EBay’s new platform debut transplant SP experience

from eBay and misdiagnosis of "western medicine", finally return to the "Chinese medicine" asked. In August 30th, a TOM online and eachnet.com CEO Wang Leilei a "lost", announced the completion of the shuttle embarked on a new journey home on ebay.

eBay eBay closed September

the launch of the new eBay platform, which means that in the brand level from the completion of the eBay eBay to eBay return. According to Wang Leilei introduced a new platform for on-line beta, the existing eBay eBay platform will have 90 days for completion at the end of September, is expected to be fully closed. So far, eBay and eBay in Chinese officially part company each going his own way to separate operation.

Wang Leilei used the "Phoenix Nirvana, ashes" to describe the "new ebay". He said: "this is not a simple return of old eBay, but a new milestone in the standing of the eBay people on a higher starting point." At the end of last year, TOM announced online eBay platform with eBay to set up a joint venture company, and in the year 5, June to complete user data migration. Wang Leilei said that the international background and localization advantages will become the core strategy of ebay. To attend the conference, eBay China CEO Liao Guangyu said, e – Bay in the international level will continue to provide more support for new eBay platform. At the same time, eBay will continue to promote cross-border transactions in China, to help Chinese SMEs and individual users on the eBay global platform for sale.

C2C mode SP

Wang Leilei said, TOM took over eBay online, trying different TV shopping, wireless platforms, magazines and other traditional marketing tools, many of which ended in failure. In contrast, the mobile phone channel is a good channel. Reporters learned that, for the seller’s mobile phone authentication will be different from other eBay trading platform functionality.

understand. Currently, in addition to the bank’s real name authentication, but also the establishment of a mobile phone authentication method – the seller as long as the input name and cell phone number, it will be immediately sent to the phone to verify the authentication code. This is the industry that is moved to the TOM online e-commerce process, direct experience and models of SP transplantation. (commissioning editor admin01)

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