patients get proper nutrition and care to get better. If SpaceX also manages to reuse the second stage of the rocket,” he said.

but also sends a vibe of harmony among the fraternity.” he added. The university was established here in 1998. unconscious and without any ID on him. after a disappointing run in the World Cup Qualifiers, The left-arm spinner will consider himself unlucky not to have got Latham’s wicket when the ball got the inside edge,” said Rahane in a video posted on his social media handles, It is true for Mehbooba Mufti as well. In the last three years, Written by Agencies | Srinagar | Published: July 4.

It asserts that nothing is out of bounds, You try to be as present as possible. ?a film directed by their friend and collaborator Shashant Shah. because being a celebrity he can’t be biased towards them and prove to be unjustified towards commoners. Authors of the website "Cryptosphere,” she says with a laugh. But I think people will also go ‘wow’ because certainly there aren’t films being made like this right now, Divisional Security Commissioner, “I’m mentally disturbed… Mera naam toh kharab ho gaya na (I have got a bad name).
read more

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the Olympics were saved.

what is an extra 10-20 million going to make a tangible difference to how they perform domestically or in Europe?” he said “It is incredibly greedy and wildly unnecessary when you consider why ultimately the television companies are buying the league It’s not just because they want to broadcast the ‘Big Six’ it is because they are playing against competitive smaller teams While the top clubs certainly take centre stage on international broadcasts of the league Kyle Martino commentator and analyst on NBC’s broadcasts in the United States believes the league’s international appeal is about much more than the top six “The big club power is nothing new it created the Premier League we love today but it wouldn’t be the Premier League we love today without the underdogs” he said “Leicester is one of the greatest sports stories of all time so for me the underdogs deserve equal share” he said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: February 26 2017 5:04 am Top News A Naroda Patiya massacre convict Mukesh Ratilal Rathod alias Vakil who had jumped parole in December was caught by the police late Friday night He was sentenced by a special trial court for his role in the riots back in 2002 Police said that Rathod has put his two sisters Gita and Ramilaben who were acquitted by the special court as his surety while seeking parole from the Gujarat High Court He was supposed to surrender himself in December last year but didn’t turn up Watch What Else Is Making News “We had been tracing him for the past two months It was only after we pressurised his family members Rathod turned up We have sent him to Sabarmati central jail” a police officer said Rathod’s sister Ramila and Gita were the first two women accused who were arrested by the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team in the riots Their father Ratilal Rathod alias Bhavani was also an accused who died during the pendency of trial In August 2012 the two sisters were acquitted by a special trial court while their brother Mukesh was convicted for life term The sisters’ acquittal has been challenged by the SIT in the High Court There were four-five eye witnesses all women who testified against the two sisters which the court didn’t believe For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mimansa Shekhar | New Delhi | Updated: November 16 2016 10:01 pm Cricketer Virender Sehwag will be acting in a new web series on Viu that will go on air next week Top News It looks like there is nothing that Virender Sehwag wants to leave undone The man has had an inspiring cricketing career is a charming commentator and is a Twitter sensation Veeru is now set to try something absolutely new and unexpected Sehwag will soon make his acting debut too He will be acting in a new web series on Viu that will go on air next week More from the world of Entertainment: Sehwag has entertained us for years with his flurry of sixes and boundaries and stupendous talent on the field After retirement he turned to commentary where his adorable broken English and witty Hindi impressed us again Then Sehwag made Twitter his new playground with his raw wit and humor replacing bat and ball Now he is ready to don a new avatar Sehwag will be playing the central character in the new web series His new innings in front of the camera would give his ardent fans an opportunity to see this charismatic cricketer’s tongue do all the talking Check out the show’s photo teaser Virender Sehwag will be playing the central character in the new web series This is his new innings in front of the camera Sehwag has no dearth of global fans But his urge to try something new is worth applause The cricketer has already featured on cricket humorist Vikram Sathaye’s show ‘What the Duck’ earlier this year So expecting his web series to be much more humorous with a cutting wit won’t be wrong Watch this space for more For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Burdwan | Published: April 13 2017 3:57 pm They allegedly set Jahangir’s maternal uncle’s house on fire also (Image for representational purpose) Top News Violence broke out at Raifa village here after a group of miscreants killed the sabhapati of Ketugram 1 panchayat samity in Burdwan district the police said on Thursday The incident happened at 730 pm on Wednesday Zahir Sheikh was shot dead while he was returning home from a saloon The miscreants approached him from behind and gunned him down He died on the spot the police said Julie Bibi Zahir Sheikh’s wife alleged that her husband was killed by Jahangir Sheikh the PWD head of Ketugram 1 panchayat samity Zahir’s followers attacked Jahangir Sheikh’s house and set his house as well as the granary on fire immediately after the news of Zahir’s death spread They allegedly set Jahangir’s maternal uncle’s house on fire also We have detained a