Analysis of local portals

on the promotion of it, I understand the main ways are: search engine marketing, email marketing, forum marketing, soft marketing, event marketing (that is speculation), word of mouth marketing. I personally think that the site must first be site operations planning, profit model, to expand the business, there is no planning, site development will be as lacking spirit of cooperation.
      website launch, and soon has a high visibility, and then become a brand. A high visibility is not realistic, but in a period of time, this may not necessarily very difficult to achieve, but does not need too much money, don’t forget, we as city portal, there are a lot of available resources, such as: station system, advertisement etc.. I now take this station operation for it (address if AD did not say) is a professional psychology portal, now the industry is not a normal market, is a new Internet industry, from the beginning, we not only provide the psychology of articles, books and video other resources, we also provide small business website system small and some free space.

      in my work in addition to writing program also constantly learning operation knowledge, from the Internet to see, to learn from other webmasters that is also summed up in the following aspects, I hope to help you: (^_^)

first, the problem should be clear before the promotion

1, clear site positioning

    I look at our website, is the main provider of classified information in Wugang, so to timely and accurate information, these information to

2, clear the site’s target user: who (enterprise) should be your site visitors

    local people (the majority), foreign people, go out dancing Steelers

3, visitors will leave something on your site?

    supply and demand information, message, flea market and other interactive channels.

4, website want to let visitors get what

    different target users want to get the service or content is different, we want to analyze the users are in those pages stay, browse depth, etc., in order to make the right plan.

5, what the site will make visitors to


 : content, service or interactive channel or interactive activities or supply and demand information

two, content services is the foundation of the site promotion

      visitors to the site are not the first time

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