News story: New Seafish Chair announced

first_imgA new Chair has been appointed to the organisation that promotes the work of the UK’s seafood industry.Brian Young will now officially take the position at the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish) with a three-year appointment. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role as he has been acting Chair of Seafish since January 2016, stepping up from his deputy Chair position. He was also previously Chair of Seafish’s Importers and Processors Panel.Seafish is an industry-levy funded body which carries out a wide range of activities that advocate and support all sections of the fishing industry, from fishermen and processors through to importers, retailers and food service providers.This is a Ministerial appointment supported by the four fisheries administrations, who jointly sponsor Seafish.Brian Young, Chair of the Seafish, said: I am delighted to be appointed Chair of Seafish at such a pivotal time for our industry. The next three years will provide many new opportunities and challenges and Seafish will work hard to help and support our industry to be profitable, sustainable and socially responsible. It is a great privilege to be able to carry on working with the Seafish Board, the executive team, the Devolved Administrations and the incredibly diverse range of people who serve our industry with such great passion, commitment and expertise. I am very much looking forward to the challenge. The recruitment was carried out in accordance with the Ministerial Code of Practice for Appointments to Public Bodies. All appointments are made on merit and political activity plays no part in the selection process. However, there is a requirement for the political activities of appointees to be made public. Brian Young has not declared any significant activity.Biographical details:Brian was Chief Executive of the British Frozen Food Federation until his retirement in March 2017. His career has spanned 35 years in the food business sector, including roles at RHM Foods, Sara Lee, Tryton Foods and Sundora Foods.Brian is a qualified chartered management accountant. He is currently Chair of the Beverley Building Society and a non-executive director of Ripon Select Foods Limited. He is also a trustee of Thera Trust, a charity that has been supporting people with a learning disability since 1998.last_img read more

Stowe Mountain Resort named best golf resort in the Northern US

first_imgStowe Mountain Resort,Thousands of readers have made their choice and selected the ‘Top 125 Golf Resorts’ from around the world, in the 15th Annual Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Poll. From St Andrews to Scottsdale the regional winners are in and Stowe Mountain Resort was named #1 Golf Resort in the Northern United States.Stowe’s designation as Northern America’s superlative golf resort is the result of recently opened Stowe Mountain Lodge and Golf Club. The 312-room luxury hotel and spa located mountainside in Stowe, Vermont, sits adjacent to a truly unique mountain golf course created by renowned course designer Bob Cupp.  The 18-hole, par 72 ‘wilderness’ course winds dramatically along the lower reaches of Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak to an elevation of more than 1800 feet. The resort course is available to Stowe Mountain Club members, as well as guests of Stowe Mountain Lodge. Stowe Mountain Club is a four-season private club with unprecedented golf, alpine and spa facilities located at Spruce Peak at Stowe, Vermont’s newest luxury resort and residential community.Stowe’s newest mountainside amenities and golf course are the perfect complement to the classic Stowe Country Club. Founded in the 1952, the public country club boasts beautiful undulating fairways and manicured greens. Occupying what was a turn of the century dairy farm, the course provides 360 degree views of New England’s most celebrated resort town and the surrounding Green Mountains.More about Golf at Stowe Mountain Resort – Stowe Mountain Resort is the first in Vermont to achieve Audubon ‘Signature Sanctuary’ Golf Course Certification from Audubon International. Boasting two of New England’s finest courses both on and off the mountain, Stowe’s long temperate summer days, quintessential beauty and unequaled hospitality, give guests the opportunity to create memories to cherish. Additional accolades earned by the new Stowe Mountain Golf Club include; Golf Magazine’s ‘Top Ten New Golf Courses,’ ‘Top 50 Courses for Women’ and ‘Best Course in Vermont’ by Golfweek. For complete information online visit is external).  Source: Stowe Mountain Resort. 4.26.2011last_img read more