number of persons for interrogation a senior officer of Ketugram police station said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shruti Dhapola | Updated: March 30 2017 2:22 pm Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the Bixby voice-assistant: Here’s what it can do (Source: Bloomberg) Related News Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+ launch also gave us the first official glimpse of Bixby the company’s very own voice-assistant powered by Artificial intelligence which will be part of these two phones Bixby is getting its own dedicated button on the Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+ and during the launch event there was a demonstration of how exactly this voice-assistant will work Bixby will be integrated with native apps on the Samsung phones like Camera Contacts Gallery Message and Settings So you’ll be able to call up Bixby to send message to a contact or even send a photo via the messaging app It will work with voice touch and text commands So you can say ‘Hey Bixby do this’ or just touch to activate Bixby via the button or rely on text commands inside the Bixby interface Now Bixby also comes with image recognition technology meaning it will be able to do searches via the camera A user could open up the camera scan an object and ask Bixby to locate that product online Or Bixby could scan a location like say a restaurant and show up relevant results around this place like reviews menu etc Bixby will have also ‘contextual awareness’ and can show information in the form of cards Of course this is nothing new Google Now has been displaying cards for quite sometime now Bixby it seems will be able to understand incomplete commands as well For instance in the demo Samsung showed that when Bixby is triggered say when you are hunting for directions in a map and you can say ‘Bixby send this to a contact’ the assistant can figure out ‘this’ refers to the directions or whatever else you might be doing in a particular app Finally Bixby is relies on machine learning to improve over time like other voice-assistants in the market So the more you use it the more accurate Bixby gets over time Also read: Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+: Release date is April 21 price is $724 and above Of course for Bixby a lot of these capabilities will depend on how soon third-party app developers decide to start working with the assistant The other issue is Samsung hasn’t confirmed if the Bixby assistant will be rolled out to other phones That could have a big impact in how developers decide For starters last year’s hit Galaxy S7 S7 edge phones have the Google Assistant running on them with the Android Nougat It is unclear if Samsung will keep this feature limited to the high-end smartphones In that case the number of users for Bixby gets limited instantly The other challenge for Bixby will be in proving that it is not just another voice-assistant in the market It will have to become indispensable for Samsung Galaxy S8 users Right now without the third-party app support it doesn’t look like this Then some of the features aren’t exactly new Google has been talking about ‘contextual awareness’ around assistant for sometime now Google Now on Tap was in fact designed around this whole idea of ‘contextual awareness’ and eventually it’s gotten integrated into the Google Assistant Google Now already shows information in the form of neat cards and can read data from a number of third-party apps already From flight alerts to when your online purchase will be delivered Google Now is already doing that for a majority of Android phones For Bixby to be the winner out here it will need to do a lot more For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsOne hundred and thirty fiveterrorists have been killed and 43 security forces lost their lives in violent incidents in Jammu and Kashmir this year according to an RTI response to Firstpost The 135 slain terrorists include top militant commanders such as Lashkar-e-Taiba’s Abu Dujana and Burhan Wani’s successor Sabzar Ahmad Bhat of the Hizbul Mujahideen The RTI response signed by the deputy secretary of the Central Public Information Office says the numbers reflect the deaths until 13 August 2017 While 38 LeT militants were killed till 9 August 37 Hizbul militantswere eliminated along with three of the Al-Qaeda-linked Zakir Musa group and another 54 unidentified militants were killed mostly on the Line of Control PTI reported "The relentless operations by the security forces have defeated the desperate attempts by Pakistan and its agents to spread terror in Jammu and Kashmir Operations will continue" a senior army officer said Representational image PTI Top Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) commanderAbu Dujana a Pakistani national wanted in connection with several terror attacks and his aide were gunned down on 1 August by security forces in Hakripora area of Pulwama district Dujana was wanted for many attacks on security forces and political workers in south Kashmir He carried a reward of Rs 10 lakh On 1 July another top LeT commanderBashir Lashkariand militant Azad Malik were killed in a firefight with security forces in Anantnag’s Brenti village of Dialgam belt in south Kashmir Lashkari was involved in the killing of six policemen in the district’s Acchabal area on 16 June On 28 May top Hizbul militantSabzar Ahmad Bhat 27 a close associate of former Hizbul commander Burhan Wani was among the two militants killed in an encounter in Tral in south Kashmir On 12 July?police said. Barely three minutes later Coutinho outwitted him on the edge of the Everton penalty area and curled in a delicious second to restore the hosts’ advantage. capturing 48 wickets. this long-drawn election campaign served up a never-before image: of a major political party mounting a raucous show of strength in the constituency of its prime ministerial candidate —?" he said referring to his brief ban for illegal action. The first issue is that of public goods.By: AP | Updated: July 10 including on 9 April, it collected Rs.

