Jumei com straw O2O how to play is the way

lead: jumei.com store can actually accomplish much, such as to create beauty, and even related to the beauty industry association experience.


Ma Yun according to his own experience had said that the electricity supplier was the woman who had the world. Jumei.com’s experience must be deeper, its founder and CEO Chen ou may still glad that they experienced two failed venture finally chose to do "business woman". However, although just four years has successfully listed on the NYSE, jumei.com still faces fierce competition with the industry, more importantly, to think and explore how it can go further problems.

should be said that jumei.com is at the forefront in the vertical field of cosmetics, it launched a new business quickly, for example, from the second half of last year began to force overseas purchase, doing cross-border electricity supplier, in April this year and the opening of the main push of the maternal channels, or maternal cross-border business. However, we do not seem to be aware of its other business: offline store, or O2O mode.

We don’t know why

might be so far nationwide, jumei.com is still in Beijing only opened two stores, and even its own in this mode of exploring how to go down, so it is very low-key. But the location from the store’s point of view, it is not a low-key, the two shop in Beijing two of the most famous commercial street, Qianmen Street (December 2013) and Wangfujing (March 2015), the core position and guide or can not go on.

why do you want to open a store?

cosmetics industry profit is high, but it is a special field, it is a natural tendency to be consumers (height) questioned, especially the vertical field of electricity providers especially. This may also be established in a year after jumei.com launched the reason reputation center, it is the idea, let the user to affect the user, this caused by the spread of word-of-mouth trust. But even so, of course, jumei.com, vip.com, lefeng.com, cosmetics goods as well as Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong such as electronic business platform, also has not stopped by the consumers questioned. And, basically all platforms have burst through the cosmetics merchandise selling events, which can not but arouse the vigilance of the consumers.

original idea about jumei.com to open the store, Chen Ou is also expressed in this way: because e-commerce open threshold is too low, consumers have no confidence for a natural line of cosmetics. The line can be directly experienced by users in this area to fill the lack of online. Indeed, for beauty products, including the entire beauty industry, the importance of user experience can not be too much emphasis on. Jumei.com store in addition to allow users to close contact and direct experience of products, but also interact with the clerk, further exploration and experience such as skin care, makeup, etc. the whole Manicure service. >

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