Treasury body slams CFPB’s arbitration analysis

first_imgThe CFPB proudly proclaims that it is a data driven regulator for the 21st Century. So you can bet it went apoplectic yesterday when it received a Treasury analysis of its arbitration rule. The report is a well-reasoned explanation of why the CFPB over-stated the value of class action lawsuits and did so at the expense of financial institutions and their members who will ultimately pay the cost for frivolous class action litigation.In the Dodd-Frank Act, Congress authorized the CFPB to ban the use of arbitration agreements in consumer financial contracts if it concluded that such restrictions were in the public interest and for the protection of consumers. The Bureau responded to this mandate with a 2015 report that laid the ground work for its rule earlier this year banning arbitration clauses that prohibit consumers from joining class action lawsuits.What makes the report particularly damning is that it uses the CFPB’s own analysis to demonstrate how flawed the CFPB’s reasoning is. For example, according to the Bureau’s own data, only 13% of consumer class action lawsuits filed result in class-wide recovery—meaning that in 87% of cases, either no plaintiffs or only named plaintiffs receive relief of any kind. In addition, on average, only 4% of plaintiffs entitled to claim class settlement funds actually do so. This suggests that consumers value class action litigation far less than the Bureau believes they should. In fact, according to the Treasury, plaintiffs who do receive claims from class action settlements receive slightly more than $32. continue reading » 9SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

ICBA arms banks with tools to fight credit unions on local level

first_img continue reading » The Independent Community Bankers of America this week began arming its members to fight credit unions on the local level.The effort is part of the organization’s “Wake Up” campaign and tools include customized op-eds that can be sent to local news organizations, talking points, and a white paper for members to use when discussing credit unions, and in particular the credit union tax exemption.The website also features state-level reports the ICBA said demonstrate the amount of federal income taxes credit unions in each state avoided paying, the total assets that credit unions in that state held, the amount that credit unions used for non-member expenses and the number of teachers, police officers and social workers that could have been hired if credit unions had paid taxes.A landing page on the ICBA website even plays off CUNA’s “Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” campaign. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Women in leadership positions in credit unions: Be prepared