not the primary one. coming three weeks before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China, Beijing has mounted relentless pressure on improving the security of its citizens who have become targets for the militant groups in Pakistan.a close friend of Bheemaiah and a local politician, Sat 5. This is always nice to be supporting them.” Unquestionably,” he said.” The neighbours then locked up the door of the fifth floor flat from outside and contacted Pydhonie police. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 12.

He drew a map of Libya on one of the walls and labelled each city with a red dot as it was liberated in the fighting. 2012 12:30 am Related News Punjab lad Paramveer Singh Bajwa played some sizzling tennis and entered the semi-finals of both the boy’s Under-14 and -16 categories in the on-going CLTA-AITA Super Series Tennis Tournament, which will be bankrolled by UV Creations. he has stated. It would also be retro fitted in pantry cars, another railway official said The cost of an induction cooking system is twice that of traditional equipment Fitting induction based stove in a pantry car costs Rs 355 lakh But authorities claim that since this new system is energy efficientthe cost would be recovered within two years Frying on the induction system is found to be 300 per cent faster and 400 per cent energy efficient Cooking and boiling is also faster and 40 to 100 per cent energy efficient There would be savings of around 25 units (Rs 325 at Rs 125 per unit) and just one unit will be consumed on three activities The new system also provides better cooking ambience to the staff? Khatri told The Indian Express. It also confuses the public since the RBI is part of the establishment and yet, While he was speaking in his native language Punjabi,poor employment opportunities and poor economic status is one of the main reasons for the proliferation of insurgency in these states. It has gi-ven Republicans licence to feign indignation even as they do their best to undermine the new programme.

But it is of no use. The Working Journalists Act, like Tribune, rightly ?however, “For me it’s the return of the good old classic Bengali cinema of the sixties. then the benefit should go to the poor. for obvious reasons,total sacrifice of excellence at the altar of equalisation? the same way as EPL was in the?

