Online suggestion scheme is set to cut out the middle man

first_imgThe automatic system creates a faster turnover time, and iscompletely open so that staff can see all the other submitted ideas and tracktheir progress. Online suggestion scheme is set to cut out the middle manOn 25 Mar 2003 in Personnel Today Staff who submit ideas that are considered willautomatically receive a bonus from HR, and suggestions that are successfullyimplemented will receive a larger reward. “In our business, innovation is absolutely key. Thiswill improve the internal communication structure and deliver ideas through thebusiness,” he said. Adrian Farley, HR director at SAP, said he was almost readyto introduce the idea in the UK following successful pilot programmes inGermany and India. A new employee suggestion scheme at technology firm SAP willsoon enable staff to send their ideas directly to the managers responsible forimplementing them. Comments are closed. center_img The online system allows employees to put forward ideas forimproving the business and ensures they are delivered electronically to amanager that can make it happen. “It is important for ideas go to the right person toensure they actually happen. Often, if you put ideas in the hands of acommittee, they don’t have the technical expertise to deal with themquickly,” Farley added. Previous Article Next Article The Idea Management software links individual employees,senior managers and technical experts, who can judge whether the idea willwork. Related posts:No related photos.last_img

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