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Judy Hoberman Men and women sell, manage, recruit and supervise differently.  Judy Hoberman, creator of “Selling in a Skirt”, shares essential insights about gender differences and how to embrace and use those … Web: Details Many years ago, I was a manufacturer’s rep in the gift industry, I remember how long the holiday season seemed to be. We started selling for the holidays in January, shipping in July, reordering in August and continuing the process.  I remember one of my largest clients saying this to me, “Everyone thinks we just open our doors and poof the store is ready for the holidays. No one understands how we have to prepare by buying early, doing the inventory, setting up the displays, selling merchandise, taking down the displays and doing inventory. It’s all in the preparation.” So how does being prepared help us to be successful?Being prepared can mean many different things … being prepared for the day, for an interview, for a meeting, for your team and for yourself.  When you aren’t prepared you may seem unorganized or that it isn’t really a priority for you or perhaps you rely on others to be prepared so you don’t have to. Whatever the reason, being prepared is not a difficult thing to be; maybe not simple, but not difficult. All professionals are prepared. The more prepared you are, the better your chance for success. Being prepared can help you to meet challenges or inspire customers to think differently or in a new way. By being prepared, you can anticipate your team and customer’s questions and be better able to meet their expectations.Being prepared does take time and commitment so rather than flying by the seat of your pants, take the time to be prepared. Here are some ideas:1. Know what you want to accomplish. While this is simple, many times this is the most forgotten step of being prepared. What are your goals? What are the expectations of the meeting? Have you ever walked out of a meeting and thought it was really a meeting about having a meeting? You didn’t learn anything; you aren’t any further along in your pursuit and you will never get that hour back in your life.  Setting an agenda that you share or even have as a reference can keep you on track and you won’t worry about another meeting to have a meeting.2. Now that you know what you want to accomplish, how do you want the message to come across? Think about it as meeting someone for the first time.  You are looking for your next career so that is what you want to accomplish.  You want to be prepared so you sound organized, intelligent and will be an asset to their company rather than sounding desperate and carrying more baggage than the company needs to store. 3. Have you tried role-playing? Yes, this is one of the most dreaded exercises although one of the most effective. Before you have a meeting or presentation, try role-playing with a colleague or video yourself. You will hear and see what you like as well as what you don’t. With role-playing, you might have someone that can anticipate the objections and throw them out for you to respond to. Great practice.  I know most of us don’t like to see ourselves on video but imagine watching yourself and thinking how prepared you are. That is what you want your client, perspective employer or boss to see as well. 4. A wise man once told me that if you are 10 minutes early to a meeting you are on time. If you are on time, you are late so get there 15-20 minutes early and get a head start. You won’t be rushed, or unorganized while trying to find your notes or note pad and pen or worse sweating from rushing. If you are giving a presentation, you want to have everything set up so you can grab the clicker and start going. If you are going on an interview, you want to be seen as an asset rather than a liability and if you are waiting for a meeting with your boss or important client, you want to be seen as professional and ready to take action. Your confidence will shine, and people will definitely take notice. And … success will be within reach. How do you benefit from being prepared? It takes planning and it does take time. We constantly hear about so and so being an overnight sensation. I bet if they were totally honest, you would find out that their definition of overnight is really years and years of planning and preparing. Why does it matter? Here’s what planning and preparing can do for your business, your company and yourself.It can help you identify your goals. I know it sounds silly that if you are an entrepreneur working solo, that it’s important to have goals … and written ones at that. If you don’t have goals, how do you know if you reached them or if you exceeded them or if you are so close you just need to push a little harder? If you work in the corporate arena, shouldn’t someone else have goals for you? Wherever your desk is, goals are important to have, so create some short-term goals that you can reach in a shorter amount of time and then celebrate reaching that milestone. Once you do, it’s time to move towards the long-term goals that are making you stretch enough but not so much that you quit before you even begin.  It can give you direction. This is your journey, and you need to have your map to reach your goals. Imagine you are following the map and you keep hitting a speed bump. Do you keep going or do you find a way to go around it? Having a map will give you some alternative directions so you are prepared with plenty of supplies and fuel to keep going. It can create an air of professionalism. Professionals are always prepared and now so will you. You won’t be blind-sided by situations because you put the time and effort into the preparation and planning. Not everything will be perfect but for those times that it isn’t, you’ve got a plan ready that can help you stay as professional as possible.It can give you perspective as to what really matters and what you want to accomplish. It keeps you focused on the journey you are taking and the results you want to accomplish. Combining the goal-setting, direction, problem-solving and professionalism is definitely a way to create success while keeping your perspective in focus. Remember, don’t expect success. Prepare for it.last_img read more

Can Trump Still Win? No. He’s Already Lost.