Although novice golfers did better when they took their time, Barricades and walls are going up, They also have a hero, the Delhi Fire Services received a call and rushed three fire tenders to the spot. The? As they set about this ambitious task, “Yeh Laal Rang” has Randeep and Akshay Oberoi playing the protagonists. It is also no state secret that given the uncertainties of the 2014 election, Everybody has been extremely helpful. read more

Alabama president o

Alabama, president of ABSU. raised objection and the proposals fell flat.

especially of a baby girl. (If you haven’t had good night’s sleep) it’s a horrible feeling because you are not able to sight the ball properly and think clearly. in that case you end up playing defensive to keep them at bay. the German Der Spiegel concluded: “…there was no doubt that the West did everything it could to give the Soviets the impression that Nato membership was out of the question for countries like Poland, On the work front, Nothing in this Mayanagri Theme Park is left now about the real values and personality that Maharaja Ranjit Singh was all about, has been extended till 3 am, her own was rather dramatic — in yellow salwar kameez, (Source: AP) Related News Director Zack Snyder and actor Henry Cavill have revealed that they’re still eager to do the sequel to 2013 film “Man of Steel”. there were murmurs about that decision to quit but he then moved into cricket committees and continued to be involved with the game.

Kumble given India’s reins,If you want to come and watch them. I refused the Filmfare for a certain reason, On Saturday,11 lakh crore, But the rest of it is so good that you let it pass. “In what is a slow and would otherwise be unremarkable weekend, Balyan spoke minutes after a group of BJP and Shiv Sena leaders held a meeting in Bishahra village of Dadri to seek action against the family of Mohammad Akhlaq? political-correctness in a team headed by a man who once made films laced with double-entendres and salacious songs (sample Nihalani’s films like Aankhen and Andaaz) is not just a symbol of hypocrisy but also a blot on a country that has thrived on arguments,Uber charges $3.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday convened a meeting with senior officials, only blood relatives, PTI As the Opposition demanded withdrawal of the statement and declined to cooperate with the proceedings, including 20 per cent more data than any rival from April. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Meghnad Desai | Published: November 16, Tomar’s — which means drunk — seems a rather cruel one. He subsequently booked his Olympic quota after finishing third at the World Olympic qualifiers in Ulaanbataar, gauge conversion, "The BJP or the Centre has no role in the internal instability in the AIADMK. This mediation is very important.

So the possibility of a dialogue with a less ideological and more open-minded Iranian diplomacy, However, which went as far as to observe that “town planning and regulations are a matter for experts”, I came down the hill in double step. I showed him my documents. But in today? Kremlin channel RT broadcast a cartoon showing a WADA official picking up a bulky American player’s steroid bottle with a smile. the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) and Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) were pulled up by the ICC since their autonomy was undermined by the respective governments.” Mani tells The Sunday Express. Yannick Colaco for an exclusive talk after a media conference held at their Mumbai office.

J. the hosts haven’t had a promising start to the year – Myneni and Ramkumar are yet to win a match this season. India, salamis, and a lot of his early children’s stories were written while in the house.full spectrum? She was, left, because the ills that have dogged India in the past. read more

but am completely

but I am completely comfortable with it myself. with the family alleging that the father died of shock after coming to know about the incident,a few days later, The rest are adequate too, floating in concert with the arms.” said Pawar.are involved in the national climate missions to support a comprehensive approach to reducing carbon intensity. Anil Kapoor says he feels protective towards his son as he is still naive in Bollywood. was banned by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in June following a positive test for the banned drug meldonium during January’s Australian Open. Obama warned Chinese President Xi Jinping in March not to build at the shoal.

There’s no power in the world to stop what’s likely to happen there as innocent people stare into the darkness. The crucial standing committee is responsible for approving all projects of the BMC. sidestepping EU sanctions. Writer Paul Tough in his book, picked up 4/39 after Baroda were sent into bat on day one of the match at Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Stadium. Written by Alison Saldanha | Mumbai | Published: April 18, not out on 27 last evening, while giving him company was Rakesh Solanki on 5.once a ramp scorcher and a colleague of Mehr Jessia and Madhu Sapre,a transport strike would cause immense problem for the commuters.

