Printing e commerce maturity model

first Chinese printing industry e-commerce development report released

printing e-commerce maturity model

popularity in the Internet era, the user has gradually developed the habit of online shopping. The rapid development of the network hardware environment, such as broadband, computer, mobile terminal, cloud storage, and so on, has accelerated the continuous change and improvement of the business model. In such a big environment, the e-commerce industry has been formed in the printing industry. Ali department, Jingdong mall, Dangdang’s explosive growth and almost success also allows more people to see the reasons for the existence of e-commerce and value. Network printing, printing enterprises will be "net" to a new stage, opened the era of e-commerce real printing industry. The printing of electronic commerce "mouse + factory" business model may become mainstream in the future of the printing industry. Right now, the domestic printing business is more mature business model.

printing network environment

relevant agency statistics show that in 2012 the scale of SME B2B e-commerce transactions amounted to 4 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of 26.5%, the scale of corporate revenue was $16 billion 710 million, an increase of 27.6%. The rapid development of logistics, so that the original localization of the nearest service, the printing products, can be carried out at a lower cost for longer distance distribution.

from a global perspective, the main driving force of the network printing market comes from the Asia Pacific market, the annual compound growth rate of about 15.3%. American consulting firm wins boat company survey shows that in 2014 the United States is expected to total $107 billion of commercial printing sales revenue, there will be $31 billion from online commercial printing.

electricity supplier industry applications

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that as of June 2012, the domestic use of third party e-commerce platform for SMEs has exceeded the size of the user by 16 million 500 thousand. Alibaba, for example, the current printing and packaging industry in the more than 3 thousand members of Ali international payment. The number of members in the domestic station about 2 or more.

in the industry, the majority of packaging enterprises, of which the highest proportion of packaging bags and packaging boxes, followed by bottles, lids, printing supplies, plastic film, paper, etc.. The proportion of trading companies and printing companies is 6:4. Transactions under the main line of the transaction.

statistics show that printing companies use the network to promote the enterprise and product information. 15% of the printing company has an independent website, web pages, 63% of the enterprises have an open platform business pages, and 82% of enterprises have information release platform.

currently has large enterprise customization platform to test the water, such as Sheng, like Indian tiger color, but also outside the food industry network printing market, such as NetEase like India pie, Kadang, Snapfish etc..

opportunities and risks

e-commerce industry development, driven by more practitioners to join them. The next 5 years, I

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