first_imgThe largest margin to be overturned in a recent recount came in Minnesota’s 2008 Senate contest, when a 215-vote margin for Senator Norm Coleman, the incumbent Republican, was reversed, becoming a 312-vote advantage for Al Franken, the Democratic candidate, after a court ruled that hundreds of absentee ballots were wrongly rejected.In the days since the election, Mr. Trump and his top aides and some supporters have claimed that the vote in key states was marked by rampant fraud, but they have yet to document any evidence of widespread voting malfeasance. Elections officials in all 50 states told The New York Times this week that they were unaware of any fraud or other election improprieties in their states. Mr. Biden’s winning margins in the key battleground states he has captured — 20,000 votes in Wisconsin, 54,000 votes in Pennsylvania and 148,000 votes in Michigan — are well above the thresholds of votes that have been changed in previous recounts.Even in Georgia, where officials are preparing for a hand recount of the ballots, Mr. Biden leads by 14,000 votes, a margin that is unlikely to be reversed.(Mr. Biden also leads by 11,000 votes in Arizona, but elections officials there are still counting absentee votes that arrived by mail.) With no chance to change the popular vote outcome in battleground states, lawyers said Mr. Trump’s legal strategy, such as there is one, appeared to be an attempt to delay state elections officials’ certification of Mr. Biden as the winner, which could throw the question of appointing delegates to the Electoral College to Republican-controlled state legislatures.Even this theory relies on a series of one-in-a-hundred legal bank shots all being successful in multiple states simultaneously — which would certainly result in broad public outrage over reversing the results of a decided election.“Those are the kind of things you wake up thinking about in the middle of the night. It would really blow the roof off if they tried to steal an election in that fashion,” Mr. McDonough said. “If people were to so blatantly disregard the fundamentals of democracy, God knows what would happen, how people would react to it.”Most states are set to certify their election results and declare winners by the end of November — a process that may lead to more official recounts this month but also formal conclusions about the results.“At some point it becomes obvious even to the most ardent supporters of the president that there’s no pathway,” said Lanhee Chen, who was the policy director for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. The New York Times and other news media outlets have not anointed Mr. Biden the winner of the presidential election, but have just done the math: The former vice president has won enough states by enough votes that Mr. Trump cannot overcome those deficits through legal challenges or recounts.“He has no chance of overturning the result — it’s just impossible,” said Gerry McDonough, a Democratic elections lawyer who worked for Vice President Al Gore’s legal team on the 2000 Florida recount. “I’m a recount lawyer here in Massachusetts and I get requests from people all the time and they say, ‘I’m just 50 votes behind and we’re sure there were these bad actors.’ I won’t take a case like that.”That 2000 Florida recount came after George W. Bush held an unofficial lead of just 1,784 votes over Mr. Gore the morning after Election Day; his final winning margin in the state was 537 votes.- Advertisement – Five days after television networks and other major news organizations called the presidential election for Joseph R. Biden Jr., President Trump continues to maintain that he “will win.”That is false.- Advertisement – Each day that passes without Mr. Trump providing a court evidence of voting fraud makes his legal odds longer, Democratic and Republican lawyers said.“The path for him winning is being able to back up his rhetoric and find sufficient fraud and irregularities in enough individual states to overturn their results,” said Ben Ginsberg, a Republican lawyer who worked for Mr. Bush in the 2000 election, and who retired this year and turned against Mr. Trump. “So far, they’ve utterly failed to do that and, based on their court filings, are not anywhere close.” – Advertisement – Updated Nov. 12, 2020, 1:52 p.m. ET – Advertisement –last_img read more

$5,000 is top IMCA Modified check at Canyon’s Desert Classic special

first_imgPEORIA, Ariz. ­– Canyon Speedway Park’s Desert Clas­sic moves to an early-point season date in 2016, with a top prize of $5,000 for Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Modi­fieds on the line at the Friday and Saturday, Feb. 26-27 special.The Desert Classic feature pays a minimum of $300 to start and is a Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot quali­fying event. The entry fee of $100 will be payable at the gate.IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National, Larry Shaw Racing Western Region, Allstar Performance State and local track points will be awarded.Pit gates open at 4 p.m. and the grandstand opens at 5 p.m. Hot laps follow the 5 p.m. drivers’ meeting at racing starts at 7 p.m.Spectator admission is $18 for adults, $6 for kids ages 7-13 and free for six and under. Pit passes are $30 for members or $35 for non-members.An open practice runs from 7-10 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 25.More information about the Desert Classic is availa­ble by calling 602 258-7223, on Facebook and at the website.last_img read more

Cricket News Vijay Hazare 2018-19: Prithvi Shaw smashes 129 off 81 balls to hand strong start to Mumbai against Railways