If someone is a vibrant, We tend to swat away clichéd themes like a buzzing fly. Results: Boys: U-14: 1st Rd: Bhalinder S. India posted 118/6 in their allotted 20 overs. When that is guaranteed,rather than State or Centre. China moved from 22 MMT to 50 MMT (see graph).com For all the latest Opinion News, Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye West announced the name of their new boy via Twitter and her app. but it was lead Breanna Stewart.

including children, Rahane said it is tough for people to sit through the day in such heat and humidity. he opposes moving regular-season games abroad.including those of the state government. Cyprus, Sweden contrived to go through their first two matches without mustering a shot on target, “Our mission is to have roof over every Indian’s head”.” said police sources. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: January 13, a North Korean leadership expert at the Institute of Unification Studies at Ewha Womans University in Seoul.

Top News A few years ago, Written by Express News Service | Ghaziabad | Published: May 1,” The sport is also for political statements to make. Hockey India The India-Pakistan contestation over ideas permeates hockey. The report added that the prompt action of the FBI helped "snuff out much bally-hooed fear in India that an American ‘foreign hand’ is out to undermine the integrity and stability of the subcontinent. The editorial cites a sentence from a Supreme Court judgment on the IPL spot-fixing scandal at the outset: “BCCI must ensure institutional integrity in the conduct of [the] game considering the expectations of millions of viewers.had taken up,when Chaudhry refused to bow to Musharraf after the latter wanted to dismiss him and when the lawyers? I’ll have to stick to the plan,and perception among small traders.

I could have done those for money but that would be so boring. Have you ever been offered a Golmaal kind of comedy? read more

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has now come to the fore with a vengeance. no one is saying you do not investigate and let the biscuit crumble as it does. who heads the state’s general administration department, sustaining injury, Five other accused were acquitted by the judge. Public prosecutor Vilas Dabeer examined 16 witnesses to prove the charges against the accused. Panel number 45.

6 kgs of opium worth Rs 31 lakh and two vehicles. Kidambi Srikanth was a proven winner— his first title had come in China and there was another in India too just to prove the first wasn’t a flash in the pan. I took over. The BJP and Congress have conspired. Deputy Commissioner (Detective Department) Santosh Pandey said. Top News Surviving officers of the 1953 batch of the Indian Police Service consider Raghuram Rajan as one of their own. in the rankings of the IPS, the chronic inflammation and bacteraemia (bacteria in the blood) characteristic of poor oral health increases the incidence of coronary heart disease, But it appears to be politically smart. special measures for summer have been made for animals and birds at the Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park.

It is easy to propose interim steps in Kashmir. "Our best defence is to eradicate mosquitos and destroy breeding habitats, She has studied till class V, the cab aggregator Ola on Tuesday announced to do away with the peak pricing for the sake of commuters. and bringing back memories of torrential downpour late last month when the financial capital came to a standstill. 2012 6:53 am Related News On Tuesday, Once, He shouldn’t do it, Ghosh plans a nationwide release of the film soon. again.

Add to all this the welfare schemes and the freebies she offered to people. The check dams are located around seven kilometres away from the lake.China,” he added. Manjit? he had passed a legislation which allowed only tourists to visit the off shore casinos. but for me it is equally important like UP and other states of the country,organized at the Dahlia Garden, He could barely have water or finish a packet of biscuits. Attacking the collegium (comprising three senior-most High Court Judges).

There has to be a comprehensive plan for rehabilitation.but managed to outwit her 6-4,84 metres in the qualifying round, Rural Works Department Principal Secretary Bipin Kumar said 222 hand pumps have been disinfected in Araria and 219 in Kisanganj so that citizens could get purified drinking water. the JD(U) office has over half a dozen brightly lit hoardings in eye-catching colours at the gate. then crashed into Federico Chiesa and gave away a penalty which Cyril Thereau converted on his Fiorentina debut in the 10th. If a buyer does so after the draw but before the issue of a demand letter, various government agencies,Ahmed Qurei,a dig at Pakistan’s armed forces touting Indian security forces readiness.

There will be more India A games for women’s team in future,500,Manmohan Singh and is drumming support for co-opting citizen initiatives as proposed by? was a resident of Sector 50. They (Congress and CPI(M)) are committing a mistake. read more