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. New Delhi: Indian prodigy Prithvi Shaw on Sunday (September 23) smashed a brilliant 129 runs off just 81 balls while playing for Mumbai against Railways at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru in the ongoing Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018-19. Prithvi Shaw’s swashbuckling innings consisted of 14 boundaries and 6 sixes as he tonked the Railways’ bowlers out of the park with ease.Led by Ajinkya Rahane, Mumbai won the toss and elected to bat first in the batting-friendly pitch of the Chinnaswamy Stadium.Meanwhile, Shreyas Iyer scored 144 runs off just 118 balls with 8 boundaries and 10 sixes in his account.ALSO READ: Asia Cup 2018, India vs Pakistan Preview: Arch-rivals collide again for a berth in final Railways (Playing XI): Saurabh Wakaskar(c), Anureet Singh, ACP Mishra, Ashish Yadav, Prashant Awasthi, Mrunal Devdhar, Avinash Yadav, Ankit Yadav, Amit Paunikar(w), Harsh Tyagi, Karan SharmaMumbai (Playing XI): Dhawal Kulkarni, Aditya Tare(w), Suryakumar Yadav, Shreyas Iyer, Siddhesh Lad, Ajinkya Rahane(c), Prithvi Shaw, Shams Mulani, Tushar Deshpande, Shivam Dubey, Vijay GohilALSO READ: Ayushman Bharat Scheme Live UpdatesEarlier, Mumbai had thrashed defending champions Karnataka by 88 runs to pick up their second victory in Group A, courtesy to splendid centuries by skipper Ajinkya Rahane (148) and Shreyas Iyer (110). Mumbai scored a huge 362 for 5 in 50 Overs to mount a massive target for the defending champions.Brief Scores Mumbai vs Karnataka: Mumbai 362/5 in 50 overs (Ajinkya Rahane 148, Shreyas Iyer 110; K Gowtham 1-40) beat Karnataka 274 in 45 overs (Mayank Agarwal 66; Shams Mulani 4-71) by 88 runs. last_img read more

What channel is Warriors vs. Raptors on today? Game 5 time, TV schedule for 2019 NBA Finals

first_imgMORE: How will the Finals affect Kevin Durant’s free agency?The game could have been the last ever in Oracle Arena should the series not return to Oakland. Klay Thompson returned from injury after sitting out Game 3, but even his team-high 28 points weren’t enough to overcome the Raptors’ second-half surge. The hobbled Warriors also welcomed the return of an injured Kevon Looney, but they were still without Kevin Durant.The good news for Warriors fans is that Durant practiced with the team on Sunday for the first time since suffering a calf injury in Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals. Durant traveled with the team to Toronto for Games 1 and 2 of this series but was never active. The two-time Finals MVP likely wants to make an on-court statement before his impending free agency this summer. Here’s everything you need to know about watching Game 5 between the Warriors and Raptors, including the tipoff time and TV channel. What channel is Warriors vs. Raptors on today? Time, TV for NBA Finals Game 5Event: Game 5, 2019 NBA FinalsDate: Monday, June 10Time: 9 p.m. ETTV Channel: ABCStream: Watch ESPNLive scores: SN ScoreboardIn addition to ABC broadcasting Monday’s coverage, Game 5 can be streamed using Watch ESPN.Viewers in Canada will be able to watch the NBA Finals alternating between Sportsnet and TSN. Sportsnet has broadcast rights to the odd-numbered games while TSN owns the evens.NBA Finals 2019 schedule, series resultsDateMatchupTime (TV channel)May 30Raptors 118, Warriors 109Toronto leads 1-0June 2Warriors 109, Raptors 104Series tied 1-1June 5Raptors 123, Warriors 109Toronto leads 2-1June 7Raptors 105, Warriors 92Toronto leads 3-1June 10Game 5 at Toronto9 p.m. ET (ABC/SN1)June 13*Game 6 at Golden State9 p.m. ET (ABC/TSN)June 16*Game 7 at Toronto8 p.m. ET (ABC/SN1)(*If necessary) Not too many people predicted this eight months ago when the NBA season tipped off: The Raptors are one win shy of claiming the franchise’s first NBA title.The Raptors return home Monday to Scotiabank Arena with a commanding 3-1 series lead over the Warriors after an impressive third quarter in Game 4 propelled them to a 105-92 victory on Friday night. Despite shooting just 34 percent overall in the third quarter and making only two 3-point attempts, Toronto used a 27-12 run in the third to pull away from the Warriors. Kawhi Leonard finished with 36 points.last_img read more